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The Decline of FAME (and the modern record store)

Hi all. Well, this will be a rather short post (as I’ve just left the Netherlands, heading back to the US for a bit) but I *did* want to chat about my recent FAME experience, as well as some sad news regarding other ‘local’ record shops .
So, as I’ve mentioned before (and even blogged about), I love this store called ‘FAME’. It’s probably the last great record store around, anywhere. For years, I’ve been going there (and dropping mucho Euros!) and they’ve ALWAYS come thru. Every bizarre, esoteric thing I’ve ever looked for, I’ve found (at least 9/10 times)…but my last two visits did NOT reflect this average. What *is* happening??
The weird thing was…the selections I was looking for weren’t even terribly ‘bizarre’…these were some fairly standard things by some pretty common artists…and they just hadn’t re-stocked their catalogs. ;( This is sad, and more sadly, probably a preview of things to come. I mean, let’s face it: the record store concept is old and tired…and dying slowly. This saddens me to no end — but that’s just the way it is. That being said, I *did* manage to pick up a couple of re-issues that I’ve been waiting on for sometime (all Jazz, all MCA/Impulse or Atlantic Jazz remasters, including John Coltrane, Coltrane Jazz – incredible remaster, had the old version and it was STILL great!, Ellington & Coltrane, another classic, and one that I knew (and owned on Vinyl) in the Berklee days, Billy Cobham’s Spectrum (another fusion classic, with the late Tommy Bolin on axe), and a few more.) All in all by no means a depressing experience (and FAME once again redeems itself!) …but again, things have changed.

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VARs, LiveTV, Publishers, CS3! (and FMS3)

Hello, my friends! Time has simply flown by, here in the Netherlands…but it’s been very productive indeed. And now that I can ‘reflect’ (via the blog), I though I’d take a little snapshot (showcasing my pleasant, happy mood) and re-tell the tale of the last 4 days… (whilst listening to some Last.FM)
Reminiscing about a fab week in the Netherlands….
Adobe CS3 Jason Greg Benelux Tour March 08
I spent the first two days conducting presentations with Greg Rewis to some of our Valued Added ReSellers for the region. What was unique about this particular group of VARs was that they were primarily non-Adobe (in terms of what the sell on the ‘Production’ side) and these sessions were an opportunity to showcase to them the workflows and integration in CS3. For this, naturally Greg and I tapped our resources from the recent ‘Master Collection’ tour and showcased all the coolest, real-world workflows for ingesting/authoring, producing and deploying content. Needless to say, these sessions were FAB – great interest, great ‘Wow’-factor, and it looks like we’ve definitely ‘inspired’ many of them to take a taste of (and begin selling) CS3 😉
Now, upon arriving in Amsterdam, it was snowing like crazy. Bizarre, for sure. So much so, in fact, that this has been documented as the coldest ‘Easter Holiday’ in more than 100 years!
I *should have* photographed the landscape, taking the train in from Schiphol to the city (as it was early in the morning, and just blankets of white snow! I swear, it looked like Bergen, Norway, or something like that!). However, I was a bit too tired (and too ‘post-plane’) and just didn’t manage to snap any pics. I *did*, however, snap a bunch on the next day @ the Adobe Amsterdam office…
From the entryway of the Adobe office in Amsterdam. Wickedly snowing!
Adobe Amsterdam...& snow!
Evangelists in the snow…in late March?
Greg&Jase, Adobe Amsterdam, Mar08

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What do you mean Dramamine goes bad?!@$&?

Hello my friends! Well, today I’m writing from the airport (or I should say, the Evangelist’s *other* home) and today I’m @ Dulles in D.C., en route to the Netherlands. Greg Rewis and I have a busy week ahead of us, meeting with a whole series of VARs and performing training on CS3 (in what they’re calling, “Train the Trainer” Sessions) as well as some special VIP events for one of the top broadcast companies in Holland…more on that later!
Ok…but what’s this Blog Title all about? As many of you know (as I believe I’ve mentioned it before)…I have HORRIBLE motion sickness. Horrible motion sickness. Which is ironic, considering that I spend more than 65%-75% of my life on planes!! But yes, it’s true. I hate boats (even imagining the ‘smell’ of the water, or the ‘smell’ of diesel fuel *whilst* on the water can make me hurl!), I don’t do cruises, I don’t do rides @ Disneyland or any amusement park, and taxis (particularly in New York) can often make me go *green* in a matter of seconds. I hate the backseat of a car, and again, even thinking about a fully-populated sedan (with 2 in the front and 3 or 4 in the back) can really make me physically ill…JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!
But, it’s never really a problem (at least, the plane and taxi thing) as I always take an over-the-counter medication called ‘Dramamine’ (note: I *still* won’t do boats though; even with the pills!). So you can imagine my surprise today (when flying from the desert to Dulles) when I awoke about 15 minutes before the plane landed and found myself, well, NAUSEATED! Ick. Back of my neck got all sweaty, I had to turn the little airvent DIRECTLY on my face, my heart was racing, and a quick glance at myself (in my phone screen’s reflection) revealed that my normal color had turned formally, uh, green…
…and this all got me thinking…, “Was my ‘stash’ of Dramamine a little out-dated?”. I literally stock-up every few months or so; but with so much flying (and going thru box after box) I kinda lost track of the ‘newest ones’, and even found myself hitting my ‘reserve packs’ (which I had buried deep in my laptop bag/suitcase thing). Which further caused me to investigate the packaging…and that’s when I noticed it…EXPIRES MARCH 2008.
Well, they weren’t kidding were they? LOL. Damn. I mean… my last flight from NYC was *also* mildly pukey…but I really hadn’t thought much about it (as it was SERIOUSLY turbulent). But this…well, let’s just say, “Thank goodness I read the packaging.”
The good news? NO…I *did not* vomit (only once in my life, actually) and the moment I got off the plane, I immediately bought NEW Dramamine, and then followed that by guzzling a Quad-Venti Latte from Starbucks (I know…what the heck is wrong with me? Not only does coffee seem to ‘soothe’ my stomach, but I can also fall immediately asleep after drinking four shots of Espresso…the Evangelist life, my friends!
So, that’s the exciting news on this Easter Sunday!! LOL. Read your labels, people. And remember…even Dramamine can go bad. LOL. But here I am, Happy Again, @ the lounge in Dulles…
Knowing that NEW Dramamine is ready and waiting for me…
Adobe CS3 Jason Greg Benelux Tour March 08
So, now feeling a little less-green, and way more happy to be flying again…
…until next time…
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CMA/CBI ends as CS3 Continues to Amaze

Hello all. Well, today marked the final day of the CMA/CBI conference in New York. This time around, I focused my sessions around Photoshop CS3, Video for the Web, and Premiere Pro/After Effects CS3. Oddly enough, CBI has always been one of the biggest audiences for Audition…but somehow, they didn’t manage to schedule any Audition sessions ;( Oh well. Thankfully, I *was* able to demonstrate Audition 3 at the CBI Fall Conference; but it really would have been great to show it here as well (especially since I had a few students come up to me, asking about it: they had seen me at previous events, and wondered what else was new)
Joining me here at CMA was my colleague John Schuman, who focused his demo on producing rich, interactive Flash content for the Web, and other Web workflows. I hadn’t seen John in a while (last time was Max Barcelona, and then briefly in San Jose, back in December) so it was really great to catch up and share some recent ‘tales of the road’.
So, I’m due to present in about 8 minutes, which means…this will be the end of the post!
Until next time (and off to the Netherlands in a few days)…
Stay tuned for more, and as always…
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Solidifying Futures in Media @ NBS

Hello my friends. Well, yesterday I wrapped up my sessions at the NBS-AERho Convention, held in Anaheim, CA; and what a blast it was!
As I expected, the students were engaged, interested, and hungry for all things CS3; but more specifically, engrossed in the concepts of cross-media workflows. Presenting a combination of Production Premium workflow (a 4-hour session), as well as breakout sessions on Photoshop CS3 Extended, After Effects/Premiere Pro, and Audition 3, this gave the attendees a really nice overview of ‘what’s new’, but also with a nod towards the future of Media and ‘Publishing 3.0’.
And that’s why I simply LOVE this particular convention. In talking to students, both during the Q&A and after the sessions, it’s always enlightening to hear their ‘curiosities’ about ‘what really gets you a good job’ these days, and ‘how do you make yourself truly valuable’ in the highly competitive world of Media, Publishing and Broadcast. By sharing stories with them about my own experiences, as well as those acquired in my recent dealings with customers and VIPs (at events in the Nordics & Germany), this gave them a real sense that they’re moving (and proceeding) in the right direction (and if they’re not at present, what they need to do to get there); and more importantly, that diversification of knowledge (in both applications, workflow *and* classic techniques) is truly what makes them a hot commodity. Again, being able to share that, first hand, and really see their reactions is quite simply worth it’s weight in gold. Being able to personally provide that level of inspiration? Priceless.
So, as many of the students had taken some photos at the show, I mentioned that if any of them sent them to me that I would be happy to post them…
Jase with NBS members, Lane & Angie
Adobe CS3 NBS AERho Jason Lane
Thanks to Lane J. for sending me the pic.
I also wanted to take a moment to thank the organizers of NBS-AERho, and a special thanks to Dr. Bruce Mims. Bruce and I met many years ago at NAB, and we’ve been in touch ever since (his specialty is in audio production; needless to say, we’ve had *many* longform chats about all things audio!). Anyhow, it was he who first brought NBS to my attention, and I just wanted to express my gratitude.
In any event, I’m ‘grounded’ for the moment, but tomorrow afternoon I’ll be off to New York to present at the CMA/CBI Spring Convention. Prepare yourselves for the power of CS3…
Until next time,
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NBS-AERho & CMA Events This Week

Hello everyone! Just a quick update here to let you know about some of the events happening this week.
It’s a very special time for me, as I get to re-visit some of my good friends at the NBS-AERho Convention, this year held in Anaheim, CA.
The National Broadcasting Society caters to both faculty and students alike, and I’ll be doing a series of presentations on Production Premium workflow (a 3.5 hour session), point product demos and web-to-video workflow, and a few highlight sessions on Photoshop CS3 Extended (for Video) and Audition 3. I’m hoping to shoot a little blog video from there, so stay tuned!
Folllowing NBS, I’ll be heading off to the ‘other’ coast, where I’ll conduct a series of presentations for the CMA/CBI Convention. You may remember the ‘big’ CBI convention held earlier this year in October; well, this is it’s ‘baby brother’, so to speak (College Media Advisors/College Broadcasters Inc. holds two conventions a year, giving people twice the opportunity to attend). At this event, I’ll once again be covering production workflows (as it relates to broadcast journalism, as well as the tools/workflows needed for real-world broadcast applications). There are also several features on Production Premium, Photoshop, After Effects, Flash and Audition 3.
I hope to see many of you there! Again, it’s always such a pleasure doing these College broadcast conferences; I truly look forward to some great, heavy Q&A with the attendees! Bring your questions, and be prepared to feel the power of CS3 in production!
So, until next time…
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On Our Way Back Home…

So, just a quick note from the airport, en-route to the US. I’ll be home in about 12 hours, and yet, I already hear the road beckoning again…(in about 8 days!)
That being said, there are couple of cool things that have cropped up over the last two days. First, the CREATE or DIE interview has been posted! It’s a long one, but very informative, and quite funny. You’ll get to see the three of us playing off of one another (albeit, at 9:30am!) and it’s definitely worth a watch (if you’ve got the time). Bring popcorn…

CREATE or DIE – The Adobe Evangelist Interview

Also, another video cropped up on YT, taken of yours truly during our seminar in Hamburg. Hair model? What *was* I thinking…LOL (works every time!)

Why oh why was I having such trouble with my microphone that day? These things just happen. That’s what I get for wearing the hair down, I suppose. Back to my Euro-bun!
Ok, well, that’s about all the time I have for now. Just a quick ‘Auf Weidersehen’ to all our friends, colleagues, admirers, and fellow Adobe-philes. We’ll see you soon, and stay tuned to the blog for upcoming events in the US, Netherlands, Germany & Austria!
Until next time, meine Freunde…
Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Evangelist Jase
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