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Wrapping the CS4 Launch Tour in Göteborg & Copenhagen

Hey there, my friends. Today marked the final day of the CS4 Nordic Launch Tour, and we truly went out with a bang! Another packed house in Copenhagen (followed by a capacity crowd yesterday, in Gothenburg) left us all feeling great, feeling like we’ve truly accomplished something, and feeling like we need some serious sleep!
This has been a whirlwind 2 weeks. But having seen over 5,000 people come out and spend their morning with us, one thing is clear: our users are the greatest people in the world; true visionaries, true artists, true knowledge-seekers, and true to the message of the entire suite: visiting us in an effort to find their shortcut to brilliant. 🙂
Now, since we often favour planes and trains as our travel method, occasionally we *do* hit the road ‘old-school’ and actually take a car. With our drive from Malmö to Göteborg, however, car isn’t exactly what I would call this vehicle…
The 10-person van was so big, I couldn’t even fit it into the frame!
adobe CS4 launch Nordics Jason Greg Rufus
With Fredrik behind the wheel of this road-albatross, he braved the Swedish highways for us, and carted myself, Greg, Rufus and our event coordinator Anna all the way to Göteborg. In fact, he was *so* good at driving this massive transit van, I have wonder if prior to working for Adobe, Fredrik ever held a position as a roadie….for Iron Maiden or Deep Purple, perhaps? 😉 In any event, it was a good time had by all, we arrived at the hotel, did a simple dinner, and all promptly crashed (ie, slept) in anticipation of the following day’s activities~which greeted us with another packed house, and another groovy crowd, ensuring that we left Sweden on a real high note….Tack!!
Capacity crowd in Göteborg
adobe CS4 launch Nordics Jason Greg Rufus
But this is merely the start for me, Greg & Rufus. With another packed week of seminars in the Netherlands and Belgium, the excitement is far from over…and the drive to spread the word of CS4 continues…
So, until next time…
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CS4’ing through Aarhus, Copenhagen & Malmö

Hej hej, my friends! Today we’re in Malmö, and as we speak, Rufus in on stage wowing the crowd with Design Premium CS4. We’re at this really cool theatre, and once again have a packed house!
Just to keep the numbers flying in: over 500 in Aarhus; 700 in Copenhagen yesterday, and another 500 today in Malmö. What can I say about this tour? The Nordic regions LOVE CS4 — and we LOVE presenting it to all of YOU!
Today, in Malmö
adobe CS4 launch Nordics Jason Greg Rufus
700 strong in Copenhagen…and we’ve got another seminar there on Friday!
adobe CS4 launch Nordics Jason Greg Rufus
Despite the low-lighting (and a nearly black original image), you can still see the packed crowd in Aarhus. Thank goodness for Camera Raw!
adobe CS4 launch Nordics Jason Greg Rufus
Now, after our seminar in Copenhagen, the three of us conducted a private evening seminar for professors, staff and students of the IT University in Copenhagen. We covered an additional 3 hours on advanced workflows (switching up the content from earlier in the day) with Greg covering a great deal on Ajax and Spry, Rufus covering more in-depth Illustrator and Photoshop, and I delved into deeper integration and export capabilities of the Production suite. Upon finishing, I shot a little video of the interior of the University campus building. True Danish design, tons of glass and reflective surfaces, and truly, crazy stuff (in Rufus’ words).

Well, we’ve got about 30 minutes until the first break, then Greg will kick off the second half, and I’ll close the final hour of the seminar. Upon finishing, we’re all hopping in a van (acccompanied by our fab Event Coordinator, Anna Bouveng, and driven by my dear friend and fellow Adobe colleague, Fredrik Johannesson) and we’ll head up to Göteborg. Then, back to Copenhagen one more time for (what will hopefully be) another sold-out show! Stay tuned!
Until next time,
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Takk Oslo! Kiitos Helsinki! Tack Stockholm!

Greetings from the Nordics, my friends! To date, we’ve wrapped the first three of eight CS4 Launch Tours, and it’s been nothing short of fab. Over 500 attendees in both Oslo and Helsinki, with over 1100 attendees at our event in Stockholm yesterday; CS4 love is in the air…and we’re spreading it around like wild fire!
I’ve included just a couple pics from the theatres, taken just before the seminars started (so people were still filing in the seats). Beautiful locations with great marketing and branding materials adorning the entry ways, making these events truly special, and very Adobe. 😉 A great big thanks to our extended Nordic teams in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. You’ve all done an AMAZING job so far; we can’t wait for the NEXT 5 cities, kicking off next Monday in Århus.
The crowd files in. Oslo, Norway, 21 October.
adobe CS4 launch Nordics Jason Greg Rufus
Rufus Talks InDesign @ Sthlm Seminar
adobe CS4 launch Nordics Jason Greg Rufus
1100 and counting in Stockholm (taken with the iPhone, stitched in PSCS4)
adobe CS4 launch Nordics Jason Greg Rufus
So my friends, many more cities to visit, and thousands more to inspire. Stay tuned for more updates, and please, feel free to come up and Hello! We’ve had some great Q&A in all the cities, and we look forward to meeting you all.
Until next time…(promoting my fave coffee maker, Nespresso, found in the Radisson SAS hotels)
adobe CS4 launch Nordics Jason Greg Rufus
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Nordics & Benelux…CS4 is coming to YOU!

Hello, my friends! Just a quick update to let you know that I’ll be back on the road next week (along with fellow compadres, Greg Rewis and Rufus Deuchler) to present the entire Adobe Master Collection CS4 over the next three weeks! Oh yes…no rest for the weary; but who would want to rest anyway? There’s so much great stuff to talk about, so we’re back on the road, coming to you!
The Nordic Tour starts in Oslo (21 Oct), followed by Helsinki (22 Oct) and then Stockholm (23 Oct). From there, we’re off to Århus (27 Oct), København (28 Oct), Malmö (29 Oct), Göteborg (30 Oct), and then *back* to København on the 31st (as we sold out the first venue and had to add a second date…Yeah, baby!). In the Benelux, we’ll be in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Brussels and Antwerp, all beginning on 3 November. For detailed info about venues and times, check out the following links:
CS4 Launch Tour – Norway
CS4 Launch Tour – Finland
CS4 Launch Tour – Sweden
CS4 Launch Tour – Denmark
CS4 Launch Tour – Netherlands & Belgium
We hope to see you there, and please do come by and say hello! It’s been an amazing kick-off so far, and the next three weeks look to be the most exciting yet.
Until next time,
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Joburg & Cape Town: We already miss you

Hello, my friends. Well, this has indeed been quite the week! From our 30+ hour journey to Cape Town, followed by a rocking seminar there, then onto Johannesburg, and yet again, another great turnout for CS4, it’s simply been a whirlwind of big events, big responses, and good times among friends. Sadly, I didn’t get any pics @ the venues…But here’s a couple snaps of the ‘team members’, and our pals, Mo and Leonard…
Mo ponders existence…
Adobe South Africa CS4 Launch Jason
Leonard talks business…
Adobe South Africa CS4 Launch Jason
Greg & Jase take in beautiful Cape Town; Table Mountain in the distance
Adobe South Africa CS4 Launch Jason Greg

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Coming to you…Live from South Africa, it’s CS4!

Hello friends. Writing you from Cape Town, Z.A., a mere 19 hours before we kickoff our CS4 Launch tour. Myself, Greg, and fellow Adobe colleague Mo Jogie will be conducting back-to-back seminars in both Cape Town and Johannesburg (7 Oct/9 Oct respectively).
At the moment, it’s 26c outside (where Greg and I are both on our laptops, via WiFi), the sun is shining, and Cape Town has proven to truly be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. As such, I thought I’d drop in a few scenic photos, literally taken from just outside our door. Crazy beautiful.
A stitched panorama of Granger Bay (sourced from 6 images)
Adobe CS4 Launch Tour south africa jason greg
The classic, majestic Table Mountain
Adobe CS4 Launch Tour south africa jason greg
A local friend that Greg and I stumbled upon, taking a snooze on the pier
Adobe CS4 Launch Tour south africa jason greg
So my friends, we’re in the process of gearing up for tomorrow’s big event, so I’ll keep this one short. Hope to see you there; it’ll be packed with sweet, CS4 goodness. 😉
Until next time…
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The End of Photokina…and my laptop

Hello, my friends! Well, Photokina 2008 was indeed an incredible adventure. From the day of launch all the way until the end, it was everything we’d hoped it would be: a packed booth, all day; over-crowding in the aisles; tons of great feedback and simultaneous applause during presentations…and a little theft to top it all off.
YES. So, with the good sometimes comes the bad, and on Day 5 of the show, my laptop (along with my laptop bag; you know, that big, massive albatross that I *wheel* around) was stolen…right from the Adobe Booth, in the back staff room!! Unbelievable? Yes. Did it happen? Yes. Did I remain cool, zen, and collected? Amazingly, yes. Read on for details…
Feeling like tartar? This is what I felt like, when I realized (the laptop) was gone-minus the parmesan…lol
Adobe CS4 Photokina Köln Announce Jason Levine
The scene on Day 5: Packed with people…STILL!
Adobe CS4 Photokina Köln Announce Jason Levine
Another view from the front: people everywhere!
Adobe CS4 Photokina Köln Announce Jason Levine

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