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Adobe Audition for Mac (BETA) is Here! Come and Get It!

5 months ago, I was finally able to tell you about Adobe Audition coming to the Mac (one of the longest-standing requests since I started working for Syntrillium, makers of Cool Edit, nearly 11 years ago). And since then, I’ve been able to ‘sneak’ the latest (private) Beta in different cities around the globe during some of our recent Masters Tours and Video Days in different regions.

But tonight, I’m proud to announce that Adobe Audition for the Mac is available in Beta at Adobe LABS!

In the spirit of getting the uninitiated familiar with the application, I created two new tutorial videos (strictly tutorial–no demo) on some of the basic things to get up and running: multitrack recording and spectral frequency editing.

The good news is, the actual editing and recording functionality of this “new” version are very similar to the classic (currently available) version on the PC; so if you still need more help, you can find additional tutorials on my Vimeo channel as well as Adobe TV.

Please be sure to drop me a line and let me (us) know what you think about the Beta.

Blog on.

The Masters Tour, The Pharaohs Tour, Firenze & Back in the USSR

Hello once again, my friends. Well, I think the title really says it all! Over the last 5 weeks, we’ve been touring Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, US (for AdobeMAX) and we’re now currently in Cairo (for the first time!) presenting a modified version of the Masters Tour, appropriately titled The Pharaohs Tour. Following this, we’ll once again go our separate ways, as Terry heads off to Brasil, Greg visits parts of the US and Japan, and I’ll finish out my (touring) year in Amsterdam at AUGXL and a series of Video Seminars in Moscow.

In any case, I’ve been fairly lazy with the blog, so I figured I could at least upload some random pics from Giza (where we got some amazing shots of the pyramids) and a few “outtakes” from my brief visit to Florence with my dear friend and perpetual Adobe Evangelist, Rufus Deuchler.

Flying into Florence, out of the prop-plane window
Copyright 2010 Jason A. Levine
Sunrays from the limestone-tip covered Pyramid, the 2nd largest
Copyright 2010 Jason A. Levine
From the 14mm f/2.8; a wide-angel look at Siena, Italy
Copyright 2010 Jason A. Levine
The Sphinx and Pyramid in the distance
Copyright 2010 Jason A. Levine
Piazza il Campo, Siena. Another wide-angle, shot with 14mm f/2.8
Copyright 2010 Jason A. Levine
In front of the ‘Big Pyramid’…It’s massive.

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