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Flew in from Miami Beach, B.O.A.C…

Alright, it looks like the embedded video worked! So here we go… (I must admit – my partner-in-evangelism crime, Bob Donlon, inspired the embedded vids!)
So, here’s how it goes. Fly in from the US, land @ Heathrow. Do the bag thing, customs, get picked up by a local colleague, and head to the office to begin the task of building out 20 machines (10 Mac/10 PC) for a three day series of workshops, in-house seminars, and training.
Naturally, it would be optimistic to think that the machines are fully-updated, ready to go…but alas, they weren’t. And now we begin the process of updating the OS, adding little pieces of necessary utilities here and there, and copying massive project files, installers and more from machine to machine. It’s a long process, but we know it’ll be done right. Here’s a short vid at the ‘beginning’ of the install process, about 1 hour in…(already looking very post-plane)

Again, I apologize for shooting into the light (uh…hey dude, you’re shooting into a window!)…but you’ll just have to forgive me. I was, after all, still suffering from plane-dementia. 😉
It’s at this point, save for the occasional coffee break, (uh…did I say occasional?? we’re talking massive amounts of coffee all throughout the day here) there’s really no breaking it all…it’s just gung-ho setup time, and we’re hoping to get it all done by evening’s end…
That being said, there are two things at play here: one, and the most obvious, is that even though I seldom suffer from jet-lag anymore, it’s bound to catch up with me (having just flown in!)…The other issue here is that we’ve been literally camped in this fair-sized, but heavily heated room (thanks to dozens of machines, monitors, hard drives, overhead-lights, and general other factors) for nearly 9 hours. Will the machine-heat and general ‘haze’ of staring into computer screens for hours-on-end take it’s toll?? See below…

Well, could I look more worked?? Geez! I look like hell! I can’t even believe I’m posting myself LOOKING that way? (can you say, narcissist? lol) I mean…goodness gracious. Oy! It’s so-o-o bad, I might have to post a ‘good’ pic, just to boost my self-esteem…

But in all seriousness, it’s now 10:30pm London time, and all is well. Machines are done, everything rocks, and Production Premium CS3 is going to blow people away. Period.
I’ve got the camera with me for the next 5 weeks…this should be fun. Also, I keep forgetting to post the actual roadshow dates (Belgium and Luxemburg coming up)…I’ll get those and post real soon.
Until next time…
Blog On. (Metal Guru, is it true?) Bolan, 1972.

Any Road Will Take You There (to CS3)

Well, the official Production Premium CS3 euro-tour has begun, with the first stop being London, UK. I’ve prepped a few videos for the occasion, one which was shot the night before I left for the tour. (albeit in poor lighting—but that’s the essence of a good studio, you know…ambient mood lighting!)
You should be seeing it below…let’s see if this worked, and then I’ll come back to it and report further…

CS3 – The Fun Is Just Beginning…

Well my friends, NAB is now over….but the buzz continues (CS3 Production Premium buzz, that is!). Our booth attendance was simply staggering! Packed, standing-room only attendance in the theatre (and at the pods) everyday….even on the last day! It was an incredible event, and in case you missed the fun, or simply couldn’t make it out to Sin City, check out the Customer Event on the evening of Night #1, where I demoed Production Premium…(you’ll also be able to check out the new Adobe Media Player and some incredible customer presos!)
You’ll event notice a few “On Demand Programs” on the right-hand side of the page, and you’ll see me (arms up, in full evangelist style) and can jump right to the Production Premium demo.
So…there’s much to tell…but it might have to wait a bit longer. 😉 This is my last week home before embarking on the 5-week long Euro tour – so I’m going to soak in a bit of the Saturday AZ sun for now. 😉
Check out the link, check out CS3 Production Premium (and all the new CS3 applications) and stay tuned.
Blog on. -J


Well, it’s officially here. The biggest broadcast show in the US; the one that everyone waits for…and this year, a predicted 100,000+ people in attendance. Adobe is going to ROCK the HOUSE. Sound cliche? Too bad. In the words of Elvis, “That’s just the way it is.” Let the rocking begin. Myself, Bob Donlon, Greg Rewis, Jacob Rosenberg and a host of others will be presenting in the Adobe booth, along with some fantastic customer presentations. You’ll be seeing ALL the new CS3 video stuff, along with some ‘new’ stuff, that just might blow your minds (with high voltage rock)…I mean, uh, you know…(those music and movie references, rearing their ugly heads again!)
I’ll keep this short, as I’ve got evangelizing to do (tomorrow), and a heavenly-bed to sink my body into (tonight–note: I didn’t leave the show floor until nearly 8pm this evening; not a super-long set-up, but long enough!)
In any event, if you’re in town you must come by the booth…Heck, we’ll even be doing a live webcast from the showfloor!
In any event (no pun intended), the event will have two separate live feeds, one beginning at 10:40am, the other at 6:30pm (PST). You won’t want to miss them. And even if you think you ‘might’ want to miss them, uh, think again…and DON’T MISS IT! (how’s that for Bold? ;))
Alright, it’s aproaching the witching hour, and I must now retire. ‘A quick one (while he’s away)’…No…that’s a WHO song. ‘Just a (blog) song before I go…’. Nope. Crosby, Stills & Nash.
Do the musical references never cease? No…never!
Blog on.


If you’re singing along with the title of this Blog, then chances are you’re a fan of Austin Powers (and as such, you remember the band ‘Ming Tea’ performing “On The BBC” from the original AP movie, 1997!)
But that’s not what this about. To put it simply…the BBC rocks. Here is an organization, that for decades has truly defined broadcast standards and has consistently conformed to a strict level of quality production…both on radio and in television. If you were a fan of the old 70s/early 80s music show “The Old Grey Whistle Test” (now available as Collections on DVD, brilliantly preserved), then you know what I’m talking about. It’s always been about quality: quality performances, quality choices of entertainers, quality recording and quality output.
And it extends to many areas of broadcast (including the obvious, news and sport), though admittedly, I’m most fond of their collection of archival materials from the 60s and 70s. The Beatles Live @ The BBC, The Who BBC Sessions, Led Zeppelin and Cream BBC Sessions…all masterful performances, all of them well-recorded (even the early mono stuff is damned impressive) and all of them representing (momentary) snapshots in time that simply don’t exist anywhere else (and fortunately, were preserved for posterity. Good forward thinking, that was!)
In fact, I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that aside from Swedish Radio/SVT in Stockholm, the BBC has probably the largest ‘existing’ library of archival music and media materials ever captured to tape, disc, cylinder, or whatever. And certainly, their archives are legendary. But so are the people who were part of those archives…not just performers, but the presenters. Whispering Bob Harris (the master of Whistle Test), Richard Williams (the sous-chef of Whistle Test, but equally as powerful, and ever passionate), Brian Matthew (Saturday Club and early Top of the Pops), Andy Kershaw, the list goes on and on. These characters were not mere voices doing intros and outros…but they were scholarly masters of the art they promoted. Masters! And they moved me, man!! Not mere cue-card/teleprompter reading robots (like the kinds we see strewn across the networks today)—but the kinds of characters who took the time to know ‘everything’ about ‘everyone’ (in their field), and displayed that knowledge with every word, every subtle nuance of an introduction, and in every after-thought of a post-performance showcase.
Oh, and don’t even get me started on BBC Television Programmes. Can you say, The Office? The Young Ones? Coupling? Absolutely Fabulous? Extras? Fawlty Towers? Monty Python, for goodness sake? I mean, COME ON! These are shows that changed the face of television. Really. Some perhaps more than others…but still….it just really speaks to standards, and very high ones indeed.
So, why am I talking so much about this? Well, for one, I’ve been to the BBC many times. I’ve even conducted training classes at one of their former training centers, DigiLab, educating their various media/broadcast/producer/journalist types on re-versioning workflows for preserving archives, and even remastering and reversioning mono and old stereo material for 5.1 surround. Also, any time I pick up a new DVD, something from the ‘archive’ series, and it’s got that familiar logo (branding is everything, isn’t it?) I’m at ease knowing that it’s going to look and sound great — and like a child at Christmas, I can’t wait to watch, listen, read, and become completely immersed in the whole thing, from start to finish, without interruption. That sounds like an addictive personality…well, if I’m addicted to fantastically mesmerizing and moving content, then so be it!
In any case, when I think about the Beeb, I’m reminded that in this day and age of mass content creation, where quantity has a tendency to trump quality, there’s still an organization alive that holds ‘all’ facets of quality reproduction to very high standards. And that’s a fab, fab thing.
BBC5! BBC6! BBC7! BBC-heaven! (BBC, peace)

Events are Coming! CS3 Events Are Coming!

I wanted to keep this one short, but I figured that since I’ll be back on the road in a matter of days, it’s worth pointing out some of the upcoming Adobe Events:
NAB, Las Vegas – April 16-19. This is the big US broadcast show; it only comes once a year; and Danny Gans is *still* the Entertainer of the Year. lol. Come see us at Booth # SL 3220.
Adobe Live Asia, 24-28 April. KL, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong. Good times, CS3 magic, and sub-tropical heat! I’ll be missing this particular one, as I’m en-route to Europe for a month, so be sure to check out my fellow Adobe colleague Bob Donlon, rocking the CS3 Production Premium stage. I’ll be hitting up a lot of our high-end customers, as well as conducting some training (both in-house, and with some of our resellers) so there should be some great dialogue during these events (there always is). I’ll be sure to report how that’s all going.
Adobe Roadshow Benelux – 7-12 May. Antwerp, Gent, Brussels, Hasselt & Luxemburg. More details as we approach showtime.
Adobe Live Cologne (23/24 May)
Mutlimania Kortrijk (25 May)
Adobe Live Amsterdam (30/31 May) The big three. Weblinks to follow. If you’re in Europe, you don’t want to miss these. I’ll be presenting with my pal Greg Rewis. We toured over 220+ days together last year. Again, you do not want to miss these shows!
That’s all for now. Can’t wait to get back to my ‘other’ home (Amsterdam, though Stockholm is a close second). Look forward to seeing you there!
Blog on, Blog on…yeah, yeah, yeah. (this time, I’m actually referencing T.Rex’s 1972 song “Rock On” from The Slider album. Much better than David Essex, and really more inventive in terms of ‘Glam’…)

Radical Transparency…hmmm

So…what exactly *is* Radical Transparency? Some new Photoshop CS3 Extended feature? Well, no. New X-ray glasses for kids (and bigger kids) to have fun with whilst out and about? Sadly, no. A concept that has inadvertently entered the mainstream and altered the way the world (communicates) concepts, thoughts, feelings, and even gratuitous nonsense? ? Yes. It also happens to be a recent article from Wired Magazine.
Now, I must admit…I’m not a fan of Wired. That being said, I’ve still got a subscription (it’s definitely a love/hate kind of reading-relationship). But a recent article in the current issue (with the girl from The Office on the cover, clad in a business suit on the front ‘clear’ cover; ‘exposed’ with only a TV (ie, Tube) covering her most intimate parts on the actual cover…genius) explained and explored this concept of ‘baring’ your, uh, soul…to the masses–and how it’s making waves, everywhere. And it’s not just for the 15-year old wanting to share the trials and tribulations of teen life in the era of ‘My SuperSweet 16’ and Paris Hilton (can you say ‘LonelyGirl15′?) but even moreso, it’s for the big guns, the big companies, the little companies, the entrepreneurs and the musical mavens to expose (a bit) of their soul, but do it honestly. Simply put: it’s a fascinating read…so much so, that I had to BLOG about it!$%!&! Yeah, fo’ real.
So, as mentioned, I’m not a fan of Wired (heck…we didn’t even make their Tech Top 40!?! What’s up with that?? Have they not heard about CS3? How about Vanishing Point Exchange? Video layers? The Puppet Tool? Editing sound with your Eyes?? I’m sorry…but they clearly missed some ‘big’ stuff in the form of CS3…Oy) But aside from all that, the article itself (and it’s many sub-articles) really outline a trend in the world (both socially and economically) that speaks volumes, heck, Terrabytes, about the way people want to share more, all in an effort to build trust, maintain integrity, and give people (and more importantly, consumers) an inside ‘scoop’ on what’s shakin’– at least in the business sense. (not talking booty here)
Well, this is actually blog entry #3. (entry #1 magically disappeared due to some weird user/server error, and #2 was just that…a pile of poo!). I’m digging this one. I might even have to get my YouTube on. lol. Oh, and be sure to check out the CS3 Production Premium tours. The voice you hear *just* might be a familiar one…
Blog on. (an allusion to David Essex’s 1973 hit, ‘Rock On’…though much nerdier)