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Happy (Twitch) Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

During the last 20 minutes on today’s stream, I made a little ‘Halloween music’ which I’m making available here…

Halloween Music-Live On Twitch

It’s some silly fun (with added SFX from our Loopology library) so feel free to download and play wherever, whenever. It just might creep-out the trick-or-treaters!

And hey…it took an extra day to post, but I also worked-up a slightly creepier, remixed version (with some added old-school LP crackle, different EQ, and a slightly longer fade)…

Halloween Music Live – LP Remix

Mid-vocalizing...creepy vocalizing :)
Mid-vocalizing…creepy vocalizing :)

Happy Halloween!

Adobe Audition’s Elusive Loopology Content!

If you’re a Creative Cloud member and Adobe Audition user*, you probably didn’t know that you have a library of over 15,000 royalty-free soundeffects, loops and music beds to accompany your music/audio/soundtrack creation needs.


With the release of Adobe Stock in late June, we’re hoping that soon they will offer audio and video.

In the meantime, you can access and download all available audio content at the link below:

Adobe Audition Loopology Content, Sound Effects, Music Beds and More

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*note: please read the EULA attached with this content!

More of My Adobe MAX 2013 Session Videos

As promised, here are the rest of my MAX classes (from the live on-site captures)…

Audio is Half The Picture: Getting the Best Mix with Adobe Audition:

Best Practices: Encoding for the Web & Tablets:

and the OUTLINE for this class as well.

How To Edit Just What You Want: Ingest and Rough Cut with Adobe Prelude CC:

Using Photoshop with Adobe Premiere Pro: Putting It All Together:

Still some more outlines coming. Stay tuned…

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What I’m Teaching at Adobe MAX – The Creativity Conference Next Week


I’m really looking forward to seeing many of you next week at Adobe MAX – The Creativity Conference in Los Angeles. The show kicks off Monday for me and my colleague Terry White with the Day 1 Keynote and sessions.

Here’s my schedule, Monday to Wednesday:

  • Monday, May 6th – 9:30am-11:30am – A Creative Evolution – Keynote (Register to Watch the Keynote Online Here)
  • Monday, May 6th – 2:00pm-3:00pm Best Practices: Encoding for the Web and Tablets (Rm 503)
  • Monday, May 6th – 5:00pm-6:00pm Audio Is Half the Picture: Getting the Best Mix with Adobe Audition (Rm 505)
  • Monday, May 6th – 7:00pm-8:00pm Meet The Team (Video/Team Adobe)
  • Tuesday, May 7th – 2:30pm-3:30pm DSLR Editing for Photographers and Designers (Rm 518)
  • Tuesday, May 7th – 4:00pm-5:00pm How to Edit Just What You Want: Ingest and Rough Cut with Adobe Prelude (Rm 511A)
  • Wednesday, May 8th – 11:00am-12:00pm Advanced Audio Techniques for Voice-over Recording (Rm 503)
  • Wednesday, May 8th – 5:00pm-6:00pm DSLR Editing for Photographers and Designers (Rm 505)

There’s still time to register for Adobe MAX 2013, and you can even save $300 by using this promo code: MXSM13

See you there!
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A Big Day at NAB

From Where I Stood - the crowd at NAB2013 for my After Effects presentation
From Where I Stood – the crowd at NAB2013 for my After Effects presentation

What can I say? The Big Reveal was a HUGE success! Today at NAB, we revealed ‘What’s New’ (or rather, what’s coming in the next versions of) After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, Prelude, SpeedGrade and the official launch of another product I was involved with back in August/September, Adobe Anywhere.

Another Shot From The Stage - During My Premiere Pro preso
Another Shot From The Stage – During My Premiere Pro preso

The buzz, the excitement, the packed booth…it was madness, but in a good way. We were literally jam packed/standing-room-only for the better part of 8 hours, with not only our own Adobe presentations, but with those from our esteemed customers who graciously joined us to show their Adobe magic with their own content and workflow tricks.

After half-a-dozen presentations, I left the show floor tired but inspired by what had just happened, and all I can say is: thank you. Thank you to the thousands of customers who came out to see us, shake a hand, give us your feedback, snap some pics and share in the excitement. The pleasure is truly ours, the journey has only just begun and we’re here, listening…always.

Day 2 is mere hours away!

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NAB 2013 and the Big Reveal

Greetings from Las Vegas! If you haven’t heard by now, this past Thursday we REVEALED what’s coming next in the Adobe video products. Over the last few days, the tweets/FB posts and forum talk has been so overwhelmingly positive, inspiring and all-out cool that I simply can’t wait to hit the stage on Monday and start revealing more, in person (software I mean; don’t get any ideas ;P)

In any case, if you’re in Vegas attending NAB this year, you’ll definitely want to come by the booth this week. Not only will I be presenting anywhere from 5-7 times a day, but my former US-based Evangelist colleague Karl Soule will be joining me as well (he’s now based in Singapore) along with a host of exciting, inspiring customer presentations. We even managed to get my dear friend and brilliant editor/director/audio guru & VFX wizard Vashi Nedomansky up on stage. He’ll be presenting Monday & Tuesday, showcasing some of his work and his real-world workflows using Premiere, AE and more. You definitely want to check him out.

My friend, my inspiration, my director. On-set w/Vashi Nedomansky
My friend, my inspiration, my director. On-set w/Vashi Nedomansky

Oh, and while you don’t see *me* on the reveal page (I was on-tour when those vids needed to be filmed), I have a whole bunch of videos which will start to make their way out to web in the coming weeks…so stay tuned.
On-Set at Adobe TV, March 2013
On-Set at Adobe TV, March 2013

I hope to see you on the show floor; we’re Booth SL3910 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Till next time…

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Short&Suite Season 6, Ep 4: Working with 3rd Party Plugins In Adobe Audition CS6

This week’s Short & Suite video tutorial covers working with 3rd Party VST & AU plugins in Adobe Audition CS6. I’ll highlight the plugin manager (and how to enable/disable and scan for installed plugins) and give a brief overview of the performance and working in both multitrack and waveform view environments.

I’m a big fan of WAVES plugins, but keep in mind that any VST/VST3 or AU plugins are supported in Audition CS6.

More next week, so stay tuned.

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New Short&Suite Tutorial: Sidechaining In Audition CS6

Well, 2012 is coming to a close, but as promised, here’s the next new episode from my recent sessions at AdobeTV. This one, a very cool new addition to Adobe Audition (and a highly-requested feature for many versions now) features how to use the Dynamics Proceessor in a sidechain, allowing you to use a trigger (ie, a voice-over) to automatically ‘duck’ music underneath it (without doing the previous, manual method of drawing envelopes).

Blog on…and Happy New Year!

New CS6 Tutorials on AdobeTV

It’s been a busy week at Adobe, and in keeping with that momentum I’m happy to announce that a new series of Short & Suite tutorials are coming to AdobeTV. The first one of the new season features Adobe Prelude CS6. This episode covers the concepts of ingest & partial and gives you the basic “How To” and “When To”, whether it’s transferring or transcoding media from DSLR or other file-based cameras (this video happens to feature footage shot on my Nikon D800 & D4, from my recent African Safari).

I also cover how to add presets for 3rd party formats (like ProRes & Avid DNxHD) and literally take you through the process of creating those presets (in Media Encoder) and how to set different options along the way.

When I was at the Adobe TV studios, they informed me that it had been well over a year since my last (official) Short & Suite season, so it’s really a pleasure to be bringing all this new content prior to the holiday.

Other topics that will follow (appearing every Wednesday on tv.adobe.com):

–Using Markers and Creating Rough Cuts in Prelude CS6
–Sidechaining in Audition CS6
–Working with 3rd Party Plugins in Audition CS6
–Mixdown Options for Stereo and Multichannel in Audition CS6
–How To Convert Audio Files to Different Bit Rates/Sample Rates/Channel Configurations

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Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6 Tour – Tack Stockholm! Kiitos Helsinki!

This past week concluded with fantastic shows in both Helsinki and Stockholm (the latter of which was a complete sell-out!)

Here’s a short video with a look at the crowds and more info from the customers about what is really resonating with this latest release…

Perhaps not surprisingly, interest in the Creative Cloud continues to be very high, along with the new Touch Apps and even some classic applications like Audition.

This week, we’ll be in Oslo, Prague, Warsaw and Istanbul, with the following week in Kortrijk and Amsteram…and it’s only the beginning.

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