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Tour Dates 2011 and Facebook Live Q&A

Howdy all!

As spring/summer approaches, it’s time again to hit the road. This time, aside from being joined by my ‘other thirds’ (ie, Terry White & Greg Rewis), we’ve augmented our trio to become a quartet, adding the services and on-stage presence of Paul Trani, our dedicated Mobile & Flash evangelist here at Adobe. We’re crossing the globe (as per usual) but we’ll have some friends/colleagues stepping in here and there, simply because the experiments to clone us were unsuccessful ;P

But before I list tour dates, we’ll also be hosting a live Facebook Q&A session on Monday, April 11th at 9am PDT. If you’ve got CS5-related questions, this is the place to ask them! Check it out HERE

Details and registration links to follow, but this should give you an idea of where and when. All cities will host the four of us, unless otherwise noted…

May 02 Gothenburg
May 03 Stockholm
May 04 Oslo
May 05 Czech Republic [Jason, Greg, with local staff]
May 06 Helsinki [Terry W, Paul Trani, Tommi Luhtanen]
May 09 Copenhagen
May 11 London
May 19-21 Warsaw
May 23 Amsterdam
May 23 Seoul [Paul Burnett, Michael Stoddart, Tommi Luhtanen]
May 24 Kortrijk/MultiMania  [Other Adobe staff]
May 24 Hong Kong [Paul, Michael, Tommi]
May 25 Moscow
May 25 Taipei [Paul, Michael, Tommi]
May 27 Istanbul
May 27 Singapore [Paul, Michael, Tommi]
May 31 Sydney
May 31 Beijing [Paul, Michael, Tommi]
June 02 Melbourne
June 02 Mumbai [Paul, Michael, Tommi]
June 7-8 Paris- [Other Adobe Staff]
June 9-11 Barcelona OFFF Festival [Other Adobe staff]
June 13-14 Sao Paolo
June 17 Mexico City
June 17 Skellefteå, Nordics event [Other Adobe staff]

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The Masters Tour, The Pharaohs Tour, Firenze & Back in the USSR

Hello once again, my friends. Well, I think the title really says it all! Over the last 5 weeks, we’ve been touring Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, US (for AdobeMAX) and we’re now currently in Cairo (for the first time!) presenting a modified version of the Masters Tour, appropriately titled The Pharaohs Tour. Following this, we’ll once again go our separate ways, as Terry heads off to Brasil, Greg visits parts of the US and Japan, and I’ll finish out my (touring) year in Amsterdam at AUGXL and a series of Video Seminars in Moscow.

In any case, I’ve been fairly lazy with the blog, so I figured I could at least upload some random pics from Giza (where we got some amazing shots of the pyramids) and a few “outtakes” from my brief visit to Florence with my dear friend and perpetual Adobe Evangelist, Rufus Deuchler.

Flying into Florence, out of the prop-plane window
Copyright 2010 Jason A. Levine
Sunrays from the limestone-tip covered Pyramid, the 2nd largest
Copyright 2010 Jason A. Levine
From the 14mm f/2.8; a wide-angel look at Siena, Italy
Copyright 2010 Jason A. Levine
The Sphinx and Pyramid in the distance
Copyright 2010 Jason A. Levine
Piazza il Campo, Siena. Another wide-angle, shot with 14mm f/2.8
Copyright 2010 Jason A. Levine
In front of the ‘Big Pyramid’…It’s massive.

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CS5 Masters Tour – Links and Venue Info

Here are registration links for our upcoming CS5 Masters Tours in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Denmark & Sweden. There’s still time to register for Munich (on the 22nd) so we hope to see you there!

* 09/22/10 CS5 Masters Tour – München at ARRI Kino Register Here
* 09/23/10 CS5 Masters Tour – Düsseldorf at UCI Kinowelt Register Here
* 09/24/10 CS5 Masters Tour – Wien at Cineplexx Wien Register Here
* 09/27/10 CS5 Masters Tour – Hamburg CINEMAXX Dammtor Register Here
* 09/28/10 CS5 Masters Tour – Schloss Lenzburg @ Castle of Lenzburg Register Here

* 10/11/10 CS5 Masters Tour – Helsinki at Bio Rex Register Here
* 10/12/10 CS5 Masters Tour – Stockholm at Skandiabiografen Register Here
* 10/13/10 CS5 Masters Tour – Oslo at Folketeateret Register Here
* 10/14/10 CS5 Masters Tour – Copenhagen at CineMaxx Register Here

CS5 Masters Tour Hits the Road

It’s that time of year again, and over the next 3 months our Creative Suite Evangelist team (consisting of yours truly, Greg Rewis, and Terry White) will be hitting the road with our workflow-based seminar series, The Masters Tour. Over a period of 5-8 hours (it differs between cities) we’ll present new assets (many of which we’ve created) and showcase a complete workflow across all of the applications in CS5 Master Collection. We’ll start with some raw media (images, video, blank CSS templates, etc) and build up everything from an interactive document/ePub, to a website, to an AIR app, to an HD Blu-ray disc.

We’ll be covering a multitude of locales in the first go-round (and I’ll be solo-presenting some video-specific seminars along the way), so be sure to check your local Adobe Events pages for details. In the meantime, here’s roughly where I’ll be (and where the team will be) during September and October…

26 August: CS5 Masters Tour. Johannesburg, Z.A.
10-14 September: IBC. Amsterdam, NL
16-17 September: CS5 Video Event. Istanbul, Turkey
22 September: CS5 Masters Tour (Munich)**
23 September: CS5 Masters Tour (Dusseldorf)**
24 September: CS5 Masters Tour (Vienna)**
27 September: CS5 Masters Tour (Hamburg)**
28 September: CS5 Masters Tour (Switzerland)**
30 September: CS5 Video Event. Warsaw, Poland
11 October: CS5 Masters Tour (Helsinki)**
12 October: CS5 Masters Tour (Stockholm)**
13 October: CS5 Masters Tour (Oslo)**
14 October: CS5 Masters Tour (Copenhagen)**
18-20 October: CS5 Video Events, Czech Republic/Slovakia (details TBD)

**all three evangelists will be in attendance

I’ll be sure to include links to registration/agenda info shortly. Hope to see you there!

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