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Happy Holidays, everyone! In an effort to do something a little different (and a little more special, given the time of year) I’m offering up a little benefit to anyone who purchased one of my songs/EPs on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

It’s very simple: now through the end of December (31 December 2012) buy a song, show me some proof of purchase (screen shot, twitpic, or heck, you could even just DM me and let me know–honor system!) and I will record a personalized video, PERFORMING the song (or perhaps another, maybe some new ones) for you! Live, raw, real, music. It’s that simple.

Now, the instrumental tracks (from the Music To Design By album) are not exactly ‘performable’ (is that a word?) as I’ll be confining the live performances to Piano/Vocal…but in that case, I’ll do something equally as special, and again, live (shot on multiple cameras).

Oh, and if you’ve already purchased my latest song, Sabi Sabi, just let me know and I will record a video for you as well!

Here’s a current list of available songs on iTunes and Amazon.

$0.99 is all that stands between you, a new tune, a personalized music video and Happy Holiday greetings from me to you.

Let me make some music for you, either as myself…or as the Grinch 🙂

Blog on.

22 thoughts on “Buy A Song, Get A Personalized Music Video

  1. Wasn’t Pirate Teeth up there? I want some pirate piano action for my money. Wish I had a kid for which to customize a Grinch. It would be like one of those customized children’s books x 1000.

    1. Haha! Pirate Teeth hasn’t been released yet…but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t make a special ‘live’ performance available (in advance of it coming to iTunes:) –JL

    1. Whoa! Vic, I’m so thankful! Wow. Well, rest assured I’ve got a video performance lined up for you. Do you have a twitter account? If so, let’s connect (I’m @beatlejase). I’ll likely DM a link to you once the video is available. Seriously, thanks again! Happy Holiday! Best –JL

      1. @AnAngryVillager, to be honest I don’t tweet much, but I will keep my eye out for a message from you. Keep up the great work. 🙂

        1. Your video is ready, sir! Just sent you an email. Hope you dig it! Happy Holidays, and many thanks again. –JL

  2. Thank you so much, this is wonderful, please have a great holiday and keep up the excellent work.

  3. I’ll buy all of them, if we could work together on a video. I do graphics/art, video, photography, animation, basically anything digital. I have done iTunes Digital Booklets, I would love to put some together for your music. I’m probably your biggest fan, so this would be a dream come true for me.

    1. Haha. Well, thanks for the offer Joe. Unfortunately, I’m a bit swamped at the moment…but you never know what the future holds. I always enjoy collaboration and it’s great to get fresh perspectives on things. Are you into remixing at all? This is part of why I wanted to do the ‘Sabi Sabi’ remix contest (which will now likely get pushed to the beginning of next year). In any case, keep me posted, best of luck, and should you purchase a tune of mine, just let me know and I’ll make you a personalized vid. Thanks again! –JL

  4. How about this: you pick the song, I’ll buy it, you make the video, but then send me the assets and put some extra visuals to it. I have Master Collection CS5.5 on a PC and use Dropbox for large file transfer or whatrever. And to answer your question, yes I do mixing. I make demo reels for bands, add music to voice overs, and more. Thanks for the tut on voice overs. I enjoyed Grandfather’s Clock on YouTube very much. You da man!! JL!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!
    Here is your Christmas present from me, I wanted to make sure you had a Superman cape as you are a Digital Hero: I sent it to Rufus too.

  5. Hey JL, I just bought your entire collection from iTunes. Please make video to Joe and Austen, my 2 year old who loves music. I’d like to make a request, all I really want you to make is an intro like one of those old Christmas shows. You sitting by the tree or fireplace with a book in your lap or maybe a pipe in hand (bubble) and make the intro. You know: “Hello and Merry Christmas, I’m Jason Levine and I’d like to wish you and yours a very special Merry Christmas and perform for you a timeless holiday song for you to enjoy with your family as you gather together at this time of year. Christmas is a time of joy, of giving, of family, and of song. So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us to all of you. Fade into song. Or just cut me a short video and I’ll be just as happy, lol. Merry Christmas JL form all of us at MWP, that would be me, my son, and my 2 dogs Heidi & Giggette.

  6. Purchased and downloaded your Music to Design to last night. Can you song a short ditty to my boys Taylor and Reagan, aka “The Fabulous Burke Boys”

    Thanks, Tami

    1. Hey Tami! Thanks for the purchase:) Yes indeed, a cook up a little somethin’ special for the ‘Fabulous Burke Boys’; I won’t sing on-top of the grand piano tho (a-la Michelle Pfeiffer)…hope that’s ok ;P Thanks again, and happy holidays! I’ll send you a download link w/in the next few days. –JL

  7. Merry Christmas Jason!
    I downloaded your Music to design by. If you get to the point where you wanna do a recording, please do one addressed Taylor and Reagan (my teens). One is playing your music while he cranks in Blender, and the other is recording his own music on Audition. Nothing like a momma geek having two little “baby geek chicks” 😀

    1. Oops, I _thought_ I has posted the other night, but in all the hullabaloo here, I forgot :)…. Anyway, now off to snag my music from the kids….

      1. Hey Tami! Just a quick note to let you know that your video is now ready. I sent you a separate email with the link. Please let me know once you’ve downloaded it successfully. Thanks again, and Happy New Year! –JL

    2. That’s awesome, Tammy! Always great to hear about ‘future (music) geek chicks’ 🙂 My voice is finally coming back today, so I should be able to record your video in the next day or so. Wishing you a very, merry Christmas! I’ll send the link once the video is complete. Thanks again! –JL

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