Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6 World Tour Dates

Hello, my friends. Well, by now many of you have heard that CS6 is coming. This past week, we ‘previewed’ some of the magic in CS6 Production Premium at NAB in Las Vegas.

Over the next 2 months, my colleagues and I will once again hit the road to bring Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 to a theatre near you!

Here are the dates so far. I don’t have all the links just yet, but I would recommend visiting your local Events pages for sign-up/registration details until I have links embedded. Hope to see you there!

8 May 2012 Copenhagen @ CineMaxx
9 May 2012 Helsinki @ Finnkino
10 May 2012 Stockholm @ Rigoletto
14 May 2012 Oslo @ Main Stage/Aker Brygge
15 May 2012 Prague @ Broadway Theatre
16 May 2012 Warsaw @ Cinema Golden Terraces, ul. Gold
18 May 2012 Istanbul @ Kanyon AVM
22 May 2012 Belgium (as part of Multimania)
23 May 2012 Amsterdam @ DeLaMar Theatre
31 May 2012 Moscow @ Crowne Plaza World Trade Centre
3 June 2012 Dubai
4 June 2012 Riyadh
6 June 2012 Tel Aviv @ Cinema City, Rishon LeZion
11-15 June London
19 June 2012 Johannesburg
21 June 2012 Capetown
26 June 2012 New York (closed registration)
28 June 2012 Los Angeles (closed registration)

Incidentally, and since we’re on the topic of touring…it is with great sadness that I must inform you that my dear friend, colleague, long-time road warrior and official “road spouse” Greg Rewis is leaving Adobe. After 15 years he has decided to get back in the development game at a very promising start-up in the Phoenix area. You can read all about it HERE.

To be honest, there really aren’t words to express how much I’ll miss being with Greg on the road. We’ve literally lived each other’s lives for so long, there will be a definite sense of loss in each of these cities. So many stories, so many experiences, so many days (and years) together. All I can say is: all of us (Terry, Paul, Rufus) will continue to ‘fly the torch’, so to speak, and carry-on your spirit with every show, every Masters seminar, and in my case, every high kick.

Greg, I love you, man. You know I do. I wish you all the best, always.

Blog on.

6 thoughts on “Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6 World Tour Dates

  1. That’s a deal. You are in Copenhagen as the first venue, so I will hit you with eyes wide open 🙂

    True about Greg. Best wishes goes to him with his new job. Any news about, who is taking over his place, or are the other filling tha gap?

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