After Effects CS5.5 Warp Stabilizer Examples (Before & After)

Hey all. Here are the examples from today’s ASK A CS PRO session, shot by yours truly in Egypt this past November with the Canon7D, Zacuto Z-finder and 14mm f/2.8, EF-S18-135 f/3.5 lenses…

A before and after, with some added color-grading courtesy of Colorista II and Mojo.

Warp Stabilizer Examples – Before & After (Pt1) from Jason Levine on Vimeo.

A live Qanun performance, handheld Canon7D, Warp Stabilized with remastered Stereo Audio (from the mono on-camera mic)

Warp Stabilizer, Audio Remaster w/live Qanun (Pt2) from Jason Levine on Vimeo.

The coolest thing about the workflows implemented above is the fact that I only rendered ONCE, at the very end, after making all of my various tweaks/changes (both on the audio side, the edit, and the grading). Dynamic Link was used between Premiere Pro and After Effects, with me sending the audio (and/or, the entire sequence) from Premiere to Audition. Everything was effectively LIVE until the very end when I made these exports. The performance of my Quad-Core i7 amazed me; far beyond what I experienced on the dual core, and with the speed enhancements and improved disk caching in PPRO/AE 5.5…you just have to try it to believe it.

Blog on.

6 thoughts on “After Effects CS5.5 Warp Stabilizer Examples (Before & After)

    1. I’m there! Got any suggestions? I’d love to do some recording there, at some point. Sadly, we’re only in town for the one evening, and then fly out to Australia. I’ve recorded several traditional Turkish ensembles, years ago when living in San Francisco. I can play a wicked frame-drum as well (not sure of the Turkish name, but you know the drum I mean, played on it’s side:) Best–JL

  1. Qanun is turkish musical instrument(real name is Kanun) You must come to Ankara or İstanbul for many different music :)But if you want to help you must come to Ankara.(my english is bad sorry)

  2. This is the first time I checked out your blog, and honestly, compared to your other posts, “After Effects CS5.5 Warp Stabilizer Examples (Before & After) Boodahjoo Music” is much more well-written! 🙂 Keep up the good work. Regards, Jutta Soda

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