Adobe Audition is coming to the Mac!

Hello, my friends! Well, it’s literally been years, years that I’ve waited to be able to say that Audition is coming to the Mac. It’s been a long time coming (and perhaps, the #1 most-requested ‘feature’ since I started with Syntrillium back in 2000) but here we are, and the future is looking good. Below you’ll find two preview videos focusing on different elements of the application. The first video deals mainly with the interface and general functionality of the app; the second showcases some of the effects processing, noise reduction and mastering capabilities. If you want to be notified as things progress, be sure to sign up on the Adobe Labs page.

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5 thoughts on “Adobe Audition is coming to the Mac!

  1. Text Spanish:

    Hola soy Sergi Duran de España, soy productor de jingles y publicidad y desde hace mucho tiempo uso audition antes cool edit para las producciones.
    hay alguna manera de yo poder colaborar con mi experiencia y ayudar a desarrollar el nuevo audition de mac? y poder compartir mi conocimiento y experiencia con vosotros y adobe?
    con quien he de hablar?

    soy uno de los productores de referencia en españa y estos son algunos de mis trabajos:

    muchas gracias y lo siento no hablo ingles correctamente.

    Text English (google translator):

    Hi, I’m Sergi Duran, from Spain I’m producing and advertising jingles and use long before cool edit & audition for my productions.
    I there a way to collaborate with my experience and help develop the new audition for mac? and share my knowledge and experience with you and adobe?
    with whom I speak?

    I am one of the producers of reference in Spain and these are some of my works:

    thank you very much and sorry… I do not speak English.

    1. ¡Hola Sergi! Estoy muy alegre encontrarle. ¡Es grande oír que usted ha estado utilizando la Audition/Cool Edit durante mucho tiempo! Si usted sigue el acoplamiento a AdobeLabs, usted tendrá la capacidad de colocarse para la información sobre la Audition, y cuando vendrá al Mac. Elegirán a menudo a la gente para nuestro programa beta de esos registros. Le deseo suerte. Gracias…–JL

  2. Spanish:

    Gracias por contestar a mi mensaje Jason… estoy impaciente por probar audition mac… desde hace un año utilizo mac para trabajar con after effects y con las herramientas de adobe, ya que mac es lo mas estable rápido y seguro que he usado y ademas sin virus… el unico motivo de seguir usando pc es que mi principal herramienta de trabajo es audition (antes cool edit pro)… he probado ableton, pro tools, y logic, muy buenos programas para musica… pero audition es mejor para mi trabajo… Tambien probé SoundBooth demasiado
    limitado. Tengo muchas ganas de probar audition mac y de alguna manera ayudaros a través de mi experiencia a hacer un producto excepcional.

    muchas gracias y un saludo desde España.


    Thanks for answering my post Jason … I can not wait to try
    audition mac … use for a year to work with mac after effects and the tools of adobe, as mac is fast and secure more stable I’ve used and also no virus … the only reason to continue using pc is My main tool is audition (cool edit pro before) … I tested ableton, pro tools and logic, very good music programs… but audition is best for my work … Soundbooth also tried too limited. I have really wanted to try audition mac and somehow help you through my experience to make an exceptional product.

    thank you very much and greetings from Spain.

  3. hi jason
    i have AA3 for windows…any chance i can get a mac version for my laptop without having to buy again? very happy with stability and seamless rewire.cheersdavid

    1. Hi David. Though I’m not 100% certain, I’m pretty sure that when the ‘new’ Audition for the Mac releases, you will have to purchase a new license. However, if you want to use AA3 on your Mac *today*, you can run it very successfully under Bootcamp (with whichever flavor of Windows you prefer). It can also run in Parallels or VMWare (without doing a separate Bootcamp) but it’s a big sluggish for multitracking, but is generally fine for edit-view only work. –jl

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