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Adobe User Group XL (Amsterdam) Brings The Family Together

Hello, my friends! I’m fresh from the road and home-bound for the next month or so, but I simply couldn’t go another moment without detailing the great event held last week in Amsterdam, AUGXL. (special thanks to Hans Frederiks and “the legend”, Ton Frederiks for their images)
In short, AUGXL catered to 850 Adobe users, from all sides of the creative/coding chain (ie, from Flex to Flash to Premiere to Photoshop) and gave the attendees a chance to interface directly with community leaders in the region and some familiar faces (yours truly, among others) for 9 hours. Sessions were held throughout the day (including opening and closing keynotes, the opening of which I presented with my colleague Serge Jespers) and following the event, there was a little cocktail gathering where users could continue to talk shop, talk tech, and just ‘talk’ with each other, face-to-face.
A shot of the crowd
Upon introducing Serge for the keynote (following our colleague Bert Hagendoorn’s ‘Welkom’ message), I made a point to emphasize that it’s truly the Adobe Community that makes us *love* what we do. And more to the point: we were there…for THEM, for The Community. So, we were available all day for questions, comments, laughs, shaking hands; open arms to all.
Serge and Jase share a moment on stage
The message was well received, and the vibe throughout the day was one of positivity, gratitude and excitement. Excitement, because I not only gave some ‘sneak previews’ of the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, but my colleague Klaasjan Tukker also gave a teaser-look at the ‘next’ version of Flash. Lots going on, lots to see, and never enough time to see it all!
Deke McClelland, before joining him for his ‘dekePOD’ episode

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