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New Short & Suite=New CS5.5 Tutorials

Greetings from Amsterdam. Having just completed IBC 2011, I’m now headed back home (for a mere 96 hours) before Greg, Paul, Rufus and I begin our German Master’s Tour on the 21st in Stuttgart.

In any case, as previously mentioned, I shot a new season of Short&Suite back in August at the AdobeTV Studios in San Francisco. They’ve been rolling out new episodes every few weeks, but it would appear that most of them have already posted to the site (though they’re currently ‘hidden’, unless you search for them).

As such, here are the videos directly from ATV. You can either watch them here, or visit AdobeTV for more. I covered several topics that users have been asking for since our last tour, so hopefully there’s a little something for everyone. Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts…

Basic Secondary Color Correction/Grading in Premiere Pro CS5.5

Repairing AGC Clipping Artifacts from DSLR in Adobe Audition CS5.5

Dual-System Sound Synchronization without Timecode in Premiere Pro CS5.5

Work Natively with PSD Files in Premiere Pro CS5.5

Multitrack Mixing Automation in Adobe Audition CS5.5

Quick-Start DSLR Editing Workflow for Final Cut Users/Switchers

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