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@ Warp Speed with Warp 11

Greetings, my friends! So, this post will be slightly unlike any other, as I’m actually featuring some other stuff that I’ve been doing (largely, in lieu of sleeping) over the past few weeks.
From time to time, I still mix and master the odd record, single, album, and generally, I’ll do this so that (a) it keeps the chops up; and (b) I get to use the materials as ‘demo material’ on the road. As such, I’ve recently completed mixing on a soon-to-be-released single for famed Star Trek band, Warp 11.
What was totally cool about this particular project is that the band had heard my Johnny Encore records (via “Short & Suite” on AdobeTV) and really wanted me to ‘produce’ them (ie, rich background vocals, lush, spatial instrument sounds, etc), giving them a new sound, a new approach, reaching, dare I say, a New Frontier; well, musically anyway. 😉
Now, seeing as they’re a seasoned punk band, I really wanted to do something different. SO…here’s a little vid that I cooked up (which will likely appear on their site) giving you a sneak of the chorus to one of their new tunes; I worked out a ‘slightly’ new arrangement for them. Take a listen.

What else can be said after that? Stay tuned, live long, prosper, you know…
Until next time,
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More AdobeTV – More ‘Short & Suite’

Hello, my friends! Another quick update from the road, letting you know that I’ve just completed another 6 episodes of the ‘Short & Suite’ AdobeTV series with my pal and fellow evangelist-compadre, Karl Soule. Naturally, these new episodes features all new music (and music videos) by the infamous Johnny Encore. I’m hoping to post (re: sneak) some of the mixes (and perhaps a few bits of the vids) in the next week or two (including some additional goodies, non-johnny related!)
So in any event, Karl and I spent the last few days in Dallas. Sadly, the weather was rather rainy and gloomy; but upon arrival, I was graced with a pretty awesome rainbow out of my 18th floor window. Both of these pics were taken with the iPhone’s camera (through a rather dirty window, no less!) but you can still see how cool it looked (especially as the sun began to set)
From the 18th floor, Hilton Dallas-Lincoln Center
Rainbow in Dallas (from the 18th flr)
A slightly better shot, still plagued by a dirty window! lol
adobe TV short suite Dallas jason splash media
And with that, my friends, (and in the spirit of my Adobe TV series) I’ll keep this post ‘Short & Suite’. Be sure to check out AdobeTV at the website and on Adobe Media Player for new episodes, coming soon!
Thanks, Dallas!
adobe TV short suite Dallas jason splash media
A pre-bed goodnight, with the iPhone 3G in hand 😉
adobe TV short suite Dallas jason splash media
Until next time, my friends. Over and out! 😉
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Memories from Asia…

Hello again, my friends. Well, the text of this post will be rather short, as I simply needed an excuse to post some additional photos from the extremely successful Masters Tour-Asia.
None of this would have been possible without the incredible efforts of our Adobe colleagues in all the regions. So this post serves (in part) as a tribute to them. I tried to find all of the ‘team photos’ that were taken. Sadly, I’m missing a few, and some (key) people are missing from the photos. But you know who you are, and again, my deepest thanks and appreciation for being such wonderful hosts to us.
And now…PHOTOS!!
The ‘Soul’ of Adobe Korea…MH, sorry we missed you!
Korea Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Jason Greg Rufus
Team Taipei. Thanks for the photo, Frances.
Taipei Adobe CS3 Masters Jason Greg Rufus
Some of Team Hong Kong…oh, what a night that was!
Hong Kong Adobe CS3 Masters Evangelist Jason Greg
Team Singapore/Malasia…Raj, Titu, Audrey, Maryann: we’ll get you in the next pic! And man, I truly look like a giant here! LOL. ‘They call me Hagrid…’
Singapore Malasia Adobe CS3 Masters Jason

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ADR, Foley, SFX & Scoring – Old School Analog Sync

Hello, my friends! Well, as the title suggests, this post is all about an old-school analog video project that I did, back in college in 1994. And yes, this is in fact the missing video that I was unable to locate earlier in the week! Fortunately for me (and thanks to my occasional re-occurrences of OCD), I *did* in fact find a dub of the video (a dub-of-a-dub, to be precise) and as such, it took some careful transferring, audio restoration, color correction, and LOVE to bring it back to life! But before we get into the details, here’s the clip in question…

Now, despite the fact that some of the ADR is really out-of-sync (the actor’s fault, not a sync problem), the music and Foley/SFX were quite well done, and the story (and process) is a very cool one. Oh…in case you hadn’t noticed, I played the part of Harry (and *my* ADR was rather spot-on…“Now *where’s* the girl!”) lol. You will also notice that I left some of the analog timecode visible for you…but during some of the darker scenes, there was a really wicked color-shift (and LOTS of noise; thanks VHS dub), so I faded out the TC, and actually re-created the letterboxing in Premiere (you’ll see that suddenly the black bars get very black around :34 sec).
So, what was this all about? (and *why* am I using Dirty Harry, (c)1971 Warner Bros.) Basically, I was enrolled in a production course where we actively learned the process (and art) of classic audio/video synchronization techniques. And for this particular project, I was tasked with re-scoring a scene (from a favorite movie), re-doing the Foley (ie, footsteps, body motion sounds, etc), sound effects (ie, gunshots, background noises) and ADR (replacing all the dialog).
To achieve this, we had a transfer (widescreen, from Laser Disc, no less) of this classic film, burned with analog timecode onto 3/4″ U-Matic tape, played back on a Sony VO-9600 (or something similar…as I don’t believe the 9600 was around in ’94).
The music/ADR/Foley was all cut to a Studer 1″ 8-track analog tape machine, with analog timecode striped on track 8 for sync with the VTR. Those Studers were some of the greatest recorders EVER — and if you wanted your music to *instantly* have that 1969/early 70s fat, Abbey-Road kinda sound, all you needed to do was hit ‘record’ 😉

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