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Be Brilliant! (thanks, George Monseur)

Hello, my friends! Well, if the title of this blog post intrigued you, it’s actually something that a college professor of mine used to say, prior to taking the stage and ‘conducting’ the orchestra (he was a rather famous conductor, and I studied under him for several semesters). And yes…I studied conducting. And yes…I’ve actually used it, in the studio, on record 😉 (an artform indeed, and the masters of this artform are genuinely, heavenly masters…I’m a mere mortal when it comes to conducting, believe me!)
So, what does conducting have to do with my recent travels? Well, seeing as Greg, Rufus and I have just completed the CS3 Masters Tour Europe, I may have mentioned how we were ‘stuck’ in Stuttgart, and sadly, unable to get to Berlin to present. In fact, I never did write that post, (tentatively titled, “the not-so-glamorous world of travel”) as it was just too much going on. In short, bad weather, cancelled flights, shut-down airports, end of story.
However, our kind friends at Video2Brain decided to take it upon themselves to record our seminar in Graz, making it available online for those in Berlin and everywhere. And I have to say…this is truly one of THE BEST ‘live recordings’ of our presos that I’ve ever seen. I mean, technically, it just looks GORGEOUS! And the multiple cameras, changing from zoomed screens, etc, just looks amazing…even in full screen! Way to go, guys! Big kudos on a sincerely fab production! Only negative is that they didn’t have the ‘audience’ wired for sound—so there’s a lot of dead silence, because you can’t hear the crowd’s reaction (occasionally you can hear some bleed into our headset mics)…but still, brilliant job.
And speaking of brilliance…I have to say that our performances were really stellar. We three truly rocked the house. As always (with the last stop on a long tour), we tend to really ‘let our hair down’ (no pun intended) and it shows. 😉
In particular, you need to check out my section, 1.6 Videos bearbeiten mit PSX & After Effects. Mr. Monseur, dare I say? Brilliant, indeed! (there’s that narcissism for ya!!) That being said, I need to lay off the loddar, bratwurst, wurstsalat, schnitzel and Weissbier (I’m getting a little puffy & swelled…not good for bathing suit season! Who am I kidding? lol) but even still…brilliant. (so modest)
Watch the CS3 Masters Live (courtesy of Video2Brain)
You can also check out the V2B blog about the tour (in German, with a nice pic of us on stage)
Video2Brain Blog
And, if you *still* can’t get enough of the evangelists, check this out…
Evangelist Panorama, Graz
A fellow Adobe user (and fan of the Masters) came to see us in Graz (from Vienna) and was kind enough to shoot this amazing picture. You may have seen his previous one (done in Vienna on the last tour). This one was shot in the theatre lobby, and is just SO cool!
Alrighty, well, that’s about all of me that I can stand to write about! HA! Yeah right! But seriously, I hope you’ll enjoy watching the vids from the tour. We’ll be doing some similar things in Asia, with a slightly modified twist 😉
Stay tuned for more, my friends. Thanks for reading, and as always…
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Adobe Masters Wrap-up Summer Season in Graz

Hello, my friends! Well, it’s hard to believe, but the CS3 Masters Tour (Europe) has come to an end! It’s been quite the wild ride, with the three of us reaching thousands and thousands of users, all over the Nordics, Germany & Austria.
For the last two shows, Greg, Rufus and I spent six lovely hours together with several hundred of our ‘closest’ friends in Stuttgart and Graz. Sponsored again by Cancom, we covered the (now standard) workflow process, highlighting the entire creation-to-publication story across all 13 products in Master Collection. Graz, Austria was the last city, and it was truly a blast being able to spend some time (and spend our last day) there.
Naturally, no tour would be without it’s share of chaotic moments (and reality-TV-esque stories); but I’ll save that for the next blog post. ) That being said, allow me to simply say Danke, für alles to all of our friends, fans & loyal userbase, who came out to see us, and share an entire afternoon learning about CS3 workflow. 😉 It was truly our pleasure, and we look forward to seeing you all again.
And now, some pics (because what would a wrap-up email be without pictures!)…
Greg & Jase finish a Weissbier, post-seminar in Graz
Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Austria  Jase Rufus Greg
photo by Barbara Luef
Jase & Rufus share a laugh, overlooking the city on a VERY high ledge
Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Austria  Jase Rufus Greg
Jase continues laughing (in the same position)…and hasn’t noticed Rufus falling…lol
Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Austria  Jase Rufus Greg
Is this pic real or fake? You decide.
So, until the next post, as always…
Jase, striking a pose, Graz 2008 (photo by Barbara Luef)
Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Austria  Jase Rufus Greg
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MultiMania Sees 1000+ In Awe Over CS3 and More!

Multimania04, Kortrijk 2008
Hey there! Well, it’s been a little too long since my last post (Oy!) and the guilt is almost too much to handle; almost. 😉 As such, this is just a brief update (and I’m waiting on some pics, so stay tuned) but wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on what’s been happening in the Benelux…
So, we began last week showcasing FMS, Flash, AMP & Production Premium @ the A/V Manifestatie in Hilversum. Alongside our partners, Dutchview, Greg and I conducted multiple presos over two days, largely focusing on the abilities of FMS & Flash, and hyping some of the cool content (and flexibility) of Adobe Media Player.
The only great story I have for you (with regard to bizarre-occurrences on the road) is that Greg and I took the train (each morning) to the venue in Hilversum…and we consistently MISSED THE TRAIN, coming and going, three times! Now, this is NOT a usual occurrence. And what made it even MORE weird? The trains were actually ‘there’ when we walked/ran up to them. Twice, the doors had already closed, and we simply couldn’t get in. The third time, the train wasn’t due to leave for another 3 minutes, and a whole bunch of us stood there, trying to get in (with an attendant standing there, looking on) and then we literally watched the train pull-away, whilst we were hanging onto the door! Bizarro! Fortunately, train #4 was just fine, and we’ve been ‘back to normal’ ever since. But that was seriously weird. 😉
Jase & Serge Present Together, Multimania, Kortrijk ’08
Multimania01, Kortrijk 2008
Following that event, we headed out to Kortrijk. In short…Multimania was a blast!! I presented @ the Keynote with fellow Adobe Platform Evangelist, Serge Jespers, to an inspired crowd of nearly 1000 people. The best thing about it? I got to ‘sneak’ a whole bunch of new technologies and things…and people REALLY enjoyed it! (note: Thanks to fellow Adobe colleague Bert H. for the pics!)
Following the success of Multimania (and an additional session that I presented on HD Workflow and Blu-Ray authoring) I headed back to Amsterdam, while Greg went off to France. We’ll meet up again in Zurich, to kick off round two of the ‘Master’s Tour’ along with Rufus.
Alrighty my friends, that’s all for now. I’ve *got* to catch up on email…and sleep.
So, until next time…
Through Benelux, and beyond...
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Not even ALLERGIES can stop CS3!

Hey there, my friends! It’s been a few weeks since NAB, which means that we’re further along into ‘glorious springtime’; and all I can say is….Aaachooooo!! (gesundheit!)
Allergies. Blech!!! I have been sneezing my head off for weeks…and I’m literally going out of my mind. I mean, it’s bad enough that the weather is so wacky everywhere, but on top of all that, the air quality is, well, not great either. As a result, I’ve got a runny nose, puffy eyes, and a constantly rotating supply of Visine, tissues, and Alavert added to my usual regimen of travel goodies (oh…and Twizzlers as well).
In any event, despite the allergy-hell that I’m in, there’s a WHOLE BUNCH of cool stuff happening around CS3, upcoming events, and some *other* stuff that I just can’t talk about (heheehehee). I’m so giddy about all the upcoming events, however, that I was actually full-on smiles yesterday. Want proof? Here’s some pics…
Puffy-eyed and smiling…
Still Smiling!
The *usual* look, which my friend Daniel refers to as ‘the Levine’
Oh Yes...It's Tour Time
So, here’s what I can tell you so far…Three events coming up in the Netherlands–Correction (puffy eyes to blame, and thanks Jeroen for catching my mistake!)…1 Event in the Netherlands over two days; 1 event in Belgium:
AV Manifestation, Hilversum. 21-22 May.
Multimania! Kortrijk, Belgium. 23 May.
Masters Tour (w/Greg & Rufus) Zurich. 29 May.
Masters Tour (w/Greg & Rufus) Stuttgart. 2 June.
Masters Tour (w/Greg & Rufus) Berlin. 3 June.
Masters Tour (w/Greg & Rufus) Graz. 4 June.
Alrighty, well, that’s all the time I have for, as I’m about to hop a plane. I’ll keep you posted, and keep sending all the great comments. 😉
Until next time, mes amis…
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On Our Way Back Home…

So, just a quick note from the airport, en-route to the US. I’ll be home in about 12 hours, and yet, I already hear the road beckoning again…(in about 8 days!)
That being said, there are couple of cool things that have cropped up over the last two days. First, the CREATE or DIE interview has been posted! It’s a long one, but very informative, and quite funny. You’ll get to see the three of us playing off of one another (albeit, at 9:30am!) and it’s definitely worth a watch (if you’ve got the time). Bring popcorn…

CREATE or DIE – The Adobe Evangelist Interview

Also, another video cropped up on YT, taken of yours truly during our seminar in Hamburg. Hair model? What *was* I thinking…LOL (works every time!)

Why oh why was I having such trouble with my microphone that day? These things just happen. That’s what I get for wearing the hair down, I suppose. Back to my Euro-bun!
Ok, well, that’s about all the time I have for now. Just a quick ‘Auf Weidersehen’ to all our friends, colleagues, admirers, and fellow Adobe-philes. We’ll see you soon, and stay tuned to the blog for upcoming events in the US, Netherlands, Germany & Austria!
Until next time, meine Freunde…
Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Evangelist Jase
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Master’s Tour Wraps in Vienna…

Well my dear friends, the tour has ended. After a 4am wakeup & departure, we left Hamburg & headed to Wien. We wrapped yesterday evening and it was once again a very inspired audience (and this time, our A/V was without issue!). As is often the case, the ‘final’ show usually leads to some very funny, impromptu one-liners, new jokes, and occasional ‘breaks from the norm’ (during the presos), and indeed, there was a bit of that. 😉 Pure fun, enlightenment and entertainment, and providing a bit of Master Collection inspiration. Also, we had a great deal of questions during the breaks, and it’s ALWAYS great to meet face-to-face, and really discuss the issues (and the likes/dislikes) of our users. THIS is what really makes the show!
So, I put together a little video to thank EVERYONE, and to let you ‘see’ a bit of the appreciation Greg, Rufus and I received in all the cities. Spreading the love, indeed…

Well, there you have it. I’ll be returning to Germany & Austria for an Educational Video tour (end of March/early April) so stay tuned for info regarding that. Also, I’ll be presenting in the US (for a change) at some broadcast education conferences (again, details to follow), and then Greg and I will be back in Europe, heading to the Netherlands.
So, until next time, meine freunde…
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Healing in Hamburg

Guten morgen, Meine freunde! Yesterday proved to be another great day, despite some technical difficulties early on in the seminar. You know, you sometimes just have to roll with the punches, and technical glitches happen…period. But, it’s how you keep the flow going that makes all the difference in the world. Enter Adobe Master Collection Evangelists! 😉
So, without skipping a beat, the seminar started on time, and we just worked thru the issues. It was another packed house yesterday, with people filling the aisles. In fact, we were oversold on the event, so CanCom set up a projector and sound system in the cinema lobby so additional attendees could watch the show.
Naturally, I snapped a couple of pics (including the now ubiquitous ‘panorama’). In fact, Rufus had just completed a Designer event in Munich over the weekend, and did something *new* with his panorama…he left it ‘uncropped’. Now, as a designer, he totally can pull-off that level of creative license. I decided to take his lead, and go ‘designer chic’…so here’s the 5-picture, auto-aligned panorama of the cinema crowd…das ist cool, ja?
My Rufus-inspired, un-cropped Pano of the Hamburg crowd
Adobe CS3 Jason Greg Rufus Hamburg Germany Tour
as you see, we evangelists tend to inspire one another as well!
All of this was done without flash, so here’s another snap of us, in action, taken from the desk.
And then there were three…
Adobe CS3 Jason Greg Rufus Hamburg Germany Tour
In any event, it was another great day, with lots of good feedback after the show. Thanks again to everyone in Hamburg. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
And on that note, it’s off to Vienna! This will mark a truly ‘rock & roll’ kind of experience, as on this day, we literally fly @ 7am, arrive Vienna @ 8:20; step off the plane, grab a taxi, off to the venue, do interviews and the show (8+ hours), and fly out to another city the same night. Good stuff. Could use more groupies though! lol
Incidentally, the second journalist (Thorsten Wulff) filmed our interview, and already posted it on YouTube. Here are Greg and I, giving a brief synopsis about ‘what we’re doing’ on the tour…thanks, Thorsten!

So Meine freunde, until next time…
Danke, Auf weidersehen, and Blog on.


Hello my friends! Well, Greg, Ruf & I are now back in München, and quite a 36 hours it has been.
This post, unlike any other, will detail the sometimes ‘strange goings-on’ in the world of traveling evangelists; it also highlights the good of man that still exists in the world (and once again, re-affirms my love for Europe)
Now, I had mentioned in one of the previous blogs that we did an ‘on camera’ interview with Create or Die. At the end, they had me play some music, but sadly, the guitar was out of tune. Cut to yesterday’s chaos Which I’ll detail in a moment), and I was feeling rather blue (though, still Zen!)… So, I dug up this little test recording (done on my older Nikon camera, a short while ago) where I did a little number from The Doors…Blue Sunday. It seemed appropriate at this time:

Continue reading Breadcrumbs…

Kickin’ Out the Jams (CS3-style) in Köln

hallo, meine Freunde! Es war ein großer Tag in Köln! And if that didn’t translate properly, what I was *trying* to say was that it was indeed a ‘big day’ in Cologne! With nearly 480 attendees, the Master’s Tour really took a leap forward, and continued on the theme of inspiring the masses with the Master Collection workflow.
Rufus, Greg & I were in particularly good form today (with me, bursting into song, in German, singing David Bowie’s “Helden”), and the 6 hours simply flew by! With a packed house (particularly during the middle section) we continued the theme of producing a website, an interactive PDF, and a DVD (with content created in Dreamweaver, InDesign, After Effects, Photoshop & Soundbooth) all from scratch, highlighting each step of the workflow process, and how we ‘shared’ the materials (back and forth) to create the ‘final result’. Greg also managed to tag on a little about SPRY, which the audience REALLY enjoyed and appreciated.
I tried to take a bunch of photos and stitch them in PSCS3 as we’ve shown before. It was a little difficult (as the theatre was quite dark, and as you’ll see, big spotlights were shining directly on us) so it was quite hard to ‘capture’ the natural light in the room (as there wasn’t much) without completely blowing out the images. But still, this little auto-aligned/blended image will give you an idea of the packed house…
480 of our closest friends, in Köln…
Köln Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Evangelist Jason Greg
Now, picking up where I left off on the last blog, today I continued with showing all of the Photoshop CS3 Extended integration, both via Vanishing Point Exchange, and with all of the new things you can do with Video in a PSD (ie, using tools like the healing brush, etc, as well as the application of Smart Filters for non-destructive processing of the video, across the entire duration! Wickedly cool) and people *really* understood the benefits. I wrapped up that section by showcasing a new Puppet Tool demo that I just worked up the other day, beginning in PS (using quick select), cutting out my subject, cloning in the background, and then going to town in AECS3. It never disappoints, forever changing the way people think about still photography…at least, that’s what I ALWAYS say. Again, to my friends who attended…remember to use this feature for Good, not Evil! LOL
Following that, it was more integration with PPro/Dynamic Link, and bringing Soundbooth into the mix to repair audio (visually) using Photoshop tools. Again, a big winner with the crowds, and people really understand the concept of ‘visually’ repairing sound using Photoshop tools. Add to that the “louder” button, and adding Flash Cue Points (for subtitling in Fl CS3) and you’ve got a really cool workflow there. Again, taking advantage of the new caption component in Flash, Greg and I show this and it goes over big! Everyone should be doing this; if for no other reason than to make your sites (with video content) fully accessible! (want to know more about accessibility? Go to Stef’s site)
Of course, my portion typically ends with showing the Adobe Media Encoder (and all of it’s export options) including the new ‘hit’ of the week…the fact that we can export BLU-RAY from the Premiere Pro timeline *and* Encore CS3. Whereas Blu-Ray (and High definition DVD in general) seemed to be slightly ‘under-the-radar’, now that HD-DVD is no more, people are REALLY reacting to the fact that we do Blu-Ray. Very, very cool. 😉
So, because Rufus missed out in the video yesterday, and you only caught ‘a glimpse’ of his head in the previous photo, I figured he really deserved a spotlight shot here. Done without flash (and while he was in mid-demo) I think this captures the intensity of the presentation… But if you want the jokes, you’ll have to attend the sessions! He was totally on a roll today! He literally had me and Greg laughing out loud during the preso. Great stuff, and great day had by all.
Rufus Rocking in Köln…
Adobe CS3 Masters Tour Evangelist Rufus Köln
And on *that* note my friends, I think I’ll end this post here. Our next stop will be Hamburg, and then onto Vienna for more CS3 Masters magic. Thanks again to all the attendees; thanks for all the great questions and feedback; thanks for the cheers and applause; and thank you to all for letting us come to your city and present the ‘way’s of the CS3 Master Collection.
Vielen Dank für alles
‘Till next time…
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Master’s Tour Rocks Munich & Frankfurt

Hello, my friends! Well, I actually began this blog yesterday *during* the seminar (right from the show floor, in between *my* speaking parts!) but Greg, Rufus and I were constantly ‘vamping’ (with random jokes, etc.) and quite simply, we were just having a great time showing ‘new’ pieces from each of our demos that I just didn’t get to finish!
So, in short, the tour has been an incredible success so far. Over 360 attendees in Munich, and approx. 250+ in Frankfurt! And let’s not forget…this is a 6 HOUR SEMINAR! We’re keeping people entertained, enlightened and engaged for 6 hours? Yes indeed. Thanks to EVERYONE who attended; you are all rock-stars!
As for the content, well, I focused largely on application integration, beginning with OnLocation CS3 (on Vista, using the MacBookPro, of course). This app proved to be one of the big highlights of the event, with MANY questions following the first break (all related to when it will be on the MAC!). And, showing live cutting in Premiere Pro *whilst* capturing into OnLocation really blew people’s minds! Granted, thanks to the Intel processors in the MacBooks (and thanks Intel, for being one of our sponsors!) it really is possible to successfully capture, do a rough cut (while still capturing) play, review, scrub, and continue to the process over and over. It was awe-inspiring for many, and it performed like a charm.
Following OL, I bounced over to Leopard and began the theme of the Master’s Tour by segueing from Photoshop CS3 into literally every other Production Premium Application. This started off with creating lower-thirds on Videos in PSCS3; animating text and objects, with Layer Styles…and then showing how to take it a step further by bringing the newly layered PSD (with Video layer) into After Effects CS3. Once again, leveraging people’s Photoshop knowledge to do great things in AE, even if they’re not AE users. This too garnered great reactions, and people were talking to me afterwards about d/l’ing the AE demo and wanting to get started! This also included using some of the animation/background presets, along with Shape Layers and integration with Bridge. Good stuff, and it keeps them wanting more!
From there, I would later segue into Premiere Pro, showcasing some more integration with After Effects via Dynamic Link (doing Green Screen work with Keylight, adding backgrounds, re-purposing the lower-third that we created earlier, also via Dynamic Link) and all the while, driving home the idea that we’re using ALL of these applications together, using the same assets, in this really smooth, integrated fashion. People get it, and it never disappoints in terms of the reactions (smiles, cheers, screams of joy!)
So, there is indeed much more that occurred, but I’ll have to end this post now, as we’re do for a couple of press interviews before this next show kicks off in about 2 hours, here in Köln (oh yes, on the Cinema floor once again, pre-show time!).
In the meantime, here’s a little vid, from the train, taken last night, after the show… Oh, and NICE still frame! YouTube, please allow us to change the poster frame for uploaded! Argh…I just look bad mid-video!! lol (damn narcissist that I am!)

Until next time, thanks again to everyone in Munich and Frankfurt. Can’t wait to see you all again! And, if anyone took any video of the event (I saw a few of you!) let me know, and perhaps I can post some of your clips (appropriated credited, of course!) .
Oh…*and*, the three of us conducted a interview yesterday for CREATE OR DIE. They filmed it. It rocked. As soon as I have a link, I’ll post it. It was truly a riot! 😉
Jase & Greg, going to Köln
Jase & Greg..going to Köln
Jase with Rufus peaking out in the background
Jase w/Ruf in the background
Auf Wiedersehen, meine Freunde!
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