More of My Adobe MAX 2013 Session Videos

As promised, here are the rest of my MAX classes (from the live on-site captures)…

Audio is Half The Picture: Getting the Best Mix with Adobe Audition:

Best Practices: Encoding for the Web & Tablets:

and the OUTLINE for this class as well.

How To Edit Just What You Want: Ingest and Rough Cut with Adobe Prelude CC:

Using Photoshop with Adobe Premiere Pro: Putting It All Together:

Still some more outlines coming. Stay tuned…

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3 thoughts on “More of My Adobe MAX 2013 Session Videos

  1. Jason, is there any way to group the audio clips on the file panel in to folders. One thing that drives me nuts, coming from video, is not being able to categorize or have some type of file structure within the program for my media. Am I missing something?

    And by the way, Audition CC looks sick!

    Can’t wait to mess around with that.

    1. Hey Josue. Unfortunately, NO! This is my main pet peeve with the app, and honestly, I’ve been asking for this for ages. I hope we see this coming in a future update; but for the moment, there’s no way to create folders and organize your audio clips in the Files panel. I’ll keep you posted tho. Thanks for the request. I’ll be sure to pass it along (or rather, make it a +1!) Best–jl

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