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After Effects Post-Processing and Snaps from the Studio

Hello, my friends! Well, it’s raining Short & Suite episodes as of late, and here’s Part 2 in the making of Chip Hanna’s Just A Cowboy music video. This episode picks up where we left off (having just created the multicam edit in Premiere Pro) where I bring the master clips into After Effects for a little noise reduction, color correction and re-scaling. This is largely based around one of my favourite new plug-ins by Neat Video. Check it out…

I’ve also included a few snaps from a recent video shoot that we did in San Francisco. Along with fellow colleagues Greg Rewis, Terry White and Julieanne Kost, we were all doing some ‘cool stuff’ up in the East Bay….but I can’t tell you what it is! Not yet, anyway. In any case, here’s a few screen grabs from the shoot…and yes, Tommi L., I had them keep the rouge and lipgloss to a minimum…;)

Jase on the Green #2
A wide-angle view, on the Green Screen, Bay Area, Feb '10

Close up, with a loosely-tied ponytail. A good make-up artist helps a lot.
Jase on the Green #1
So my friends, Greg and I will be hitting the road tomorrow for Singapore. I so-o-o wish I could tell you what we were doing. This will be a fairly lengthy tour, however, so expect to see a few updates whilst I’m abroad.
Until next time…
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New York, London, Paris, Munich, Everybody Talk About…(shhh!)

Hello, my friends! Well, it’s been frightfully long since my last post, and that’s simply because I’ve been on the road along with my fellow evangelist pals, Greg Rewis and Terry White, talking to folks about some new things that we’re cooking up in the Adobe Labs.
Sound elusive? Indeed. Intriguing? I should hope so. Something that you should keep an eye and an ear on? Absolutely.
In the meantime, AdobeTV has started airing some of the shows I filmed back in September (do you remember September? Shiish…I don’t!) but this last episode deals with Multicam Editing in Premiere Pro (and features the music video that we created for Greg’s Rock Shack). More importantly, it also deals with an increasingly common workflow of the day: mixed formats in the same timeline. Here, I’ll take you through the process of mixing HDV @ 1440×1080 with DV, DSLR and consumer 640×480 footage, all the while maintaining perfect sync. Cool stuff, and an area where Premiere really rocks.
You can view the episode here: Multicam/MultiFormat Sync & Editing in Premiere Pro
Or right here from within the blog:

I’ll keep you posted as new episodes appear, and stay tuned for what’s happening ‘from the Adobe Labs.’
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