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My Adobe MAX 2013 Session Outlines and Some Videos Too

Greetings all! I’ve been home less than 24-hours from MAX2013, and what can I say? It was an incredible event this year. And while I have a separate “MAX Wrap-Up” post planned, I wanted to first post a few things that I promised during my sessions.

Here’s a link to download the session outline from my class entitled, “Advanced Audio Techniques for Voice-Over Recording

This includes the images of the microphones mentioned during the class, as well as snaps of many sample external soundcard options, pre-amps, etc.

And the video itself (it’s about 1hr03minutes long):

Additionally, you can also grab the outline for my DSLR Editing for Photographers and Designers Class.

And the video too:

As mentioned during MAX, AdobeTV just published a three-part series I recently shot on DSLR Editing, which includes not only Premiere Pro, but Adobe Prelude CC and a section of DSLR Multicamera Editing, featuring the AMAZING new ‘audio sync’ feature, an exciting new addition to Premiere Pro CC. Those episodes are posted below (Parts 1-3)

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the additional classes, “Edit What You Want: Ingest and Selection with Adobe Prelude”, “Advanced Mixing Techniques” and “Encoding For Web and Tablets”.

Till then…

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Short&Suite Season Finale: Converting Audio Files to Different Bit Rates/Sample Rates

Well, it’s hard to believe that the ‘season’ is already over, and as such, I’m already prepping the next round of ATV videos for the next season of Short & Suite.

The final episode of this series deals with using the Convert Sample Type dialog in Adobe Audition CS6, highlighting when and how to use it.

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New Short&Suite: How To Bounce & Mixdown in Adobe Audition

This week’s new episode features bouncing and mixdown options in Adobe Audition CS6. Learn when to bounce/comp tracks together, and when/how to access the various menus for performing those operations. Along the way, I’ll show you the various ‘final mix’ options for creating mono, stereo and 5.1 mixes simultaneously…even exporting track stems from a master multitrack session.

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Short&Suite Season 6, Ep 4: Working with 3rd Party Plugins In Adobe Audition CS6

This week’s Short & Suite video tutorial covers working with 3rd Party VST & AU plugins in Adobe Audition CS6. I’ll highlight the plugin manager (and how to enable/disable and scan for installed plugins) and give a brief overview of the performance and working in both multitrack and waveform view environments.

I’m a big fan of WAVES plugins, but keep in mind that any VST/VST3 or AU plugins are supported in Audition CS6.

More next week, so stay tuned.

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New Short&Suite Tutorial: Sidechaining In Audition CS6

Well, 2012 is coming to a close, but as promised, here’s the next new episode from my recent sessions at AdobeTV. This one, a very cool new addition to Adobe Audition (and a highly-requested feature for many versions now) features how to use the Dynamics Proceessor in a sidechain, allowing you to use a trigger (ie, a voice-over) to automatically ‘duck’ music underneath it (without doing the previous, manual method of drawing envelopes).

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Another Adobe Prelude Tutorial – Markers & Rough Cuts

Episode 2 of the new season of Short & Suite premiered today covering how to use markers and build rough cuts in Adobe Prelude CS6.

Additionally, I’ll also show how you can instantly send clips & rough cuts directly to Premiere Pro, *or* export directly to Final Cut Pro via XML. A great feature for switchers and those new to CS6.

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New CS6 Tutorials on AdobeTV

It’s been a busy week at Adobe, and in keeping with that momentum I’m happy to announce that a new series of Short & Suite tutorials are coming to AdobeTV. The first one of the new season features Adobe Prelude CS6. This episode covers the concepts of ingest & partial and gives you the basic “How To” and “When To”, whether it’s transferring or transcoding media from DSLR or other file-based cameras (this video happens to feature footage shot on my Nikon D800 & D4, from my recent African Safari).

I also cover how to add presets for 3rd party formats (like ProRes & Avid DNxHD) and literally take you through the process of creating those presets (in Media Encoder) and how to set different options along the way.

When I was at the Adobe TV studios, they informed me that it had been well over a year since my last (official) Short & Suite season, so it’s really a pleasure to be bringing all this new content prior to the holiday.

Other topics that will follow (appearing every Wednesday on

–Using Markers and Creating Rough Cuts in Prelude CS6
–Sidechaining in Audition CS6
–Working with 3rd Party Plugins in Audition CS6
–Mixdown Options for Stereo and Multichannel in Audition CS6
–How To Convert Audio Files to Different Bit Rates/Sample Rates/Channel Configurations

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Adobe Create Now Event Available On AdobeTV

If you weren’t able to tune into yesterday’s Create Now Live launch event, you can watch it all on Adobe TV.

Here’s the Keynote presentation, featuring none other than my dear colleague Rufus Deuchler alongside Jeff Veen, Scott Kelby and others…

Here’s my interview with “A Liar’s Autobiography” Producer, Justin Weyers…

And here’s Terry White’s interview with some very engaging, next-generation filmmakers…

All the content from the event is archived at AdobeTV, so check it out…and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Adobe Creative Cloud. Membership is Free…and you can start creating with ALL of our Creative Suite tools, NOW.

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Adobe Webinar with the creators of “A Liar’s Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman”

If you’re a fan of Monty Python, you DO NOT want to miss this exciting, informative webinar with the creators of the upcoming film, A Liar’s Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman.

I had the esteemed pleasure to meet Justin Weyers, the animation producer of this project, during IBC in Amsterdam earlier this month. Having seen his live presentation (filled with lots of great insights into how the project came about, funny stories about ‘the gang’, along with some really dramatic footage & comps of the animations themselves) I was again reminded why I fell in love with The Pythons (and specifically, Graham Chapman) nearly 30 years ago. The content is brilliant, the main subject a true comic genius, and it’s an all-Adobe workflow. What more could you ask for?

Please join Justin and the creative team on September 27 at 10am PST to see how this phenomenal upcoming feature film used Adobe tools to bring the animated Graham Chapman memoir to life. Register Here to hold your spot!

Want a little preview? Check out this video featuring Justin and the team:

You can also follow the team on twiiter (@Chapman3D) & visit their site for even more info.

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New Short & Suite=New CS5.5 Tutorials

Greetings from Amsterdam. Having just completed IBC 2011, I’m now headed back home (for a mere 96 hours) before Greg, Paul, Rufus and I begin our German Master’s Tour on the 21st in Stuttgart.

In any case, as previously mentioned, I shot a new season of Short&Suite back in August at the AdobeTV Studios in San Francisco. They’ve been rolling out new episodes every few weeks, but it would appear that most of them have already posted to the site (though they’re currently ‘hidden’, unless you search for them).

As such, here are the videos directly from ATV. You can either watch them here, or visit AdobeTV for more. I covered several topics that users have been asking for since our last tour, so hopefully there’s a little something for everyone. Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts…

Basic Secondary Color Correction/Grading in Premiere Pro CS5.5

Repairing AGC Clipping Artifacts from DSLR in Adobe Audition CS5.5

Dual-System Sound Synchronization without Timecode in Premiere Pro CS5.5

Work Natively with PSD Files in Premiere Pro CS5.5

Multitrack Mixing Automation in Adobe Audition CS5.5

Quick-Start DSLR Editing Workflow for Final Cut Users/Switchers

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