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The Business of Inspiration…and Remembering The Inspirational

Hello, my friends. Inspiration is defined as:
The act or power of exercising an elevating or stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions;
a. a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul;
b. the divine guidance from the writings or words of a person so influenced.

As I officially approach my mid-30s (yes friends, I’ll be 35 this year; and that’s totally FAB) I’m consistently reminded of the people who’ve inspired me. And not only have I never forgotten them, but their faces, what they said, how they said it, and how their influence shaped the entire course of my path in life began to make a lot of sense. It’s no real surprise that I ‘took to the stage’ to talk about, share and evangelize great audio & video products; but it’s more than that. It’s about truly connecting with people, and instilling an idea, a notion, something within them, that makes them want to do great things. Period.
And the more I started thinking about my job as an Adobe Evangelist, I’m not only in the ‘evangelism’ business…I’m in the inspiration business; the business of not only spreading the word, but giving the words meaning, life, purpose. That may seem rather ‘heavy’; after all, we’re talking about software, right? But talk to any designer, any web developer, any musician or videographer; there’s a passion in what they do, and an absolute (love/hate/fire/water) relationship to the sytems and applications they work in. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what we (the Evangelists) are here to do. We Inspire! (see the Evangelist Video on Vimeo)
Having already found some inspiration (The Beatles): at 17, in the home studio…with hockeyfrilla!
adobe cs4 production premium inspire evangelist
Evangelizing today: Coming soon to your city…:)
adobe cs4 production premium inspire evangelist
I will admit that I’ve been very fortunate over the years. From as early as elementary school (we’re talking age 6 here) I have fond, crystal-clear memories of the first, truly inspirational character in my life, one who (inadvertently) paved the way for my love of all things music, and especially, piano. Her name: Elaine Benedict; “Mrs. B.” as we called her (after all, this was First Grade!). And from there, it continues on throughout high school, college, and right up to the start of my professional career.

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Cross-Continental Client Collaborations? Adobe Clip Notes.

Hello, my friends! I’m a mere week away from heading out to CeBit with Greg Rewis, but since there have been *many* inquiries about the above-mentioned topic, I felt the need to do a proper blog post on it.
Though I’ve mentioned this concept before (ie, Cross-Continental Client Collaboration; an alliteration of my own, and I think it’s quite brill!) I think it’s worth pointing out (again) that using Adobe Clip Notes as part of your collaborative/review process can not only save an enormous amount of time, but can absolutely change the way you *think* about collaboration, cutting down a great deal of the boundaries and limitations that we face on a daily basis when using older methods for content approval (ie, DVDs, individual file exports, etc)
A look at Adobe Clip Notes inside of Acrobat Reader
adobe cs4 clip notes jason levine evangelist

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“Everyday Timesavers” in CS4 Hits Adobe TV

Hello again, my friends! Well, I’m freshly back from the very successful Nordic Production Premium CS4 tour and as mentioned, we’ve got some new content up on Adobe TV, specifically, new videos detailing some of the great time-saving features you can find in CS4 Master Collection.
This is the first roll-out, and expect new videos every week for the next several weeks or so. Join me, Karl Soule, Greg Rewis, Rufus Deuchler, Paul Burnett & Julianne Kost as we showcase workflows that can save you time, but also enhance your productivity. They’re fun videos, they’re quite short (hey…short & sweet) and they’re a great way to learn about great features, new and old.
The first four videos can be found here:
Everyday Timesavers: VIDEO
Everyday Timesavers: DESIGN
Everyday Timesavers: WEB
Everyday Timesavers: PHOTOGRAPHY
A screen shot from my video. Get it? It’s a piggy bank; saving money, etc. It’s actually animated 😉
adobe TV cs4 Everyday Timesavers Jason Levine
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Saving in Stockholm; We All Shine On

Hello again, friends! Today saw the completion of the CS4 Production Premium Tour in Stockholm, and as always, it’s a pleasure to be in front of such a captive audience. As Max and I began the presentation at the Skandia (despite the odd blue skies, though sub-zero temperatures) several hundred of our ‘closest friends’ turned out to learn and be inspired…and I believe they were 😉
As in Finland, Norway & Denmark, the time-saving message of Production Premium (and specifically, workflows around using OnLocation for Direct-To-Disk capture, Adobe Clip Notes for client commentary, the amazing native RED workflow, and our Speech Search/Metadata/F4V export story) continued to wow users, new and old. And just on that: having polled the audiences in each city, we saw a great deal of new faces, many of whom were actually working in *other* facets of production (ie, design, web, etc) further emphasizing the cross-media nature of CS4, and moreover, how the creative world continues to evolve.
Max welcomes the crowd, as Jase preps for the start
adobe cs4 production premium nordics evangelist
A look at the theatre, naturally-lit, with my hands raised in true healing fashion
adobe cs4 production premium nordics evangelist

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Another Rocking Show in Copenhagen; Sthlm, CeBit and more…

Hey there, my friends! As the title suggests, Friday’s CS4 Production Premium seminar in Copenhagen at the CineMaxx (our usual spot) was another fab show. With an incredible turnout, the enthusiastic crowd really embraced the new format of the seminar (split into two parts, TimeSaving & Editing Workflow) and lots of great feedback and questions followed. So many in fact, that Max and I didn’t leave the theatre for nearly an hour after the seminar had finished. You just have to love Adobe users 😉
So, tomorrow we’re in Stockholm for the final city on this Nordic Tour, and then I’ll be back in the states for a brief while until I hit the road again with Greg Rewis, stopping in Hannover, Germany for CeBit, and then onto a few broadcast education conferences in New York.
For more information, check out the following links:
3-8 March: CeBit – Hannover, Germany
15-17 March: CBI/CMA – NYC
24-29 March: NBS-AERho – NYC
I’ll be posting more information on the Education Broadcast conferences as we get a bit closer. In the meantime, I hope to see many of you in Stockholm tomorrow! And don’t forget: we’ve also got an incredible line-up of partners and resellers in attendance as well, so be sure to bring your questions…
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CS4 Everyday Timesaving Really Resonates In Helsinki & Oslo

Greetings, my friends! Just a quick update from the road to let you know that we’re half-way through the Production Premium CS4 tour, and it’s been an overwhelming success!
This time around, I’ve created a slightly different program, focusing on the ‘Everyday Timesaving’ aspects of PPCS4 in the first half of the show, with some intense editing workflow and post-production features in the second half. Needless to say, I think it’s been resonating very well with our audiences, and the responses have been nothing short of phenomenal.
Having said that, two of the bigger ‘hits’ of the tour, thus far, have been the showcasing of our RED camera support and the new abilities in PPRO CS4.0.1 to import FCP Projects. Again, unlike launch tours, I’ve spent a good deal of time going through the entire workflow process (and highlighting all of the ins-and-outs with regard to setting the RED Source Panel attributes) along with demonstrating real-world workflows for sharing projects between FCP and Premiere. The latter has gone over particularly well, because I’m really stressing the idea of ‘sharing the love’; making life easier by using all the tools at your disposal; and now, more seamlessly than ever before. The message is appreciated, the time-saving aspects undeniable, and the sincerity, well, I am nothing if not sincere and honest 😉
I’ve now arrived in Copenhagen and look forward to our seminar on Friday, spending the weekend visiting some customers in Sweden, and then the final show on Monday in Stockholm.
Thanks to everyone in Helsinki and Oslo who attended. You truly make the experience of touring and presenting worthwhile, and it’s my esteemed pleasure to be able to spend some time (and save some time) with you. 😉
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