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Hello again, my friends! As you can see, I’m once again on-a-roll with respect to musical allusions…this one, referring to the classic 1971 Roxy Music tune of the same name (ie, Re-Make/Re-Model). If you’ve never heard that song, seek out their live performance of it from 1973 on the classic German TV Show Musikladen (formerly, Beat-Club). You can find it on You Tube; it’ll freak you out!
However, that’s *not* what I’m here to tell you about! As you may have seen, the blog has undergone a complete re-make/re-model of it’s own, and all of this courtesy of my fellow evangelist pals, Rufus and Greg.
Click the link below to see the old blog design 😉

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Rock & Roll Seoul

My friends…where to begin? Well first, if you happen to be a Grand Funk fan, then you’ll know that the title of this blog post is actually a play-on-words, referring to their 1972 Top 30 hit, “Rock & Roll Soul“.
But of course, I’m referring to the ABSOLUTELY STELLAR EVENT we conducted this past Wednesday in Seoul, Korea to an inspired audience of over 3,000 people!! The Adobe Masters Class 2008 has literally left me speechless. The crowd, the reactions, the energy, the positive vibes, and the ‘peace’ signs seen everywhere were just overwhelming, beautiful, and a true Rock&Roll experience!
From the moment we took the stage on Wednesday morning, we knew this was something big. Greg, being a longtime ‘star’ in Korea, kicked off the event. And from that moment on, it was all-systems-GO! Greg, Rufus and I gave our ALL, and the audience gave it right back to us! With simultaneous translation, provided via U.N.-style earpieces to the first 2000+ attendees, it was simply unreal! I mean, we just performed our hearts out, and every bit, every subtle nuance was appreciated, absorbed, and reciprocated with great cheers, whistles, and laughter. Even my jokes about being a part-time hair-model seemed to make the translation. LOL. What more can I say??
But pictures definitely speak louder than words, so here’s some snapshots of the main event…
The Adobe Masters on the Big Screen (I hope to post this teaser vid at a later date)
The Big Screen Teaser
Ready to Rock the House!
Ok...just one more!
The Masters’ Podium (with totally cool internal lighting)
The Masters' Podiums
The Venue, *before* people arrived
The Venue *before* the Event
Thousands begin to queue in the foyer of the Grand Intercontinental Ballroom
The Seoul Queue
The Morning Session, sourced from 6 different images, stage right
Nearly 3,000 of our closest Adobe friends

The Morning Session Panorama in 1280 width

You simply have to see that audience in full-width to appreciate it!
All I can really say is this: It was truly a great honor for me to present to all of you in Korea. And it goes without saying: a HUGE thanks to our incredible Adobe Korea Team: we simply can’t thank you enough for your hospitality, your attention to detail, and your seemingly endless drive to provide the best, and most-engaging experience for both we (the evangelists) and our 3000 new friends. 😉
Love to you all, and I simply can’t wait to return. 😉
A loving look, From Me to You 😉
Ready for the Show!
So, until next time…
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Got Seoul?

Hello, my friends! A quick update from the show-floor at the Grand Intercontinental in Seoul, Korea where our Adobe Masters Class 2008 is a mere 18 hours away!
While in the midst of set-up, I decided to take a video and showcase a little of what the venue looks like. Can you say, OMG? Thousands of seats, 3 huge, Full-HD Resolution Screens (true 1920×1080), JBL Loudspeakers and more…it should be an event to behold!
In preparation for Adobe Masters Class 2008, Seoul

So, check back later as I’ll have the full report (with hopefully LOTS of pics!) showcasing the big event. I’m so excited about this gig, words can barely express my feelings. The signage, imagery, promotions, (as well as this really cool teaser vid, featuring the three of us, seen in the background) are all absolutely groovy, hella-stylish, and way cool! Rock On, Korea.
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If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium…or Korea!

Hello, my friends! Just a quick update from the road to let you know that we’ve arrived in Korea to begin kicking off the CS3 Masters Tour – ASIA.
As promised, I’ve got a couple of additional links for Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. If you’re looking to register for any of those cities, check out the following:
Register for Adobe Masters Singapore
Register for Adobe Masters Malaysia
Info and Registration for Adobe Masters Hong Kong
So, I’ll be writing more soon, but in the meantime, check out this cool online invite that was designed by some of our Adobe colleagues for the Hong Kong event…
The Masters Come To Hong Kong
Hong Kong Adobe CS3 Masters Evangelist Jason Greg
Big kudos to all the Asia teams for really promoting these events! It’s going to be a blast, for sure. So, stay tuned for more and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Until next time,
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Be Brilliant! (thanks, George Monseur)

Hello, my friends! Well, if the title of this blog post intrigued you, it’s actually something that a college professor of mine used to say, prior to taking the stage and ‘conducting’ the orchestra (he was a rather famous conductor, and I studied under him for several semesters). And yes…I studied conducting. And yes…I’ve actually used it, in the studio, on record 😉 (an artform indeed, and the masters of this artform are genuinely, heavenly masters…I’m a mere mortal when it comes to conducting, believe me!)
So, what does conducting have to do with my recent travels? Well, seeing as Greg, Rufus and I have just completed the CS3 Masters Tour Europe, I may have mentioned how we were ‘stuck’ in Stuttgart, and sadly, unable to get to Berlin to present. In fact, I never did write that post, (tentatively titled, “the not-so-glamorous world of travel”) as it was just too much going on. In short, bad weather, cancelled flights, shut-down airports, end of story.
However, our kind friends at Video2Brain decided to take it upon themselves to record our seminar in Graz, making it available online for those in Berlin and everywhere. And I have to say…this is truly one of THE BEST ‘live recordings’ of our presos that I’ve ever seen. I mean, technically, it just looks GORGEOUS! And the multiple cameras, changing from zoomed screens, etc, just looks amazing…even in full screen! Way to go, guys! Big kudos on a sincerely fab production! Only negative is that they didn’t have the ‘audience’ wired for sound—so there’s a lot of dead silence, because you can’t hear the crowd’s reaction (occasionally you can hear some bleed into our headset mics)…but still, brilliant job.
And speaking of brilliance…I have to say that our performances were really stellar. We three truly rocked the house. As always (with the last stop on a long tour), we tend to really ‘let our hair down’ (no pun intended) and it shows. 😉
In particular, you need to check out my section, 1.6 Videos bearbeiten mit PSX & After Effects. Mr. Monseur, dare I say? Brilliant, indeed! (there’s that narcissism for ya!!) That being said, I need to lay off the loddar, bratwurst, wurstsalat, schnitzel and Weissbier (I’m getting a little puffy & swelled…not good for bathing suit season! Who am I kidding? lol) but even still…brilliant. (so modest)
Watch the CS3 Masters Live (courtesy of Video2Brain)
You can also check out the V2B blog about the tour (in German, with a nice pic of us on stage)
Video2Brain Blog
And, if you *still* can’t get enough of the evangelists, check this out…
Evangelist Panorama, Graz
A fellow Adobe user (and fan of the Masters) came to see us in Graz (from Vienna) and was kind enough to shoot this amazing picture. You may have seen his previous one (done in Vienna on the last tour). This one was shot in the theatre lobby, and is just SO cool!
Alrighty, well, that’s about all of me that I can stand to write about! HA! Yeah right! But seriously, I hope you’ll enjoy watching the vids from the tour. We’ll be doing some similar things in Asia, with a slightly modified twist 😉
Stay tuned for more, my friends. Thanks for reading, and as always…
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Asia Awaits the Masters + New ‘Short&Suite’ Episode

Greetings, my friends. With the end of each tour, another one waits in the wings…and this time, we’re coming to Asia!
As mentioned in some of my previous posts, the three of us will be kicking off our ‘CS3 Masters’ tour in Seoul on the 24th June. From there, we’ll venture to Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and beyond Here’s a quick look at ‘where’ we’ll be. Now, these are not necessarily the exact event dates (as we have ‘other’ meetings/presos planned) but this will give you an idea…(again, exact details to follow)

Seoul – June 24/25
Beijing – June 26/27
Taipei – June 30/July 1
Hong Kong – July 2/3
Singapore – July 8/9
Kuala Lumpur – July 10/11
Mumbai – July 15
Bangalore – July 17/18

I’m hoping to get links to all of the events in Asia…I’ve just been sent this one from our Adobe colleagues in Korea. This site already looks seriously cool! Take a look here: Adobe Masters Seoul 2008
And, if you want more (bio info, translated) check out this link: The Masters’ Bios (with pictures)
Again, I’m hoping to have links to ALL sites promoting our Asian adventures, so stay tuned. I’ve seen some of the layouts for Singapore and KL, and they too look totally AWESOME! (nice work, teams!)
On another Adobe-software related note, my latest episode of ‘Short & Suite’ has been posted up on Adobe TV. This episodes follows me and Karl thorugh the process of finishing the Chroma Key You recording and music video. This happens to be one of my favorite episodes (and one of my all-time fave Johnny Encore tunes) so be sure to check it out! Rather than embed the video in this post (as my blog doesn’t really display everything properly..;( ) I figured I’d just post a link, so here you go…(takes a sec to load, so be patient)
Short & Suite – The Making of ‘Chroma Key You’, Part 2
Oh, and here’s a little pic, taken on-stage in Graz, towards the end of our 6-hour seminar. Thought you might like this one (again, taken with the internal camera on the MacBookPro)
Jase & Greg, rockin’ on-stage in Austria
Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Austria  Jase Rufus Greg
So my friends, hope you’ll enjoy the Short & Suite episodes, stay tuned for more Asia info, and I’ll look forward to seeing YOU, very soon!
Until next time,
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Adobe Masters Wrap-up Summer Season in Graz

Hello, my friends! Well, it’s hard to believe, but the CS3 Masters Tour (Europe) has come to an end! It’s been quite the wild ride, with the three of us reaching thousands and thousands of users, all over the Nordics, Germany & Austria.
For the last two shows, Greg, Rufus and I spent six lovely hours together with several hundred of our ‘closest’ friends in Stuttgart and Graz. Sponsored again by Cancom, we covered the (now standard) workflow process, highlighting the entire creation-to-publication story across all 13 products in Master Collection. Graz, Austria was the last city, and it was truly a blast being able to spend some time (and spend our last day) there.
Naturally, no tour would be without it’s share of chaotic moments (and reality-TV-esque stories); but I’ll save that for the next blog post. ) That being said, allow me to simply say Danke, für alles to all of our friends, fans & loyal userbase, who came out to see us, and share an entire afternoon learning about CS3 workflow. 😉 It was truly our pleasure, and we look forward to seeing you all again.
And now, some pics (because what would a wrap-up email be without pictures!)…
Greg & Jase finish a Weissbier, post-seminar in Graz
Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Austria  Jase Rufus Greg
photo by Barbara Luef
Jase & Rufus share a laugh, overlooking the city on a VERY high ledge
Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Austria  Jase Rufus Greg
Jase continues laughing (in the same position)…and hasn’t noticed Rufus falling…lol
Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Austria  Jase Rufus Greg
Is this pic real or fake? You decide.
So, until the next post, as always…
Jase, striking a pose, Graz 2008 (photo by Barbara Luef)
Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Austria  Jase Rufus Greg
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