Join me on the Adobe Create Now 2014 World Tour!

Another year, and another opportunity to share some of the latest Adobe innovations on the road! Along with my dear colleagues Terry White, Paul Trani, Rufus Deuchler, Michaël Chaize, Andrew Trice and Terry Ryan, we’re coming to YOU in various cities across the US and Europe to showcase the latest and greatest Creative Cloud has to offer…with lots of new surprises.


For the full event listings, you can go HERE.

Here’s all the cities I’ll be presenting in from mid-June to end of July:

19 June | Rochester, NY (Adobe Community Event)
20 June | Baltimore, MD (Adobe Community Event)
25 June | Munich, Germany (Adobe Event)
26 June | Paris, France (Adobe Event)
1 July | Düsseldorf, Germany (Adobe Community Event)
3 July | London, England (Adobe Event)
9 July | Los Angeles, CA (Adobe Event)
10 July | San Antonio, TX (Adobe Community Event)
11 July | Austin, TX (Adobe Community Event)
15 July | San Francisco, CA (Adobe Event)
17 July | Dallas, TX (Adobe Community Event)
22 July | Washington, D.C. (Adobe Event)
24 July | Raleigh, NC (Adobe Community Event)
29 July | Seattle, WA (Adobe Event)
31 July | San Francisco, CA (SF Cutters)


Tune in Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 at 1PM ET to see “What’s Next in Creative Cloud” You can sign-up HERE.


If you’ve been thinking about upgrading and/or moving to Creative Cloud, there’s never been a better time. And if you happen to catch any of the community events, I’ll be showcasing even *more* of what’s new in the video products, going a bit deeper, and will also have time for Q&A following the presos.

Come join us! I can’t wait to see you all!

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