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MultiMania and Mega-VARs Wrap-up the Tour

Hello, my friends! Well, it’s been an extremely packed 2 weeks, with LLB ending last Friday in Stockholm, and then a quick hop over to the Netherlands to begin a series of VAR/Freelancer training sessions, as well as the ‘big’ show, MultiMania ’09 in Kortrijk, Belgium. Check out me and Max on the cover of MONITOR Magazine
During the brief stay in Amsterdam, I spent some time with several of our top freelancers, VARs, and additional production/design studio cats, going over the new workflows in Premiere Pro 4.1 (soon to be released) as well as emphasizing tips & tricks around our ‘Everyday Timesavers’ messaging. These sessions proved to be really informative for both me and the attendees, and there were many discussions about workflow/integration with Premiere Pro/FCP and AVID (our AAF support/exchange for Avid is also part of 4.1). This truly energized everybody, and it was a great opportunity to re-engage with our peers.
Following the training, I met with AKN, one of the public broadcasting channels in Holland (located in Hilversum). Here, my colleague, Klaasjan Tucker and I talked them through CS4 workflow, AVID integration, and highlighted some of our lesser known (and seldom shown) features that truly augment and improve their broadcast workflow. Once again, great feedback was received, and we’re due to meet with them again soon.
But it was a short stay in Amsterdam, and then we were off to Kortrijk to present at MultiMania. This would be my third time appearing on the MM stage, and it was once again a great pleasure to be there (and a phenomenal success, with nearly 1200 attendees). Joined by fellow my evangelist, Paul Burnett, we lead a series of sessions (including the closing session/keynote) around HD Video to the Web, CS4 Web Workflow and more. As always, a big thanks to the organizers and in particular, Koen De Weggheleire, for welcoming us back and putting on a grand show.
The only picture I took this week; from LeROY @ Grand Place, Brussels
Following MM, it was off to Brussels to conduct another series of Freelancer/VAR training sessions at the Belgian office. Much like Amsterdam, we had a great crowd of attendees, and the questions were all very high-level, and really provided everyone with lots of information. I also managed to exchange some of the new assets (RED footage, among them) with our Belgian/Dutch colleagues, so they now have some new goodies to show off!
In any event, I’m back to the US tomorrow, and then I’ve got a little time in the desert to re-group, and develop some new road content and additional stuff for AdobeTV. The calendar continues to evolve, so stay tuned for ‘where’ I’ll be next.
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LLB Stockholm Loves RED & CS4 Time Saving

Hej hej, mina vänner! Well friends, I do apologize for the long delay in postings; with so many recent changes in schedule, it’s been quite a whirlwind of events getting things ready, organized, and delivered in a timely fashion.
In any case, I’m in the midst of my final few days at LLB in Stockholm, along with my Adobe Nordic colleague, Max Hagelstam and our partners MediaTeknik. The show has been great, and as is often the case, our booth has been packed with continuous standing-room gatherings during my theatre sessions.
Photos by Mattias Jonsson
Max and me, and the MediaTeknik gang
The theatre sessions, held in the Speaker’s Corner Theatre have been based around Time-Saving Techniques in CS4, as well as showcasing the ‘new’ RED Camera Workflow with our new, soon-to-be-released RED plugin (shown at NAB). This, along with sessions on RED & HD content to Blu-Ray/Flash Output has garnered many great questions, many great responses, and a great deal of buzz around RED, ‘RED Raw’ and Production Premium. Naturally, as part of the ‘Time Saver’ session, I also showcased the Final Cut–>CS4 workflow and once again, the crowd really responded positively.
An artistic shot of the Speaker’s Corner light board

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