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Where I’ll Be in May & June – Creative Days Tour Hits EMEA

Creative Days
It’s that time of year, and another Creative Tour is on the horizon. With AdobeMAX only a few days away, and NAB already weeks behind, it’s clear that the excitement (and travel) will continue–and we couldn’t be happier to be bringing the ‘next’ versions of the Adobe Creative Applications to you.

This year, we have a unified site where you can find all the information you need for each city. I’ve added individual links here so that you can register and come spend some quality time with us, learning about all the new goodies we have to offer in a city near you…


  • Tuesday, May 21 – Johannesburg (with Rufus and Paul)
  • Thursday, May 23 – Milan (with Rufus and Paul)
  • Friday, May 24 – Istanbul (with Rufus and Paul)
  • Tuesday, May 28 – Warsaw (with Rufus and Paul)
  • Thursday, May 30 – Moscow (with Rufus and Paul)
  • Friday, May 31 – St. Petersburg (with Rufus and Paul)
  • Tuesday, June 4 – London (with Rufus and Paul)
  • Friday, June 7 – Barcelona (with Rufus and Paul)
  • Saturday, June 8 – Barcelona (with Rufus)
  • Tuesday, June 11 – Paris (Rufus and Michael Chaize)
  • Tuesday, June 11 – Nordics (me & Paul)
  • Wednesday, June 12 – Berlin (with Rufus and Michael)
  • Thursday, June 13 – Amsterdam (with Rufus and Michael)
  • Friday, June 14 – Zurich (with Rufus and Michael)
  • Tuesday, June 18 – Cologne (with Rufus and Piotr Walczyszyn)
  • Thursday, June 20 – Munich (with Rufus and Piotr)

So, are you ready? I can tell you I’ll be stocking-up on extra Berocca for this trip!

See you soon…

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NAB 2013 and the Big Reveal

Greetings from Las Vegas! If you haven’t heard by now, this past Thursday we REVEALED what’s coming next in the Adobe video products. Over the last few days, the tweets/FB posts and forum talk has been so overwhelmingly positive, inspiring and all-out cool that I simply can’t wait to hit the stage on Monday and start revealing more, in person (software I mean; don’t get any ideas ;P)

In any case, if you’re in Vegas attending NAB this year, you’ll definitely want to come by the booth this week. Not only will I be presenting anywhere from 5-7 times a day, but my former US-based Evangelist colleague Karl Soule will be joining me as well (he’s now based in Singapore) along with a host of exciting, inspiring customer presentations. We even managed to get my dear friend and brilliant editor/director/audio guru & VFX wizard Vashi Nedomansky up on stage. He’ll be presenting Monday & Tuesday, showcasing some of his work and his real-world workflows using Premiere, AE and more. You definitely want to check him out.

My friend, my inspiration, my director. On-set w/Vashi Nedomansky
My friend, my inspiration, my director. On-set w/Vashi Nedomansky

Oh, and while you don’t see *me* on the reveal page (I was on-tour when those vids needed to be filmed), I have a whole bunch of videos which will start to make their way out to web in the coming weeks…so stay tuned.
On-Set at Adobe TV, March 2013
On-Set at Adobe TV, March 2013

I hope to see you on the show floor; we’re Booth SL3910 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Till next time…

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