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New Album Released; New Pics on Flickr

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a month since our amazing tour in Egypt…and here I am, 2+ weeks into my 10-week sabbatical, realizing that I hadn’t blogged in over a month. Nice going. ;P

In any case, I’ve been busy taking photos (uh, like non-stop) and going through the BoodahJoo archives to begin the process of getting ALL of our publishing catalog online.

The first release is an album of ambient/trancey/hypnotic music by yours truly and my co-publisher/co-writer and longtime collaborator, Fred Fung. The album is called Music To Design By, and that’s specifically what it is for…background music while you create.

Now, don’t get to thinking that this is yet another long, drawn-out, ambient, musical mess of textures that never resolve. On the contrary. In fact, this album contains 18 songs, each of which have several different movements (different melodies, metric modulations, key modulations, feel changes) and each piece effectively ‘fades’ into the next, creating a seamless string of melodic and rhythmic content without ever stopping. If you like this kind of buddha-bar meets Dirty Harry meets Brian Eno + Moby kinda vibe, this might be your cup of tea. Check it out! It’s 63 minutes long, and every piece of it was actually played…nothing sequenced. The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and several other online retailers.

On the photo side of things, I’ve been having great fun with my Canon7D, mixing up the lenses (favoring the 50mm, f/1.2) and trying to capture interesting bits, here and there. I’ve now standardized on Flickr as my photo hub, so any/all pictures (moving forward) will also bear the BoodahJooPictures stamp. Here’s a few samples…

Welcome Back...yard.
Rick in the Case, morning light
The Grinch
Morning Desert Haze

There’s lots more (including a 50-pic slideshow of the ‘best’ shots from Giza) and I’ll be uploading more new pics in the coming weeks.

Happy Holidays!

Blog on.