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Oh VHS dub, where art thou?

Hello, my friends. Hopefully, the title of this post will interest you enough for the next few lines, as I simply *had* to write about what just happened.
In short, since the beginning of the Masters Tour, many people have been asking me about my background, and how I got started in audio and video (and video software). That inquiry was usually followed by, “Have you done any old-school audio layback/post-sync/ADR to analog video before?”, and naturally, the answer is, YES.
Long story short: I’ve kept a VHS tape (a dub, from an original 3/4″ U-Matic master) from some of the work I did in college; stuff that I not only re-sync’ed, but a whole bunch of clips were entirely re-voiced a-la ADR, had foley re-recorded live, and new sound effects flown-in (courtesy of multiple 1/4″ tape machines with vari-speed heads). I’ve had this thing for 14 fricken’ years…and now I’ve lost it!!

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Feelin’ Loopy? A Looping Tutorial for Audition 3

Greetings, my musical friends! Having wrapped up the CS3 Masters Tour, I figured I’d go back to my roots as it were, and answer some of the inquiries that I had on the road with regards to Audition and loop-based song creation.
In short, looping in Audition is *very* powerful (and somewhat under-used in the audio community). Even if you’re not wanting to use loops as the basis for all of your backing tracks (ie, drums, bass, guitar, piano, etc), simply augmenting a live recording with a looped drum track or beat can really add punch and polish, turning something that possessed one particular vibe into a completely new audio experience. *note: this naturally requires that you recorded your live tracks along to a click track/metronome, so that things can be snapped/aligned together in-time
And with that rant, I’m pleased to post a tutorial that I actually created about 6 years ago for the original site (WayBack machine is a good way to see what it was all about!)

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New Short&Suite Episode: I’m Your Puppet (I’m Your Tool)

Hello, my friends. This is just a brief update to let you know about my latest episode of Short & Suite featuring my fellow colleague, Karl Soule, and the music of Johnny Encore & the Acrobats.
Seeing as I’ve been showing ‘the making’ of this video (live, on-stage) for some time, it’s a real pleasure to let you watch *exactly* how Karl (with a little help from our friend Kush) put together the video elements, and how I mixed all of the audio. Check it out here:

Short & Suite Episode 5: I’m Your Puppet (I’m Your Tool) – Part I

This episode features some really cool techniques for getting big, loud drum sounds and phat, nasty guitars and basses in Audition 3 (using the Guitar Suite). From Alternative, to 60s Pop…we’ve now entered the Metal realm 😉 Get ready to rock out.
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Blog on. (and…stay tuned for an Asia Masters Tour wrap-up! Lots ‘O pics coming!)

From Atop the KL Tower…

Hello everyone. Well, once again I’m writing you after another rocking day of the CS3 Masters Tour, this time from the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With over 425+ in attendance, the setting for this event (this incredible room at the top of the tower) really added a little something extra to the proceedings. Not to mention, the room was in the round, which made for a rather interesting pano (my usual stitching of the crowd image from PSCS3!).
The KL Audience, In-The-Round, just before we began
Kuala Lumpur Adobe CS3 Masters Jason Greg Rufus
Out the Window: The top of the Petronas Towers with crazy ‘open sky’ above.
Kuala Lumpur Adobe CS3 Masters Jason Greg Rufus

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Masters in Singapore; KL Awaits

Hello, my friends! Writing a quick blog post from the stage, live in Singapore. 😉 Once again, a great turnout and a great crowd. I really have to commend all the (Adobe Asia) teams for choosing and filling great venues. Very cool atmosphere and design in this one (with a huge ‘Adobe Masters Tour’ poster behind us, on the stage).
An non-stitched pano of the venue–the 480 attendees were in three sections, and the original panorama stitch didn’t really do it justice…so this is just the sections, color corrected and put together
Singapore Adobe CS3 Masters Jason Greg Rufus
As for the events of the day, we conducted a slightly different program today. We did the usual workflow preso in the morning, clocking in around 2:45, and featuring all three of us. In the afternoon, however, the sessions were to be 1:30hr each, Design followed by Web followed by Video…but then, computer gremlins struck!!

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I love Starbucks (…and more from HK)

Hello, my friends. I’ve just read that one of my favorite US exports (Starbucks) will be closing down 600 of their stores. It’s been in the news recently, as there’s now a great deal of competition in the ‘personalized’ coffee market. Everyone from ‘new’ copycats to the old-school standbys (ie, Golden Arches) are now offering ‘custom’ coffees; lattes, macchiatos, espresso, etc.
Well, I for one will continue my love-affair with the Seattle-based chain. Many have often said that there’s simply ‘too much/too many’. And this may be true. But I can honestly say this: whether I’m in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Vienna, Frankfurt, or even the Netherlands, and I simply want a little taste of home, I can go down to the Starbucks and get just that: a truly familiar taste that guarantees a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. 😉 Long Live Starbucks.
Now…I promised some additional pics from Hong Kong. Last night we held an event at the IFC Building in Kowloon and had yet another amazing ‘view’. Encased in glass, the venue (a place called, The Box) was tres-chic, and oh so groovy, both at night and during the day. Greg snapped a couple of pics which we quickly stitched together in Photoshop CS3. Take a look…
From the IFC Building in Kowloon, daytime.
Hong Kong Adobe CS3 Masters Evangelist Jason Greg
And then, night falls…
Hong Kong Adobe CS3 Masters Evangelist Jason Greg
Delivering the Vision @ the Masters Seminar, Hong Kong, July ’08
Hong Kong Adobe CS3 Masters Evangelist Jason Greg
Lastly, a little out-take from our Korean Press meeting. One of the photographers there snapped this pic at our offices…Audition for our ‘new roles’ perhaps? LOL
The Masters Audition for ‘A Chorus Line’ and/or Les Follies Bergeres
Korea Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Evangelist Jason Greg
From here, we’re onto Singapore, so stay tuned for more updates, more CS3, more pics, and more from the CS3 Masters Tour.
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Thanks Taipei & Hong Kong!

Hello, my friends. Yet another quick update from the road. In the last 48 hours, Greg, Rufus & I have presented to around 1700+ people in both Taipei and Hong Kong, and the CS3 love continues throughout Asia. The crowds are inspired, excited, and this in turn makes for a great show for all. We’re truly humbled and honored to present to you. 😉
As per usual, I’ve tried to take some cool photos. I got a nice pano from Taipei (stitched from 3 photos). What’s unique about the Taiwan venue was that it was actually two separate rooms; one seating 500+; another seating 250. The smaller room was sent a video feed, and they were just as enthusiastic and invigorated, even though we were effectively presenting to them live, via satellite (or, via ethernet/DVI, whatever!)
The crowd in Taipei from the ‘main room’
Taipei Adobe CS3 Masters Evangelist Jason Greg
Ruf & Greg have a laugh (probably at my expense!)
Taipei Adobe CS3 Masters Evangelist Jason Greg
Listening attentively, waiting to present
Taipei Adobe CS3 Masters Evangelist Jason Greg
Breathtakingly-beautiful Hong Kong (from the 57th Floor)
Hong Kong Adobe CS3 Masters Evangelist Jason Greg
So, that’s all for now, my friends (more photos from H.K. coming soon!) Again, it was truly our pleasure to come visit you in Taipei and Hong Kong. Thanks to all the attendees for your kindness, your great energy, your endurance (staying with us for over 7 hours!) and your dedication to all things CS3 and Adobe. we love you for it!
Until next time,
Blog on. 😉