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CS4 Masters Tour hits the road in Europe

Hello, my friends. As promised, here are the upcoming dates, cities, and venues for the CS4 Masters Tour (starring yours truly, Greg Rewis & Rufus Deuchler) covering Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Added 9/9/09: Be sure to check out the Nordic CS4 Live Tour microsites and vote on the topics we’ll cover during the seminar! (see below for links)

CS4 Masters Tour (Germany, Austria)
16.09.09 Munich (CinemaxX Isartor)
17.09.09 Hamburg (CinemaxX Dammtor)
18.09.09 Zurich (Theatre Stadelhofen)
22.09.09 Düsseldorf (UCI Kinowelt Medienhafen)
23.09.09 Berlin (CineStar CUBIX am Alexanderplatz)
24.09.09 Wien (Village W3 Cinema Vienna Mitte)

CS4 Masters Live Tour (Nordics)
October 12th – Oslo, Norway
Venue: Klingenberg
Be Part of the Experience…You Decide The Agenda (microsite-Norway)
Go to the Registration Form (Oslo)
October 13th – Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: Bergakungen 2
Address: Skånegatan 16, Gothenburg
October 14th – Malmö, Sweden
Venue: Royal
Adress: Södertullgatan 4, Malmö
October 15th – Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Skandia
Address: Drottninggatan 82, Stockholm
Be Part of the Experience…You Decide the Agenda (microsite-Sweden)
Go to the Registration Form (for each city; Sweden)
October 20th – Helsinki, Finland
Venue: Tennispalatsii 1
Adress: Salomonkatu 15, Helsinki
Be Part of the Experience…You Decide the Agenda (microsite-Finland)
Go to the Registration Form (Helsinki)
October 21th – Århus, Denmark
Venue: CinemaXx
Adress: M P Bruuns Gade 25, Århus
October 22th – Kopenhagen, Denmark
Venue: CinemaXx
Adress: Kalvebod Brygge 57, Kopenhagen
Be Part of the Experience…You Decide the Agenda (microsite-Denmark)
Go to Registration Form (for each city; Denmark)

More from the road and IBC, which kicks off in two weeks…
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(updated 9/9/09)

Fall Tour Schedule Begins…and more Creative Assets

Hey there, friends! Well, it’s hard to believe that August is half-over, and in approximately 3 weeks, I’ll be in The Netherlands, reprising my usual ‘evangelical’ role at IBC in Amsterdam. Immediately following that, it’s ‘hit the road’ time with Greg Rewis and Rufus Deuchler, as we reprise our ‘Masters Tour’ from last year, visiting cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland along the way.
However, before I get to the full tour-schedule details, I wanted to let you see some of the additional bits & bobs that I’ve been working on, all of which will continue to become parts of the materials we’ll be showing on tour. As mentioned, we’ve created a new series of assets based around ‘Greg’s Rock Shack’ (some of this has been featured on AdobeTV, and that’s one of the reasons why we created the Chip Hanna music video). Well, I recently shot an interview with Chip and this too will become a ‘featured’ item on tour.
Now, interviews by themselves may or may not be interesting to you; but what *is* interesting is that we once again had ‘zero’ budget to work with, and basically had to think quickly and creatively to make something that looked good. Shot on my (painfully old, but still rockin’) Sony PC330, it’s truly a lesson in less-is-more, setting up a shot, reasonable natural lighting, and working with the tools you have.
Chip in the Studio; a still frame captured directly from the DV source thru OnLo CS4
DV Still, straight from OnLo
Thanks to the magic instilled in me by my friend and colleague ‘Magic Max Hagelstam’, I was able to shoot something on DV, and then dress it up with some color/noise correction & looks (and well as audio restoration) to produce something that looked more pro, more stylized, and anything *but* DV. The frame above represents the ‘before’ shot; here’s the after with all the bells and whistles applied (including a nice lower-third graphic from Rufus)
Here is the post-processed frame, with Magic Bullet Looks and graphics applied
DV Still, after 'Looks' and Grfx Applied
In any case, I can’t wait to start showing-off all this cool stuff we’ve been doing, so without further adieu, here’s the (abbreviated) schedule of events so far. More details to come…
10 – 15 IBC, Amsterdam
16 – 25 Masters Tour Germany, Austria, Switzerland
5 – 8 MAX Los Angeles
12 – 23 Masters Tour, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark
28 – 30 CBI Fall Conference, Austin, TX
Until next time,
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