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Kicking-Off some CS4 Workflow in the UK

Hello, friends! Well, it’s been a bit too long since my last post, but things have been cooking, and all I can say is…machine rebuilds take too much time! LOL. In the last few weeks (since finishing the Chip Hanna video), I’ve built and re-built about 4 different systems, including transferring several Terrabytes of data back and forth, cleaning up literally dozens of projects, and prepping for another series of Adobe TV (which will likely feature the CH content, and a complete breakdown of the multicam edit process).
In any case, I’ve now arrived in the UK, where my fellow colleague Michael O’Neill and I will visit with several Design/Film Universities, going over the entire Cross-Media and Production Workflow, including heavy emphasis on our Avid and FCP Integration (which is now in full-force, thanks to the recent Premiere Pro 4.1 update).
Mikey & me at Jamie Oliver’s “15”, morning of arrival, Newquay, UK
In any case, we’ve also got a few visits with some of our broadcast partners, and on Thursday evening I’ll be presenting at the Final Cut Supermeet at the Kensington Conference Centre in London. This is the first-annual FCPUG meet in London, so it should be extra-special for all who attend. Please be sure to stop by our table (where Mikey and I will have laptops setup for demo purposes) and say hello.
For now, I’m off to do a few Connect presentations, and then we’ll continue the process of re-building Michael’s MBP (seems to be a theme this month!). And by the way, there are several new episodes of Short & Suite up on Adobe TV. Here’s one on Normalization/Volume Matching and level techniques in Soundbooth CS4.

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Multicam Music Video Mastery in CS4

Hello, my friends! Well, it’s taken several weeks, countless hours, and lots of cross-continental Adobe SHARE file exchanges….but the Chip Hanna music video is finally complete!
As referenced earlier, this project was part of a new series of assets that the Evangelists have developed for our road shows (along with our shows on AdobeTV) and the entire thing was filmed live, cut, processed, color-corrected, stylized and remixed in CS4 (with the audio post completed in Audition 3). Here’s a brief look at the before, mid-way, and ‘after’ looks/sounds from the original multicam cut:
Work in progress

Chip Hanna Multicam – A Before & After from Jason Levine on Vimeo.

And here’s the final video, with remixed audio, titles & branding, and the finished look:

Chip Hanna – ‘Just A Cowboy’ (Multicam Music Video) from Jason Levine on Vimeo.

Now, as you can see from the ‘before’ video, an enormous amount of work was done in post. On the video side, the picture was brought back to life (pulling out what was seemingly not there, thanks to there only being 3 PAR-64s on stage at the venue). And on the audio side, it was a matter of upgrading the sonic mix to sound equal parts live and clear, minimizing the often sterile artifacts of having a soundboard audio capture. For the video processing, I turned to my friend and Adobe colleague, ‘Magic’ Max Hagelstam…

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