Short&Suite Season 6, Ep 4: Working with 3rd Party Plugins In Adobe Audition CS6

This week’s Short & Suite video tutorial covers working with 3rd Party VST & AU plugins in Adobe Audition CS6. I’ll highlight the plugin manager (and how to enable/disable and scan for installed plugins) and give a brief overview of the performance and working in both multitrack and waveform view environments.

I’m a big fan of WAVES plugins, but keep in mind that any VST/VST3 or AU plugins are supported in Audition CS6.

More next week, so stay tuned.

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20 thoughts on “Short&Suite Season 6, Ep 4: Working with 3rd Party Plugins In Adobe Audition CS6

    1. Thanks, Joe! Yeah, I’ve been trying to find those little ‘hidden’ gems/nuggets that just seem to get swept under the rug! Glad you’re enjoying them, and if you have any suggestions for possible topics, I’m always open to ideas. Thanks again, and happy new year! –JL

    1. Hey Bob! Great to hear from you! Ah yes, ‘Trad Viet’ from the Jumping Buddha album I did with Mr. Fred Fung. Good stuff. Oh, and that video was HILARIOUS! Love. It. Sending you a separate email for longer-form convos. Hope you and the family are well. Best–JL

  1. Hey, great tut (as always). How come that the Waves plugins don’t work in premiere pro? I have the L1ultramaximizer, which works fine in Audition but doesn’t show up in Premiere Pro cs6 (on Mac) . Andy idea ? Many thanks

    1. Hey Jan. Thanks for the kind words. Regarding Waves VSTs and PPRO CS6/Mac, unfortunately, they are not currently compatible. However, moving forward I know that a lot of work is being done to allow any/all VSTs (present in Audition) to show up in Premiere. Don’t have a date for you, but we’re listening. Believe me, I WISH I could use the L1/L3 in PPro, sometimes just to add a little warmth to camera audio (let alone giving things an overall boost). But, the workflow is so quick into Audition that I don’t mind…but it would be nice to do it all in one place. Stay tuned…–JL

      1. Hey Jason, thanks for the tips. The workflow to and from Audition IS indeed fast.
        You’re a big fan of Waves plugins. What do you consider “second best” ?
        Many thanks.

        1. Well, on my secondary machine I run a couple of older plugin bundles. I used to love the ‘Blue Tube’ stuff (by Nomad Factory; great compressors and analog EQ); I still use some OhmBoyz on occasion (great multi-tap delays/phase/flange) but that’s about it. The rest is all native effects from Audition. I’ve got a pretty wide range of Waves stuff that I use tho, everything from SSL to Eddie Kramer to ‘OneKnob’. No complaints! –JL

  2. Estoy empezando a trabajar con Audition CS6 y uso los plugins que vienen con el programa, deseo poder tener alguno mas pero es dificil de conseguir, me podria decir donde puedo obtener mas, gracias desde ya y disculpe la molestia.-

    1. Audition CS6 es un anfitrión audio VST/VST3/AU estándar. Así que si usted busca en Google para plugins de audio VST / AU, la mayoría de ellos debe ser apoyada. Audition CC es una aplicación de 64 bits, sin embargo, por lo que necesitará plugins de 64 bits. Gracias. –JL

  3. I’ve used Waves in the past, but on Audition 3.0 and a PC. I’m currently on a MAC, with Audition CC. Can I still use Waves? On their site, it’s listed as not supported, and they say the same over the phone. Thanks!

    1. Hey Jeremy. You can absolutely use WAVES plugins with Audition CC (I am currently doing it!) but here’s the caveat…you must upgrade to V9, as the V9 versions are 64-bit. Audition CS6 (and below) was still a 32-bit app, and as such, leveraged 32-bit versions of the WAVES plugins. I’m not sure if *all* WAVES varieties are indeed 64-bit (though I think that was one of the main selling points of V9) but as mentioned, I’m using the SSL Suite, the One Knob series and the Eddie Kramer package, and they’re all compatible.

  4. Hello, thank you very much for the tutorial. I notice it was in January, so I hope i am not to late.
    I own Creative suite C6, So i would really like to start working in adobe audition CS6.
    WAVES plug ins like L3 multi maximizer which i have used extensively on PEAK BIAS, which is long debunked. WAVES lists adobe audition CS6 on MAC as ” incompatible” I watched your tutorial and I don’t know if your running a MAC, but I would really like to be able to explore and harness the power of Adobe Audition CS6 and to be able to use WAVES plug ins. Does adobe Audition CS6 for the MAC support WAVES plug ins- especially L3 multi maximizer?
    I record a lot of live concerts and would like to be able to mix using the above mentioned applications.
    please please advise
    thank you

    1. Hi Scott. WAVES Plugins are most definitely supported in CS6; I’m using the L3 Bundle (among other things) in that tutorial! Now, the trick here is which version of WAVES to run. CS6 was still a 32-bit application, so I believe you’d need to be using the ‘V8’ installer versions of your WAVES plugins. V8 also used iLok key licensing, which I’m guessing you have if you’ve had WAVES for a while. With Audition CC (the latest version) the application went 64-bit, and thus, the V8 versions of WAVES wouldn’t work…so you must upgrade to V9 (which *are* 64-bit; the V9 versions also don’t require iLok any longer, which is kinda nice). So, I hope that answers it. If you’re running CS6, you should be able to still download the V8 versions of L3 and be good to go. Best –JL

  5. I can’t thank you enough for not only responding but responding so quickly. I am then left to ask I have the Master suite CS6. So how do i know if CS6 is 32 bit? I guess I am asking is it 32 bit? So if adobe auditionC6 is 32 bit then you are saying I need to use WAVES V8? not V9? You mention in your reply that CS6 was 32 bit, hence past tense thinking that maybe there is a 64 bit version of adobe audition C6? or is audition C6 32 bit? Also I have been using the BBE Maximizer plug in in front of the L3 multimaximizer/ultramximizer, Yeah I do a lot of compression and push things hard to the limit. So are you familiar with BBE Maximizer also and can the L3 and BBE be used with audition c6? Thank you in advance. Sorry for the simple questions but I really would like to start using such software since my old old MAC has finally seen its last days, i had been using this MAC since 2008 still running 10.4.11 OSX. Now I am up to 10.8 with audition c6 and again would really like to know if the plug ins mentioned would work? thank you again

  6. I used a lot Audition 3 in studio work. A few years passed it and I have used Sonar and Cubase. But the new version of Audition CS6 seems that I like, new features and that clean interface for fast and easy sound processing jobs. Love at second sight.

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