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CS3, Flex & AMP is in the AIR…in Helsinki & Oslo

As I’m sitting here, Mike Downey is finishing his presentation to 70+ VIPs here in Oslo, Norway. Tonight’s event, like the ones held in Helsinki, Copenhagen & Stockholm, is catering to 70 of the top Web Designers/Flash Developers and reps from their respective agencies, all in an effort to showcase new technology, existing cool stuff in Master Collection CS3, and talk about some *new* Adobe tools and technologies, like the Adobe Media Player and Adobe AIR. The crowd tonight has been intense, and the responses, once again, have just been stellar. Mike, Greg, Stef and I all found our strides tonight…and the audience was rolling! Loving it! Thank you, Oslo. It was our pleasure. 😉
But, of course, it’s not over yet, and we’ve got our full seminar tomorrow. Expect another blog post either tomorrow night or over the weekend (including some pics from tonight’s event, held at the Kongresscentre, here in downtown Oslo).
Earlier this morning, however, whilst sitting on the plane, I suddenly got the urge to record a little video (normally, I’m sleeping). So, here we are, mid-flight, en-route to Oslo taken around 11am…**

**note: planes are NOISY! I denoised and brought up my voice (which was already faint) but decided to subtitle this video, just for added accessibility (Stef will be proud!)
But back to yesterday’s seminar in Helsinki: quite simply, another great success (with great Q&A from some of the 250+ attendees). Following it’s completion, the nighttime found us walking around the city, visiting a familiar restaurant, and re-visiting a semi-familiar pub. 😉
First, to celebrate the ‘almost end’ of this tour, Greg, Stef, Mike and I, along with our colleagues Kenny (from Denmark) and Mikael (from Finland) went to the famous garlic restaurant…blogged about back in November. I can only say that the garlic-haze that followed (and, of which I was totally prepared this time around) was EVER SO GOOD, ONCE AGAIN! Damn, that place is awesome! I can’t tell you enough, how good the food is. Escargot, Garlic Beer, Garlic Schnaps, Garlic Pork, and even Garlic Coffee (a new one; didn’t have that last time). It just fricken’ rocked. No other way to put it! And the garlic-haze has nearly dissipated…nearly. lol
Following the dinner, we decided to visit the Absolut Ice Bar. Now, Greg and I have been to the classic Absolut Ice Bar in Stockholm, (in fact, my current promo picture that is circulated for our events was taken there!) and we wanted to check out the one in Helsinki. It’s a little smaller, but still icy, cold, and very groovy, with cool lighting, ice sculptures, ice tables, and smooth euro-trance playing in the background.
Seeing as we took a bunch of pics, I figured I’d just post them all…so here are some of the moments at the ice bar…
Kenny, Mike, Stef & Jase enter the cold!
Absolut Ice Bar, Helsinki, 29Jan08
Absolut-ly Cool Backlighting (changing as Greg snapped the photo)
Absolut Cool
Absolut Evangelists On Ice (what *is* that face I’m making?)
Evangelists On Ice

Greg Re-enacts a scene from “Christmas Story” (but didn’t get stuck!)

Greg Re-Enacts a Scene from Xmas Story
“They call me Hagrid; keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts”
They Call Me Hagrid
The touring crew, 29Jan2008, Absolut Ice Bar, Helsinki
The Ice Bar Crew
So there you have it, my friends. I must again take this opportunity to thank our colleagues from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, not to mention all of the fab people who came out to see us, both at the VIP events and at the seminars. Stay tuned for more over the weekend, as we’re going to try and take (and post) more photos from tonight’s ‘performance’ (and also, some possible ‘video’ of the event as well!)
Until next time…
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from Stockholm, Copenhagen & Bad Aibling…with love

Hello again, my friends! It’s been a busy week, and I suppose that’s why it’s taken me nearly that long to get another blog post completed! However, this one will be chock-full of pics, as Greg and Mike have been taking dozens of pictures at each venue, all with Greg’s new Canon G9. Now, I’ll tell you ahead of time…this is going to be one wickedly long post!!! Prep yourselves…but it’s totally going to rock 😉
So…the schedule. Well, after the last post, we had just completed the VIP event in Stockholm. The next day, Greg and I (along with Stephanie Sullivan) presented to around 300 people, over 4 hours. We showcased the ‘new’ web/video workflow, with an emphasis on standards and ‘best practices’ for web design & creation. The audience was indeed fired up, and we got a couple of very cool shots from the venue. Probably the coolest thing was the screen…check out that pic of me on the stage. This was a classic theatre in Stockholm (the Skandia Drottninggatan) and the stage and screen were simply massive! Very grandiose, and a fab day indeed…

Jase on-stage @ the Skandia
On The Stockholm Stage, 23Jan08
Greg takes a moment with the audience…
Greg, Stockholm Seminar
Now, following our successful showcase in Sweden, we were off to Copenhagen, joined by Mike Downey, and conducted another evening VIP seminar for our top Flash/Web/Design Agency clientel. This particular event was held near the old docks, in a rather out-of-the way place…but it’s evidently a new hot-spot in Copenhagen, and indeed, the venue was Swanky! Ultra-cool, with awesome mood lighting, and a really great vibe for giving presentations. The evening was also a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with the ‘creme of the crop’, and really chat about their needs and current workflows for content delivery (in all forms)…
Set-up with mood lighting (and SMSing, of course)
Jase, VIP Event, Kobenhavn
Connecting with the crowd
@work, VIP Event, Kobenhavn
Hangin’ with Stefsull after the preso
Stefsull & Jase @ the VIP event
On the previous evening (and despite the rain), Mike, Greg, Stephanie and I went out for dinner and followed that with a trip to one of Greg’s old haunts (Mr. Rewis lived in Denmark for a number of years). It was here that Mike and he began doing some experimenting with the G9, and got some very cool shots. Granted, the Guinness and Carlsberg (did I mention it was a pub? lol) may have ‘slightly’ affected some of the photos…but a good time was indeed had by all!
Evangelists Unite!
Evangelists in Kobenhavn
A toast to Kobenhavn!
Mike, Stef & Jase in Kobenhavn
Day two in Copenhagen saw us, once again, presenting at the Cinemaxx theatre to a fully-packed crowd (over 350 people!). To put it simply…Greg and I were ON FIRE! Oh yeah. We actually re-tooled a bit of the preso, and it just blew them AWAY! I also gave a few sneaks of the materials I’ve been working on with Johnny Encore & the Acrobats, and this too got a raucous applause (and many questions as to, “Just who is Johnny Encore?” Stay Tuned!).
But who could forget the night before? Post-VIP, the evening would find us going into town to see a recording artist that I’ve worked with in the past (actually, I mastered their first album, last year)…Chip Hanna & the Berlin Three
Their music is a unique mixture of old-time country, blues, and punk…really, more like “Electric Bluegrass” (or ‘Cowbilly’, as guitarist Tex Morton told me). They were playing at a place called Stengade 30, so we took this opportunity to check them out and take in the scene; meanwhile, Mike took some amazing shots. We stayed for the whole gig, and wound up hangin’ with the Band and crew until the wee hours…keeping in mind, of course, that we had to rock the house ourselves the next day…;) But as mentioned, the next day DID rock!! Ahh…the evangelist life, eh?
Chip Hanna & The Berlin Three
Rockin' with The Berlin Three, 24Jan08
By the light of the stage…
Chippy Solo, Stengade, 24Jan08
Jase & Greg, diggin’ the scene
Jase & Greg @ Stengade30

Backstage with Chippy, the Berlin Three, and the gang…

The Adobe Gang with The Berlin Three
If you want to check out (or purchase) any of their records, you can also visit iTunes. Their self-titled debut is the one that I mastered. It’s awesome, the music simply kicks, and the individual performances of bassist Valle, guitarist Tex and drummer Andy (along with Chip himself) are simply first-rate. This is some SERIOUS pickin’, and the bass and drum parts are some of the tightest and most-wicked I’ve ever heard!! Check them out!
This is one seriously long post…PHEW!…so following Copenhagen, we flew (on Saturday morning) to Munich, to present at a Promo weekend for our top freelancers in Germany. Coming from all different backgrounds (ie, print, web, video) and areas of expertise, Greg, Mike and I gave them several hours of presos on “how to present CS3…and beyond” and some demonstrations of Production Premium, Flex Builder, AIR and another sneak of Thermo (as previously shown in Stockholm). Held at a wonderful out-of-town hotel in Bad Aibling, it was a quick *in and out*, but everything was extremely well received and appreciated, and this gave us yet another opportunity to interface directly with ALL of our top freelancers from the region, share stories, share pain points, talk about messaging, and further continue the relationship building process. Quite simply, a great weekend, and thanks to everyone who attended (and to our own Adobe colleagues for inviting us!)
And that brings us to the end of this post. As I sit, I’m currently in the Munich airport, waiting to depart for Helsinki, as tomorrow will find us conducting another VIP seminar in the afternoon, with the full seminar the following day. Oslo awaits…
So, until next time…
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Publishing 3.0 Kicks Off In Stockholm

Hello my friends! It’s great to be back on the road, and the next two weeks are filled with VIP events and seminars, all surrounding this topic of ‘Publishing 3.0’. What *is* Publishing 3.0? Well, if you’re thinking that it’s like Web 2.0, well, as Greg Rewis pointed out today, “That was so-o-o 2007!”
Essentially, we’re showcasing the workflow, but this time around, it’s really about the tools involved for spanning media across multiple devices, in multiple formats, utilizing standards and showcasing how to use new Adobe technologies (like AIR, Flex and AMP) to publish, proliferate and monetize one’s content and ideas online, anywhere.
In short, it’s a whirlwind of information, conducted by myself, Greg Rewis, Stephanie Sullivan and Serge Jespers, each one of us filling a different role (I’m obviously taking on the video-to-web/publishing side; Greg does the Flash & Spry; Stephanie talks about Standards & Accessibility, and Serge closes with Flex and AIR apps and without a doubt, *lots* of dropping jaws in the audience!…Oh, and he also ‘previewed’ Thermo…Haven’t seen or heard about Thermo? SO cool! Check out the link. )
Tomorrow, we’ll be conducting a seminar here in Stockholm for around 600 people (the entire seminar is broken into two parts; 4 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon). After that, well, we’re essentially visiting a bunch of major cities (including a brief stint @ Bad Aibling in Germany, where Greg and I will be conducting classes and training for top VARs from the region)
As I really wanted to get a blog post up tonight (seeing as we’re flying immediate after the gig tomorrow) here’s a brief vid after returning from the successful day (and a very groovy dinner at the Strand hotel)…

In the meantime, I figured I’d also post this little vid that I assembled from an outtake during the rehearsals for the Fuzzy Island sessions. Basically, I just set up the Canon Tx1 and let it roll. I was getting levels on Fuzzy’s guitar/mic and then had to do the same for the bass. I put on a lower-third and some animated text from AE, and well, here’s what you have…

So, until next time for now. I’m off to bed, as we’ll begin the seminar rather early tomorrow. Expect to hear from me again from Copenhagen, and then again in Germany over the weekend.
Blog on…and stay warm! Brrrrrr!

It’s all a bit Fuzzy…Fuzzy Island!

Happy New Year, everyone! Well, I certainly hope that you had a great time ushering in 2008. For me, it was especially cool, because I had the opportunity to record and play alongside a classic blues-pickin’ legend, Fuzzy Island.
After a few quick phone calls, the meeting was set, I hauled a bunch of mic stands, a couple of nice condenser mics (AT4041’s and an AT4030, as well as an old-school Shure SM58 dynamic) and my trusty MacBookPro (running Audition 3 with my MOTU Traveler) and we set-up the mobile studio and began tracking! Naturally, as I was tasked with playing acoustic bass, I brought along my Martin B-1. Fuzzy *also* plays a Martin, 60s era, and the sound is simply fab.
But before I get to the details, here’s a brief look at the setup…

So, Fuzzy and I have actually played and recorded together before. And what’s especially cool about rockin’ out with a classic blues cat is that, well, there’s absolutely NO rehearsal! yeah, baby. We pick a tune, we might strum through the form a time or two…and then we “roll tape” (so to speak). And that’s exactly how this session went down! We didn’t have a lot of time, but we were able to meet up over 2 days (for approximately 4 hours total) and we managed to capture 7 master takes! It was an incredibly fun time, and the music (and the joy of making it) really comes through during the session recordings.
And with that, (and as I had my trusty Canon Tx1 handy) I was simultaneously snapping photos in-between takes. Afterwards, I decided to do a couple of rough mixes, burn a little reference disc for Fuzzy in Audition 3, and send him on his way with Photos, a rough mix of all the tracks, and the good vibes from the two days of pure music heaven.
Over the next few days, I decided to compile a short, 1:30 clip of photos and music; edits from two of the songs cut on day 1: “CC Rider”, a classic, old-school blues tune (made famous by everyone from Mississippi John Hurt to Elvis); and “Baby Won’t You Please Come Home” (again, a classic, dating back to the twenties: one of the most famous versions comes from none other than Bessie Smith, circa 1923).
Take a look (and LISTEN) here: (and hey…I’ve also included some of the pre-take banter and such…good times…and I just *love* when records include all the talking. That’s really what makes you feel like you’re there)

So there you have it, my friends. Another score for Audition 3 doing live recording, on-location (so to speak), and an absolutely magnificent time for me, making the start of 2008 great! If you’re interested more in Fuzzy, be sure to check out his MySpace page (which is still under development). I believe there are a few tunes up there that you can listen to and download. Also, as I finish mixing and tweaking the recordings, I’ll probably post some additional bits here and there.
Thanks again, Fuzzy. 😉
Until next time…
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