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Adobe Audition’s Elusive Loopology Content!

If you’re a Creative Cloud member and Adobe Audition user*, you probably didn’t know that you have a library of over 15,000 royalty-free soundeffects, loops and music beds to accompany your music/audio/soundtrack creation needs.


With the release of Adobe Stock in late June, we’re hoping that soon they will offer audio and video.

In the meantime, you can access and download all available audio content at the link below:

Adobe Audition Loopology Content, Sound Effects, Music Beds and More

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*note: please read the EULA attached with this content!

The CreateNow Tour Comes To A Close: But First…VO Recording Technique Guide

The last show of this tour is about to begin (literally, in :30 minutes, as I sit in the hallowed halls of the 601 Townsend building in San Francisco)

As part of tonight’s final presentation, I’m doing a little spot on Voice Over mixing/sweetening, and thought this doc that I created for MAX last year might be a good resource.

Voice Over Recording & Microphone Guide

Essentially, it’s a guide to the various types of microphones and things to know/look out for when choosing the right mic for the job, whether it’s web-type audio, vocals (music) or anything in between.

I’ll be writing a wrap-up of the mega tour in the coming days, so till then…

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Join me on the Adobe Create Now 2014 World Tour!

Another year, and another opportunity to share some of the latest Adobe innovations on the road! Along with my dear colleagues Terry White, Paul Trani, Rufus Deuchler, Michaël Chaize, Andrew Trice and Terry Ryan, we’re coming to YOU in various cities across the US and Europe to showcase the latest and greatest Creative Cloud has to offer…with lots of new surprises.


For the full event listings, you can go HERE.

Here’s all the cities I’ll be presenting in from mid-June to end of July:

19 June | Rochester, NY (Adobe Community Event)
20 June | Baltimore, MD (Adobe Community Event)
25 June | Munich, Germany (Adobe Event)
26 June | Paris, France (Adobe Event)
1 July | Düsseldorf, Germany (Adobe Community Event)
3 July | London, England (Adobe Event)
9 July | Los Angeles, CA (Adobe Event)
10 July | San Antonio, TX (Adobe Community Event)
11 July | Austin, TX (Adobe Community Event)
15 July | San Francisco, CA (Adobe Event)
17 July | Dallas, TX (Adobe Community Event)
22 July | Washington, D.C. (Adobe Event)
24 July | Raleigh, NC (Adobe Community Event)
29 July | Seattle, WA (Adobe Event)
31 July | San Francisco, CA (SF Cutters)


Tune in Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 at 1PM ET to see “What’s Next in Creative Cloud” You can sign-up HERE.


If you’ve been thinking about upgrading and/or moving to Creative Cloud, there’s never been a better time. And if you happen to catch any of the community events, I’ll be showcasing even *more* of what’s new in the video products, going a bit deeper, and will also have time for Q&A following the presos.

Come join us! I can’t wait to see you all!

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Create Now Returns To Europe

The CreateNow shows in the US have been awesome, and my pals Rufus and Michael will join me on the road once again as we present Creative Cloud and dozens of new features from your favorite Design, Web and Video applications.

For a complete list of US & European cities, CLICK HERE

If you’d like to register directly, here’s where we’ll be:

And following our show in Helsinki, we’ll be back in the US on 20 November for another Create Now in New York. Register now!

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There’s Still Time To Register For Create Now San Francisco

Hello again. I’m here at IBC in Amsterdam and my colleagues from AdobeTV recorded this impromptu video for me, inviting anyone in the bay area to come join us at the American Conservatory Theater on Thursday, September 19th for Adobe Create Now!

You’ve still got time. Come learn about all that’s new in Creative Cloud and get tips and tricks from my fellow colleagues Rufus Deuchler, Paul Trani and host of others in the heart of San Francisco.


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Create Now Tour Comes to the US & Canada!

After the incredible roll-out of our CC applications and the amazing response we had in Europe and Asia this summer, the Create Now Tour is now coming to cities across the US and Canada.

Learn about everything in the Adobe Creative Cloud, whether you’re focused on design, web, mobile, video, sound, digital publishing, photography or simply interested in learning about other parts of the Creative Cloud like Behance integration, DSP-SE and our sync and storage services.

Here’s a little teaser (created by my colleagues Paul and Andy) that’ll give you a visual glimppse of what you might expect to see…

Here’s a list of current cities that you can REGISTER for:

19 September San Francisco,CA | American Conservatory Theatre
26 September Boston, MA | The Charles Hotel
1 October Portland, OR | Portland Arts Museum
15 October Denver, CO | Denver Center for the Performing Arts
17 October Toronto, ON | MaRS Collaboration Centre
22 October Chicago, IL | Park West
29 October Los Angeles, CA | Regal LA LIVE Stadium 14
12 November Washington, D.C. | Fillmore Silver Spring
14 November Atlanta, GA | Woodruff Arts Center
4 December Seattle, WA | McCaw Hall

There are still dates tentatively scheduled in Las Vegas, Orlando and NYC, so stay tuned for more details.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn about all that Creative Cloud has to offer and connect and chat with your fellow creatives.

Hope to see you there!

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Create Now Tour Comes To APAC

Back from the road not even two weeks, and hitting the road again!

Sorry these links are coming a bit late, but there’s still time to register! Hope to see you in Thailand, Singapore or India!

09-Jul Create Now Roadshow: Bangkok, Thailand (with Terry White & Paul Burnett)
11-Jul Create Now Roadshow: Singapore (with Terry White & Paul Burnett)
16-Jul Create Now Roadshow: Delhi, India (with Terry White & Paul Burnett)
17-Jul Create Now Roadshow: Chennai, India (with Terry White & Paul Burnett)
18-Jul Create Now Roadshow: Bangalore, India (with Terry White & Paul Burnett)

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My Current Collection of Adobe CC Videos

Hello from the road! Though I’ve already blogged about several of these videos, there’s been a recent request for “one place for ALL of my latest CC-related training content”.

As such, here’s the current collection of AdobeTV content that summarize a variety of Adobe CC applications and new features…

Enhanced Multitrack Editing in Adobe Audition CC

Frequency Band Splitter and Reversioning Stereo and Mono for 5.1

And a re-vamp of my popular DSLR series (new for Premiere Pro/Prelude/Audition CC)

DSLR Editing Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Part 1: From the Camera Directly to Adobe Premiere Pro

DSLR Editing Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Part 2: From the Camera to Adobe Prelude CC; Ingest & Rough Cut

DSLR Editing Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Part 3: Multicamera DSLR Workflow with Automatic Audio Sync

Adobe Creative Cloud Overview for Video Pros

Adobe Premiere Pro as the Hub of Your Post-Production Workflow (NAB)

There’s also all the stuff I did at AdobeMAX, so you can find those (among several others from NAB) at the link below…
All of my AdobeTV videos in one long list.

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MAXmaster Web Badge

More of My Adobe MAX 2013 Session Videos

As promised, here are the rest of my MAX classes (from the live on-site captures)…

Audio is Half The Picture: Getting the Best Mix with Adobe Audition:

Best Practices: Encoding for the Web & Tablets:

and the OUTLINE for this class as well.

How To Edit Just What You Want: Ingest and Rough Cut with Adobe Prelude CC:

Using Photoshop with Adobe Premiere Pro: Putting It All Together:

Still some more outlines coming. Stay tuned…

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My Adobe MAX 2013 Session Outlines and Some Videos Too

Greetings all! I’ve been home less than 24-hours from MAX2013, and what can I say? It was an incredible event this year. And while I have a separate “MAX Wrap-Up” post planned, I wanted to first post a few things that I promised during my sessions.

Here’s a link to download the session outline from my class entitled, “Advanced Audio Techniques for Voice-Over Recording

This includes the images of the microphones mentioned during the class, as well as snaps of many sample external soundcard options, pre-amps, etc.

And the video itself (it’s about 1hr03minutes long):

Additionally, you can also grab the outline for my DSLR Editing for Photographers and Designers Class.

And the video too:

As mentioned during MAX, AdobeTV just published a three-part series I recently shot on DSLR Editing, which includes not only Premiere Pro, but Adobe Prelude CC and a section of DSLR Multicamera Editing, featuring the AMAZING new ‘audio sync’ feature, an exciting new addition to Premiere Pro CC. Those episodes are posted below (Parts 1-3)

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the additional classes, “Edit What You Want: Ingest and Selection with Adobe Prelude”, “Advanced Mixing Techniques” and “Encoding For Web and Tablets”.

Till then…

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