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Pics from the Road: CS4 Masters Tour (pt1)

Hallo, meine Freunde! Writing from the show floor in Vienna, and just thought I’d post a couple of snaps from the last two weeks. It’s been an incredible tour so far, and Greg and I even managed to *squeeze in* a brief stop at Oktoberfest during our stay in Munich over the weekend 😉 (yes, he had to twist my arm…lol)
In any case, the turnout for this tour has been great, and audiences have been genuinely enthused, engaged, and inspired with our new workflow presentations (based on all the great Twitter comments we’ve received!) Also, the ‘Greg’s Rock Shack’ theme has been very well received (a key comment from many of the attendees in the various cities, “You guys are telling a complete [workflow] story…and it really makes sense!) and there have been many shout-outs to our ‘star’ performer at the Shack, Chip Hanna.
Sadly, I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked on this tour, but here are a few that I hope you’ll enjoy…
Hallo, Düsseldorf
Rufus, a tender moment…
An intimate crowd at an amazing Theatre in Zürich
Jase & Greg celebrate the first successful week of the Lederhosn

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IBC Ends, Another FCPUG & the CS4 Masters Tour Begins

Hello, my friends! It’s hard to believe that we’re in mid-September already, and I can honestly say that time is flying by. With a successful IBC behind us and another great FCP-CS4->BluRay showcase at the Final Cut Supermeet in Amsterdam, was straight onto Munich with Greg & Rufus to begin the first of many CS4 Masters seminars across Europe.
IBC was yet another opportunity to ‘sneak’ some new technologies (officially known as ‘technology previews’) as well as showcase the (now in public beta) Adobe Story (collaborative script writing/metadata tool) and Flash Catalyst (essentially, Flash for Designers, ie, no code!). These presentations went over extremely well, with lots of questions about when and where people will be able to get their hands on the applications. Look no further than
We also had the re-launch of Adobe TV, with a new website, improved search engine, and new content as well. Be sure to check it out at
The Masters prepare, atop the roof @ the Hilton in Munich
And last but certainly not least, Rufus, Greg and I began the CS4 Masters Tour; a six-hour seminar covering cross-media workflow, showcasing ALL new assets based around the ‘Greg’s Rock Shack’ theme, including music and video by the Evangelist team, as well as our Rockabilly superstar, Chip Hanna.
The Masters get ready to rock in Hamburg. Photo by Thorsten Wulff

We’ve been doing some press interviews along the way, and yesterday (in Hamburg) we met up with one of our regulars, Thorsten Wulff. I’ll be posting a link (shortly) to that interview, but he was also kind enough to ‘donate’ a few pics to me, so you’re one of them here.
Today we’re in Zurich at this incredibly groovy theatre (pictures to follow) and soon we’ll be heading back to Munich (oddly enough, during Oktoberfest weekend….Hmmmmm) and then onto Dusseldorf, Berlin & Vienna. Touring season is in full swing. If you’ll be attending the seminars, please stop by and say hi!
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