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Back In The Studio with Fuzzy Island

Happy New Year! Well, I’m slightly past the half-way mark of my 10-week sabbatical and I began 2011 with recording sessions for my favorite acoustic blues artist, Fuzzy Island.

Fuzzy Island rehearsing at the Canyon Sessions, January 2011

Here’s a couple of rough mixes from the 2-day session. In total, we tracked 12 complete tunes (all masters, most in the first or second take, excepting the very first cut, presented here). The songs are presented at 96Kbps. I’ll be handing off some HQ rough mixes to my friends over at CodeBass, and eventually, we should have a ‘Best of Fuzzy Island’ on iTunes, Amazon, etc. It’s all just BoodahJooMusic.
See You In My Dreams (excerpt)
Shortnin’ Bread
Make Me Down A Pallet On Your Floor (excerpt)
Beatlejase taking a break @ Canyon Sessions, January 2011

The 'Mobile' Studio, powered by Adobe Audition for the Mac (Beta)

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