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Tampere Feels The Love; CS3 Rolls-on to Helsinki

Hello friends. Well, we just completed the Tampere leg of the Creative Freedom tour here in Finland…and all I can say is…sheer Nordic brilliance! 😉
Naturally, as we took the train in from Helsinki, we decided to get a quick bite to eat before the show. Here we are, in a pub (literally down the street from the venue) giving you a ‘preview’ of what was about to happen..
Jase & Greg @ the pub in Tampere

Good times, my friends. Good times!! (and the wurst was FAB!)
Back to business: the seminar kicked off at 1pm, and Greg Rewis led the crowd through 1.5 hours of tips & tricks on the new features of Fireworks CS3, Dreamweaver CS3 and Photoshop CS3. After taking a quick break, we re-commenced, and I began the next half-hour showcasing some cool Video-to-Web workflows, highlighting ‘FLV’ and ‘SWF’ export from Premiere Pro and After Effects CS3 respectively, as well as a little ‘web audio cleanup’ between Premiere and Soundbooth, and lastly, taking the content ‘on-device’ through Adobe Device Central CS3…(oh. and I couldn’t help myself: I had to show the crowd the ‘Puppet Tool’ in AE! And they loved it!)
So, following my brief web video pitch leading up to Flash (wherein I also showcased adding XML Cue Points to a video’s audio track in Soundbooth), Greg took the last hour and showcased taking ALL of those materials into Flash CS3, using some of the new ‘components’, and highlighting the abilities of Flash to go ‘full screen’ and add full ‘accessibility’ with Captions. Sound cool? Oh yeah..very cool, and great responses from the crowd. Thanks to everyone in Tampere who turned out today (and braved the freezing rain!) We look forward to coming back in the near future!!
Now, following the seminar, we had to catch the train ‘back’ to Helsinki. Here, we had another 2 hours to simply ‘chill’ and reminisce about the day’s events (and do some additional prep work for tomorrow and thursday’s seminars in Helsinki).
ASIDE: you know, when we arrived in Tampere, the first thing Greg and I noted was that the temperature was rather pleasant. In fact, having been in Finland over the last four years, at approximately this same time, it’s always been, well, REALLY COLD!! lol (this, coming from two desert cats; but hey, -20c is cold!!)
So, when we were walking from the train station to the venue this morning, and it was a brisk 9/10c, well, we were pretty happy.
THAT, however, all changed dramatically a mere 7 hours later, as when we arrived back into Helsinki, well, it was simply FRICKEN’ FREEZING!!! -2c (with the windchill) and OH MY…that wind. Ahh yes, I remembered it well. lol. Good thing I had my scarf; Greg, sadly, was not so lucky. But, we pressed on, and I was so-o-o inpired by the return of the ‘wind’ that I just decided to do ANOTHER video!! (mildly narcissistic but necessary, you know!)

Frozen Jase

And on *that* note, my friends, I will indeed say goodnight. Till tomorrow when Greg will conduct his Web Premium CS3 workflow at the Finnkino. And I’ll be conducting a 3-hour seminar on Production Premium CS3 the following day.
Stay well, stay warm, stay groovy, and as always…
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Spreading the CS3 word @ CBI in D.C.

Hello once again. A quick update from the road, here in Washington, D.C.
As mentioned, John Schuman and I are presenting CS3 Production Premium, Flash, Photoshop & Audition 3 at the College Broadcasters conference. Today’s turnout was great, and once again, I met with some great students (and professors) who were very interested in all things CS3.
That being said, one of the big, noticeable ‘hits’ during my presentations was the fact that we’re back on the MAC! That, coupled with some of the key ProdPrem features (ie, Video Layers in Photoshop, After Effects’ Puppet Tool, Smart Filters in PSCS3) really made for a great, responsive audience with lots of good Q&A afterwards.
In fact, my early afternoon audience was *so* good, that I decided to shoot a little impromptu video, right from the seminar room after the presentation concluded, just to inspire a little more cheering and overall good feelings!! Check it…

So, tomorrow we’ve got some additional Premiere Pro CS3 and Flash CS3 presentations, as well as a dedicated Audition 3 preso, highlighting it’s new features and some classic, spectral-editing based audio restoration workflows (techniques that are highly sought after amongst aspiring broadcast/production students).
I’ll keep this one short, but just know that CS3 continues to provide a great deal of ‘Wow’ to all those who experience it! Thanks to everyone for attending today, and I look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow.
Until next time…
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Educating, Creatively Licensing, and CS3ing…

Hello my friends.
Just a quick update here to give you the info on some upcoming shows, events and more. Though MAX has ended, there’s still a great deal of evangelising to do.
This week I’ll begin my travels in Washington, D.C., showcasing CS3 at the College Broadcasters Convention (CBI). This is my 5th year at CBI, and I have to say that it just keeps getting better every year! One of the really nice things about this particular conference is that I get to interface directly with professors and students, and really get the low-down on what they *want* to learn, and what they’re aspiring to do with their careers. It’s a fantastic feedback-collection opportunity, and I always make some cool new colleagues along the way. More from CBI in Washington, later this week.
here’s a quick vid, just back from Barça…(ahh…the desert sun, blazing through the window…feels so nice!)

After CBI, I’m off with Greg Rewis to Finland for a series of seminars on the Creative Freedom Tour. We’ll be covering Tampere and Helsinki here. Sadly, we won’t have a specific Video/Production Premium seminar in Tampere, but I’ll be jumping in with Greg, adding some Video-to-Web workflows during his Web seminar. Helsinki will be the full, print-web-video schedule.
Following Finland, it’s back to the US for a little while, destination: New York City. Here, Greg and I (among many others) will be presenting at AIGA and FOWD. The task? Showcasing cross-media workflow, similar to what we did in Chicago and Barcelona @ MAX. Essentially, showcasing a complete, real-world workflow from Capture to Consumption, Design to Delivery, highlighting the integration amongst applications in CS3 Master Collection. Stay tuned for more, as I believe we’re still working out some of the timings of the session.
And following New York, we’ll be *back* in Europe again, with more tradeshows, more cross-media seminars, and generally more, tasty, succulent CS3 goodness!
Back from Barcelona, and feelin’ groovy. Good hair day too…lots of body! (I’m so disturbed)
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So…until next time, I’m off. Stay tuned, keep rocking, and as always…
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MAX comes to a close; random words from the plane

My friends, this is going to be a rather *short* blog post, as I simply wanted to give a brief wrap-up on MAX Barcelona, and get yet another opportunity to thank all the brilliant attendees who ‘came down to Barca’ to expand their minds, broaden their horizons, and chill with the ‘top of the pops’ of Adobe users worldwide 😉
In any event, the scene was simply HOT. The latter two days of the convention were equally packed, and interest and enthusiasm remained high and inspired. Tuesday evening was the traditional “Max Party”, held at the Venue, in a very cool, wooden-treated banquet room, with drinks flowing, fab music, and LOTS of people. It was really great to connect with users ‘after hours’, and everyone (including yours truly) had a really Fab time (and a special thanks to Michael B. for one of THE BEST and FUNNIEST stories I’ve ever heard!! Babel-fish, anyone? “Sorry!” lolol) And honestly, the band KICKED BUTT! They were really great, showcasing everything from Lounge Lizard jazz, to ‘live’ house & dance music, to groovy covers (they did a version of Eurythmics ‘sweet dreams’ that was note perfect!) To say the least, *I* was impressed 😉
Oh, and it was also another great opportunity to really feel the ‘love and praise’ from ‘around the world’. 😉 I can’t tell you how many nice comments we (the evangelists, among our other fellow presenters) received, just by walking the floor. People literally stopping to tell us how much they enjoyed a particular session, or simply the fact that we took the time to ‘listen’ to their questions and provide an answer. This, my friends, is what MAX is really all about. We came, we connected, we shared, we guzzled (he he he), and we left feeling like something real and valuable had been accomplished. Have we changed the world? Well, quite possibly…YES. Healed people daily with the power of CS3? Without a doubt! 😉 Revolutionized the way the world engages with ideas and information? Yes. Ja. Oui. Si, and a big “affirmative” in every other langugage! 😉
So, to all the users, attendees, staff and everyone involved with MAX Europe, a sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart. . I simply can’t wait until next time around.

MAX Barcelona – Sea, Sun & CS3!

My friends, it’s wonderful to be blogging today, as Day One of MAX Europe has just ended, and quite frankly, WHAT A BLAST! The crowds were simply incredible; highly enthused, energetic, inspired, and completely thrilled to be here — and more importantly, to have all the fine presenters from all over the globe, presenting for them, to them, in a relaxed but fun, information-filled fashion (nice alliteration there, eh?) really set the stage for the day. What else can be said?
Today, I conducted a series of CS3 Hands-On classes with my fellow evangelists Rufus Deuchler & John Schuman, and the attendees just rocked; and yeah, that phrase is getting darn tired…but you know what? I’m a musician, and I can call out when someone rocked…and WE did, and the attendees did. SO THERE. Cliche and passe? Nah. Just pure awesome, rocked-out fun.
But as if the response to learning workflows in CS3 Master Collection wasn’t enough for us, Greg Rewis, Rufus and I conducted yet another ‘Adobe Guru CS3 Shootout’. Similar to the one in Chicago, we once again had a standing-room-only crowd, and a raucous one at that! Seriously, (we) couldn’t believe the response! People were literally shouting, cheering, whistling and ‘woo-hoo-ing’; it was nuts, and we can’t wait to do it again tomorrow. Thanks to EVERYONE for their enthusiasm, adoration for all things CS3 (including yours truly (wink) and Rufus & Greg) and for truly rocking MAX Barcelona off to a great start. And honestly, it’s YOU (our customers, users, fellow bloggers and all) that made this day (and this event) what it is. So a sincere thanks, and just wait…more is to come!
On that note, I had recorded a short vid (which is now two days old! Argh) but I figured I’d post it; if nothing else, it’ll give you a glimpse into my arrival in Barça after a rather dismal day or two of travel…

Now, upon arriving, we *did* get a chance to go out and eat some Paella (we were ALL craving it; seriously!). So, en route to downtown, Karl strapped his handy 10.1 megapixel cam to a lightpole, and we did a quick group shot…
Stef, Jase, Greg & Karl – Paella awaits!
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Following the Paella, it was a rather early night, as we had setup (and files, et als) to prepare the next day. Rufus and John arrived, and I took a couple of quick snaps of this beautiful, breathtaking city. These are all from the hotel room windows, but I think you’ll get the idea of the beauty; and seriously, the Sea just looked SO blue. Peace.
Deep Blue Sea…
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She Came In Thru The (23rd Floor) Bedroom Window…
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Beautiful Barcelona
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Another from the Window…a little overblown, but still pretty
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And on that note (and, seeing as it’s 1:32am here in Spain) I’m off to bed!
I’ll check back in the next day or two, so until then…
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CS3 Rocks Northern UK; rolls onward to MAX Barcelona

We all came down to Edinburgh (montreux), on the Firth of Forth (lake geneva) shoreline
A famous quote from Deep Purple, of course. 😉 But the song from which it came is “Smoke On The Water”…and WE (the evangelists, including CSS Goddess, Stephanie Sullivan) were smokin’…Smokin’ Hot with firey CS3 presentations, that is! (my, how humble of you to say! lol)
The Creative License tour re-commenced on Tuesday 9 October in Edinburgh, and the turn-out was phenomenal. Great crowd, great Q&A, and a very high-end saavy crowd, well on their way to becoming proficient CS3 experts! The same could be said for Newcastle two days later, where Karl Soule and I delivered the CS3 Production Premium story (using or new AQUO Beach Tour 2007 assets) continued to garner great reactions and responses to the new features in CS3, but primarily, showcasing our truly integrated, seamless production workflow between applications. We were also blessed with some pretty decent weather, so for a change, we actually got to ‘see’ a little bit of Scotland on Wednesday, and even took some groovy photos (see below).
Just landed, @ the hotel, and feelin’ mighty greasy (but workin’ it!)
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Ummm….Castles…History: photo courtesy of Karl
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Show me the way to the next Whisky Bar: Jase, Stef & Greg
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Indeed, I was rather camera-happy upon arrival, as my laptop bag decided to barf & die (see Exhibit A) and Karl arrived in Edinburgh with 1 of 2 bags (bag #2 to arrive two days later! doh!). In any event, I took a little movie with my new Canon camera, from the taxi. Looking a little rough, perhaps, but that’s the life…;)

Busted Laptop Bag or Dalek?
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So now, with our portion of Creative License complete, we’re off to MAX Europe, held in lovely Barcelona. The evangelists (myself, Greg Rewis, John Schuman, Rufus Deuchler & Karl Soule) will all be conducting CS3 training sessions (as mentioned earlier) and several other workflow sessions (some hands-on, some demo only). But if nothing else, and if you *are* attending MAX, please be sure to check out the Evangelist challenge. It was a real blast in Chicago (I know…I’m repeating…but sincerely, we had ‘such’ a good time!) and we can’t wait to do it again. What’s really so cool about the Evangelist challenge is that all the material(s) we’re showing were in fact created BY US! That’s cool. And again, it showcases not only our love for evangelizing the products, but our true dedication to being ‘users’ ourselves. But you knew that already, didn’t you??
On an unrelated note, many people have been asking about Audition 3 (*not* Audition CS3, as some had incorrectly heard). Audition 3 will be out before the end of the year, and again, includes lots of great new features specific to music production: VSTi (virtual instrument support), MIDI Sequencing (with all the usual expected bits, piano roll editor, quantize/humanize, step-record, etc), New Spectral Tools including the *true* Adobe Photoshop Healing Brush (even has the same icon!!) as well as the Adobe Photoshop Paint Brush. You really won’t believe your eyes when you*see* what you can do…WITH YOUR EYES! Audio mastering and restoration has become a visual medium (and as someone who has been doing it and evangelizing the concept for years now, I’ll take some credit for spreading that word ;)) but it’s true. If you understand some basic principles in Photoshop, you can truly leverage that knowledge to do incredibly complex restoration in Audition (and SBCS3, for that matter) without being an audio expert. Simply brilliant. However, the more (audio) you know, the further you can go.
Ok, that’s going to be it for now. I was actually going to detail some additional road stories about us all taking the train, flight delays, and the usual airport chaos…but that just seemed way too uninspiring 😉 Some other time, I suppose.
So, until Barcelona (starting tomorrow), I’ll bid you farewell, and as always…
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Live(d)!, IBC’ed, MAX’ed, and still rolling

Hello my friends. Well, what can I say? It’s been an incredibly busy few months, kicking off at the end of August/early September with the final installment of Adobe Live! in Stockholm, seguing to ‘the big show’, IBC in Amsterdam, and then beginning the international, multi-city extravaganza that is the CREATIVE LICENSE TOUR UK.
Couple this, with the recent Adobe MAX Chicago, and you’ve got yourself a serious amount of international CS3 evangelizing! It’s been wonderful, and I really just want to give a shout out to all the enlightened customers, users, press, and everyone that I’ve had the pleasure to work with (and speak to) over the last 6 weeks or so.
Of course, my *real* first comment was to say that I’m, well, a bad, bad blogger! I received quite a few emails asking why I hadn’t updated in a while (doh!) and all I can really say is….well….watch the movie…;)

So, there you have it. A sincere, honest depiction of my tardiness and blogging. (but really — why must YouTube ALWAYS choose the absolute WORST stop-frame as the ‘Thumbnail’ image? Argh) But you see…it’s all for the love of CS3…and spreading the word sometimes takes me away from the blog site. BUT – with another tour about to kick off in roughly 8 hours (that is, when I actually board the plane for Edinburgh!), I’ll have my camera in hand and PLAN on blogging a bit more frequently whilst on the road this time! And hey, did you notice my snazzy new haircut? LOL. (I know…looks exactly the same…narcissist!)
In any event, as explained in the vid, you can actually ‘watch’ recorded sessions from Adobe Live! Stockholm *and* IBC.
Click Here for AdobeLive! Stockholm Performances
Once you navigate to the page, simply click on the link that reads “Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium – från inspelning till färdig film” and you’ll get to see me, in the flesh (so to speak). Also, be sure to check out my fellow evangelist-extraordinaire Greg Rewis (showcasing Flash CS3) as well as Max Hagelstam & Paula Palk (showcasing Next-Gen Video for Web), Ben Forsaith, and others.
Evangelists and More at IBC
Here, simply click on the ‘Recorded Sessions’ button at the top of the page, and you can then read about and watch individual sessions from IBC. You can find me in the Audition 3 and Production Premium sessions, along with Greg Rewis, Mark Randall & Karl Miller, Angie Taylor, and more. It’s almost like being there! (well, *almost*)
And lastly, if you’re looking to find any of us on the road in Europe over the next month, check out the Creative License Tour UK and MAX EUROPE pages. You can click on the Speaker/Session links and read little bios about us, and find out which sessions we’ll be conducting and when! First stop: EDINBURGH, then NEWCASTLE…then…BARCELONA!
So my dear friends, that is all for now. It’s already 22:47, and I’ve still got to back-up some stuff, get some new CDs ripped into the laptop (necessary *new* road music), and PACK (of course….packing!)
Oh…and I almost forgot…we’ve got ALL NEW MATERIALS to showcase at these events! So, if you didn’t catch us at Adobe MAX Chicago (where we premiered the ‘new’ AQUO BEACH TOUR footage), you’ll get to see it in the UK and Barcelona (remember when I was working on that stuff?? Yeah…seems like yesterday! lol)
Until next time…
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Do I look ready for the road, or what? he he he (standing, at the back of the studio, btw)
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