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More Snaps from CS4 Live Tour & 64-bit Announcements

Hello, my friends! Today we’re in Århus, having just kicked off our CS4 Live seminar. As mentioned earlier, we’ve had capacity crowds in nearly every city, and the response to our integrated workflow (and the content we’re showcasing) has been universally well-received.
I’ve compiled another series of images from the last week or so (including some pics from yesterday’s show in Helsinki) so here they are. My favorite is actually the ‘taxi’ we took from Helsinki after the show. I think the picture speaks for itself…and gives new meaning to the idea of a touring ‘van’ (and if you’ve seen the seminar, think back to Rufus’ Rock Shack Van…LOL)
Paul, our colleague Peo from Apple, me, Rufus…and the Chiquita Banana Van. Rock & Roll!
Polling the audience, connecting with the audience, and feeling the audience response
Some additional news was posted yesterday, as Adobe officially announced that future versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects will be native 64-bit applications (meaning the PProCS4/AECS4 are the last 32-bit versions we’ll be releasing). What does this mean to you? Well, it means great things for performance and workflow, and it also gives you food-for-thought when thinking about upgrading or moving to a new system (and as such, a new operation system, such as Snow Leopard or Vista64/Windows 7). For more information on the move to 64-bit, take a look HERE and HERE (for AE 64-bit news).
Paul in the lounge, after the show in Helsinki. Taken with the iPhone
Capturing a smiley Rufus with the iPhone
Rufus cracks me up on stage…moments before I begin

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CS4 Live Tour Fills Theatres in the Nordics

Greetings, my friends! Writing you from the stage in Stockholm, as we’ve just kicked off our CS4 Live Tour seminar. It’s been a whirlwind week, beginning in Oslo on Monday (immediately following our departure from MAX-Los Angeles), Göteborg on Tuesday, Malmö on Wednesday and today in Stockholm. Great crowds, packed theatres, and incredible interest in cross-media workflow and Tips & Tricks from our favorite applications (which, as some of you may know, the attendees *voted* on the features they wanted to see ahead of time—very cool concept)
Jase on stage in Göteborg, photographed by Rufus
In any event, we’ve got Finland and Denmark coming up next week (along with some customer visits along the way) but in the meantime, I figured I’d post a few images from the tour so far. I can’t emphasize enough the ‘buzz’ that we’ve felt in each city–literally electrifying. So, a very humble thank you to all of the attendees thus far. It’s not easy to attend a 4-hour seminar at 8:30am…but you guys rocked it. It’s all about the Adobe user community—and it’s truly been our pleasure to present in your cities.
Three by the Sea in Oslo, stitched in PSCS4.12 October 09
Paul in action, talking about Pixel Bender, Stockholm, 15 October
Paul cracking jokes, and cracking us up!

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More Scenes from Masters Tour; AdobeMAX is here!

Hello, my friends! With AdobeMAX in full-swing, it’s been challenging to get a moment to sit down and blog…but in any case, here I am! Yesterday’s sessions were fab (including our ‘Evangelist Shootout’, starring yours truly, Rufus & Paul) and we sincerely appreciate all the great comments and ‘love’ shared by the attendees. It was a packed house, the audience went wild, and we genuinely enjoyed ourselves.
To *see* the shootout, click here.
Immediately following MAX, I’ll be heading up to SF to shoot another batch of episodes for Short & Suite on AdobeTV. Karl already filmed a bunch back in late August, so they should be online very soon. I’ll be covering some new/old features/workflows including MultiCam Editing in Premiere Pro CS4, live sound audio remixing (in Audition 3), Processing and Plugins in After Effects CS4 & Premiere Pro, and much more (assuming I can squeeze it all in!)
For your viewing pleasure, here are a few additional snaps from the previous Master’s Tour in Switzerland. I’ve presented the flyer, advertising the event (so groovy—beautifully designed) as well as some pics taken by our friend and colleague, Markus Dobbelfeld.
In action at Theatre Stadelhofen, Zürich
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Pics from the Road: CS4 Masters Tour (pt1)

Hallo, meine Freunde! Writing from the show floor in Vienna, and just thought I’d post a couple of snaps from the last two weeks. It’s been an incredible tour so far, and Greg and I even managed to *squeeze in* a brief stop at Oktoberfest during our stay in Munich over the weekend 😉 (yes, he had to twist my arm…lol)
In any case, the turnout for this tour has been great, and audiences have been genuinely enthused, engaged, and inspired with our new workflow presentations (based on all the great Twitter comments we’ve received!) Also, the ‘Greg’s Rock Shack’ theme has been very well received (a key comment from many of the attendees in the various cities, “You guys are telling a complete [workflow] story…and it really makes sense!) and there have been many shout-outs to our ‘star’ performer at the Shack, Chip Hanna.
Sadly, I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked on this tour, but here are a few that I hope you’ll enjoy…
Hallo, Düsseldorf
Rufus, a tender moment…
An intimate crowd at an amazing Theatre in Zürich
Jase & Greg celebrate the first successful week of the Lederhosn

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IBC Ends, Another FCPUG & the CS4 Masters Tour Begins

Hello, my friends! It’s hard to believe that we’re in mid-September already, and I can honestly say that time is flying by. With a successful IBC behind us and another great FCP-CS4->BluRay showcase at the Final Cut Supermeet in Amsterdam, was straight onto Munich with Greg & Rufus to begin the first of many CS4 Masters seminars across Europe.
IBC was yet another opportunity to ‘sneak’ some new technologies (officially known as ‘technology previews’) as well as showcase the (now in public beta) Adobe Story (collaborative script writing/metadata tool) and Flash Catalyst (essentially, Flash for Designers, ie, no code!). These presentations went over extremely well, with lots of questions about when and where people will be able to get their hands on the applications. Look no further than
We also had the re-launch of Adobe TV, with a new website, improved search engine, and new content as well. Be sure to check it out at
The Masters prepare, atop the roof @ the Hilton in Munich
And last but certainly not least, Rufus, Greg and I began the CS4 Masters Tour; a six-hour seminar covering cross-media workflow, showcasing ALL new assets based around the ‘Greg’s Rock Shack’ theme, including music and video by the Evangelist team, as well as our Rockabilly superstar, Chip Hanna.
The Masters get ready to rock in Hamburg. Photo by Thorsten Wulff

We’ve been doing some press interviews along the way, and yesterday (in Hamburg) we met up with one of our regulars, Thorsten Wulff. I’ll be posting a link (shortly) to that interview, but he was also kind enough to ‘donate’ a few pics to me, so you’re one of them here.
Today we’re in Zurich at this incredibly groovy theatre (pictures to follow) and soon we’ll be heading back to Munich (oddly enough, during Oktoberfest weekend….Hmmmmm) and then onto Dusseldorf, Berlin & Vienna. Touring season is in full swing. If you’ll be attending the seminars, please stop by and say hi!
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CS4 Masters Tour hits the road in Europe

Hello, my friends. As promised, here are the upcoming dates, cities, and venues for the CS4 Masters Tour (starring yours truly, Greg Rewis & Rufus Deuchler) covering Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Added 9/9/09: Be sure to check out the Nordic CS4 Live Tour microsites and vote on the topics we’ll cover during the seminar! (see below for links)

CS4 Masters Tour (Germany, Austria)
16.09.09 Munich (CinemaxX Isartor)
17.09.09 Hamburg (CinemaxX Dammtor)
18.09.09 Zurich (Theatre Stadelhofen)
22.09.09 Düsseldorf (UCI Kinowelt Medienhafen)
23.09.09 Berlin (CineStar CUBIX am Alexanderplatz)
24.09.09 Wien (Village W3 Cinema Vienna Mitte)

CS4 Masters Live Tour (Nordics)
October 12th – Oslo, Norway
Venue: Klingenberg
Be Part of the Experience…You Decide The Agenda (microsite-Norway)
Go to the Registration Form (Oslo)
October 13th – Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: Bergakungen 2
Address: Skånegatan 16, Gothenburg
October 14th – Malmö, Sweden
Venue: Royal
Adress: Södertullgatan 4, Malmö
October 15th – Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Skandia
Address: Drottninggatan 82, Stockholm
Be Part of the Experience…You Decide the Agenda (microsite-Sweden)
Go to the Registration Form (for each city; Sweden)
October 20th – Helsinki, Finland
Venue: Tennispalatsii 1
Adress: Salomonkatu 15, Helsinki
Be Part of the Experience…You Decide the Agenda (microsite-Finland)
Go to the Registration Form (Helsinki)
October 21th – Århus, Denmark
Venue: CinemaXx
Adress: M P Bruuns Gade 25, Århus
October 22th – Kopenhagen, Denmark
Venue: CinemaXx
Adress: Kalvebod Brygge 57, Kopenhagen
Be Part of the Experience…You Decide the Agenda (microsite-Denmark)
Go to Registration Form (for each city; Denmark)

More from the road and IBC, which kicks off in two weeks…
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(updated 9/9/09)