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CS4 Rocks Photokina in Köln

meine Freunde, hallo! Today was the official announce of CS4 @ Photokina, and what a day it was! While the show opened at 10:00am, the Adobe booth was ‘veiled’ in a black curtain until 10:45. At that time, the curtains dropped, and the crowd came rushing in; quite the sight to behold. I took the stage, along with fellow Adobe colleague and VP Kevin Connor, and we revved the audience, enticing them about CS4 and the upcoming launch video (streamed from the US).
After 15 minutes of intense vamping, screaming like-a-crazed-evangelist (in true form) and much anticipation, the video began, and so marked the day of the largest announce in Adobe’s history: 13 new products, 4 suites, and 14 new technologies…crazy stuff. Here’s what it looked like (all photos provided by our friend from Intel, Jörg Walther)
The crowd rushes in as the curtains fall
Adobe CS4 Photokina Köln Announce Jason Levine
The countdown continues…it’s going to be Brilliant!
Adobe CS4 Photokina Köln Announce Jason Levine
A packed house, as more arrive from all sides
Adobe CS4 Photokina Köln Announce Jason Levine

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Take It Again, Sam!

Hello friends. In an effort to keep the blog organized (as I’ve recently added some new categories) I just decided to make another post, linking to the Korean Masters Tour video…that, and the fact that it’s taken me two days to get this thing successfully uploaded! Argh.
However, here it is (and I’ve provided a link in the previous post as well). Music was co-written and performed by my friend and compadre, Fred Fung. Dig.

Until next time, my friends…
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CS4 Sneaks Wow Thousands at IBC

Greetings from the Netherlands, my friends. It’s been a crazy-hectic week as the IBC tradeshow comes to a close, and all I can say is…WOW.
But really, that’s more of what the customers were saying, as attendees were treated to full ‘sneaks’ of Production Premium CS4 and Flash CS4, along with ‘future’ highlights of Premiere Pro CS4 and After Effects CS4.
Packed theatre, packed pods, and lots of great traffic…this show never ceases to amaze me. And even though it’s 5 days long, today’s second to last preso (presented by yours truly, showcasing ‘the Future of Flash CS4 for Video Professionals’) still had about 60% of the seats filled…at the END of the day. WooHoo! That’s a dedicated user-base, my friends 😉
So, I sadly *did not* take any pics this entire week (I know..SHAMEFUL!) but I *did* promise a video (or something) so here it is. Though unrelated to IBC, here’s the video that opened our Masters Tour in Korea, just a few months back. As mentioned, this was created by the team over in Seoul, and this vid (in full, high definition) was broadcast across all three HUGE screens to our 3,000 closest friends. It was awesome…hope you like it.
(note: seeing as I was having all kinds of upload issues on this day, I just decided to do another post, keeping the blog more organized…but you can still watch the video HERE)
And with that, I’ll keep this post short. Photokina awaits, and I’ll be back on the blog in a few days, giving updates from the show floor. Oh, and don’t forget that there’s still time to register for our online announcement event on September 23rd. Oh, and I thought I’d attach a little pic as well; though (again) not related to IBC, it was taken (hand held) just before leaving for the Netherlands last week. Untouched, but so-o-o ready for camera raw.
in San Diego, weekend before IBC
adobe CS4 jason IBC amsterdam SD
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Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4) – Announcing the Announcement!

Hello, my friends! Well, if you haven’t heard already, Adobe has posted (on our homepage) that we’ll be announcing Creative Suite 4 (CS4) on 23 September, 2008.
Now, as my colleague and fellow evangelist pal Rufus so beautifully pointed out, “Why would we want to announce the announcement??”
Well, click here to register and find out why. 😉
CS4 is coming.
Blog on.