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How To Record Voice-Overs in Premiere Pro & Audition CS6

In this continuing series of How-Tos, here’s a double-header (since I’m also about two weeks behind!) with separate videos on recording voice-overs in both Premiere Pro and Audition CS6. Fairly similar process in both, but track set-up is slightly different…check ’em out:

Recording A Voice-Over Against Picture in Premiere Pro CS6

Recording A Voice-Over in the Waveform & Multitrack Views in Audition CS6

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How To Burn an Audio CD in Adobe Audition CS6

In my continued efforts to provide weekly how-to videos, the subject matter of this particular video came to me via request (much like the last one).

While it was a ‘missing feature’ in Adobe Audition CS5.5, CD Burning has returned in CS6; and, much like my previous video topic, it’s a workflow that’s slightly different than before…but with a few simple tips and tricks, you’ll be burning (CDs) in no time!

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