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DSLR Video Editing for Photographers – Part 5 (the export)

Hello once again. Well, not to quote Barry Manilow (should anyone *ever* quote Barry Manilow) but in his unforgettable words, “Looks like we made it!” Yes. We’ve made it to the end, and in Part 5 of this series, I’m going to take you through the process of exporting your masterpiece to a variety of formats. Web delivery, mobile delivery, Blu-ray or DVD…these options are all discussed, and you’ll get to see where you can find presets to use for many of your popular destinations (whether it’s iDevices, YouTube HD or HDTV). I’ll also highlight the benefits of background encoding, to allow you to continue working in Photoshop, Lightroom, or wherever you’d like…and it’s all thanks to the flexible Adobe Media Encoder (and the fact that it’s now a native, 64-bit application).

Additionally, if you don’t want to export your entire project, but would rather export a small portion (for testing, or to simply check the quality of one preset against another), you can use simple controls in the encoder to do this…(see below)

This can also be done via the portion bar from within Premiere Pro…

It’s been a great deal of fun creating this series and I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed watching it. Also, I’ve included the actual edited video of my images/DSLR footage that I created during this process; you can find it at the end of the video, in the last minute Be sure to watch in HD, if connections allow…;)

Until next time…

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